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The Violet Hold
Exterior of the Violet Hold.




Magocracy of Dalaran


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Notable People

Warden Alturas (Warden)
Salazar Demes (Senate Minister of the Interior)


Mundane Dalaran Criminals
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The Violet Hold is a prison complex located in Dalaran and operated by the Kirin Tor. The Violet Hold is the first of two maximum security prisons extablished to contain dangerous or otherwise otherworldly entities. It is run by Warden Alturas. The Violet Hold is split into two parts, one for normal prisoners who pose no serious magical threat and a higher security block for those more magically inclined.  


The Violet Hold was built in the early days of Dalaran, when it became apparent that the Kirin Tor's quest to catelogue any and all magic known to mankind would lead to conflict with various other magical factions. Two high security Prison complexes were designed, the Violet Hold and later the Island fortress of Tol Barad. The Violet hold was originally designed to keep magical threats contained as well as house high risk magical specimens and was later expanded to include a ordinary prison block when the city grew to include more citizens who did not practice magic.

The Violet Hold endured Arthas' invasion and was one of the few buildings to survive the destruction of Dalaran. The Sturdy building provided shelter to a number of survivors of the Kirin Tor and refugee civilians. The complex was later commandeered by the Alliance Highlord Garithos during his stay in Dalaran. After the Elven Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider was witnessed making a pact with the Naga to ensure mutual survival, the Highlord sentenced the Prince and the majority of his forces to Prison in the lower Cells beneath the Hold. Lady Vashj of the Naga shortly afterwards infiltrated the cells and released Kael'thas from his imprisonment. The Blood Elven forces departed the Hold and the facility sat mostly quiet until the reconstruction of Dalaran began in earnest.

The prison has been the site of several notable events since Dalaran moved to Northrend. During the Nexus War a large crack formed in the roof of the Violet Hold, allowing Cyanigoas and the Blue Dragonflight to slip inside the building. The Kirin Tor called upon heroes of both the Horde and Alliance to put down the Blues and the prisoners who were aiding in their attempts to break out of the prison. The rioting was put down and order was restored. 

During the Purge of Dalaran, the leader of the Kirin tor, Jaina Proudmoore used the hold to imprison Sunreavers who surrendered and Blood Elf civilians. These prisoners have been a great source of contention between the Kirin Tor and the Blood Elves under hte leadership of Lor'themar Theron since the Purge.