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Vincent Ravenwing





Place of Birth



Alliance Field Marshal
Poison Master
Head Tactician


Head Tactician of SI:7


Alliance High Command
The Stormwind Guard
Shadowtalon Company
Convocation of Silvermoon (Reformed)
House of Dawnsorrow
Shadowtalon Company
Diocese of Quel'Danas
Church of the Holy Light
Stormwind House of Nobles
The Eastern Offensive


Alrid Ravenwing (Father, Deceased)
Anarial Ravenwing (Mother, Deceased)
Delathrion Ravenwing (Brother)
Ilios Ravenwing (son)


Lawful Good



Vincent Ravenwing (ALV, CL, HC, ACL, OLCR, CSC, DSC, MT) is a high-ranking High Elf who currently serves SI:7 as its Head Tactician. He is currently the head of the 177th legion known as Shadowtalon Company and the Marshal appointed to oversee issues in Duskwood, since his appointment the region has seen a dramatic decrease in crime and violent attacks from rebel factions.



Military Service and Awards

Field Marshal Ravenwing has held an illustrious military career, detailed by the awards found below.

Field Marshal Ravenwing was awarded the Might of Thoradin for distinguished service in defense of Stromgarde and is the first elven commander to receive such a decoration.

During the War against the Lich King, Vincent Ravenwing was awarded the Alliance Legion of Valor for gallantry in the field.

Alliance legion of valor ribbon.png Cross of Llane Ribbon.png
High Command Distinguished Service Medal Ribbon.png Alliance Commendation for Leadership Ribbon.png Order of the Lion KL.PNG ConspicuousServiceRibbon.png
DistinguishedServiceCrossRibbon.png SLSM 30.png KGCRibbon.png IM.png
IC.png IDM.png Might of Thoradin.png Royal Unit Citation.png
Alliance Unit Citation.png Meritorious Unit Commendation.png AnduinCoronationMedalRibbon.png Varian Reign Ribbon.png
Varian Coronation Ribbon.png Fourth War Campaign Ribbon.png Siege of Antorus campaign pin.png ArgusCampaignMedalRibbon.png
Invasion of Argus.png TFR Suramar campaign.png Legion Remnants.png Stormheim TFR pin.png
Burning legion invade.png BrokenIslesRibbon.png Fall of Stormgarde.png DraenorCampaignRibbon.png
Alliance-HordeRibbon.png NorthrendCampaignRibbon.png ThirdWarRibbon.png SecondWarRibbon.png
1st Row Alliance Legion of Valor Cross of Llane
2nd Row High Command Distinguished Service Medal Alliance Commendation for Leadership Order of the Lion w/ "II" device Conspicuous Service Cross
3rd Row Distinguished Service Cross Long Service Medal w/ silver star King's Cross Intelligence Medal
4th Row Intelligence Commendation Intelligence Deployment Medal Might of Thoradin Stormwind Royal Unit Citation
5th Row Grand Alliance Unit Citation Meritorious Unit Citation King Anduin Coronation Medal King Varian Reign Medal
6th Row King Varian Coronation Medal Blood War Campaign Medal w/ one battle bar Siege of Antorus Campaign Medal Argus Campaign Medal
7th Row Invasion of Argus Campaign Medal Suramar Campaign Medal Legion Remnants Campaign Medal Stormheim Campaign Medal
8th Row Burning Legion Invasion Campaign Medal Broken Isles Campaign Medal w/ two battle bars Fall of Stromgarde Campaign Medal Iron Horde Invasion Campaign Medal w/ one battle bar
9th Row Fourth War Campaign Medal w/ four battle bars War against the Lich King Campaign Medal w/ three battle bars Third War Campaign Medal w/ one battle bar Second War Campaign Medal w/ two battle bars