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Verdant Spheres are powerful and valuable arcane artifacts primarily wielded by Blood Mages. It is uncommon for any race other than Blood Elves to create these items due to lack of knowledge and/or moral ethics.

Creation & Maintenance

Ablood elf mage recharging their verdant sphere.

To create a verdant sphere the caster must have access to two primary materials: essence from a slain elemental and an orb. Channeling the essence of the the elemental will make a Verdant Sphere.

Verdant spheres require a portion of the essence from a recently deceased adversary to maintain their power. When the wielder kills an enemy the spheres drain part of their soul to recharge. Legend has it that souls taken by the spheres writhe in eternal suffering, however magical experts often dispute that myth.


Verdant Spheres gain their purpose and their color from the type of elemental infused with the blank orb. These enchantments include:

Fel Enchantment

  • Color: Green
  • Effect: Acts as powerful soul conduits for fel fire magic and increases the power of summoned demons
  • Created by: Any greater demon soul

Holy Enchantment

  • Color: Gold
  • Effect: Increases the quantity of holy light channeled
  • Created by: Lightspawn essence

Shadow Enchantment

  • Color: Purple
  • Effect: Inflicts maddening whispers on spell targets.
  • Created by: Shadowspawn essence.

Fire Enchantment

  • Color: Orange
  • Effect: Increases the area of effect of fire spells
  • Created by: Fire elemental essence

Frost Enchantment

  • Color: White
  • Effect: Generates glacial shards to be added to frost spells
  • Created by: Frost elemental essence

Mana Enchantment

  • Color: Blue
  • Effect: Increases mana regeneration
  • Created by: Manastorm essence

Anima Enchantment

  • Color: Dark Red
  • Effect: Grants vitality to the wielder and allows for powerful attacks
  • Created by: Anima infusion

Notable Spheres

The most iconic verdant spheres by far were those wielded by Kael'Thas Sunstrider after the Third War. Once the three moon crystals that held the great magical gate of Ban'dinoriel, the relics were seized by Arthas and later recovered by Kael'Thas. The prince and his advisers manipulated the crystals to overcharge and in turn, destroy the Sunwell in its corrupt state. As a result of the ritual the three crystals were warped into especially powerful verdant spheres, which Kael'Thas utilized for the rest of his life.

Known users: