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The Violet Order of Dalaran is an prestigious order made up of people who have provided important services to the Magocracy of Dalaran. Those who are inducted into the order may use the honorific post-nominal letters associated with their rank. Inductees do not have to be Dalaranian citizens nor do they have to be practitioners of magic.


There are for different ranks in the Violet Order. The higher the rank, the more prestigious the honor and the greater value place on the services provided. It is possible to be granted one rank and then later granted a higher rank for further service. The ranks are from lowest to highest:

  • Magister - Post-nominal letters MVO.
  • Sage - Post-nominal letters SVO.
  • Wizard - Post-nominal letters WVO.
  • Conjurer - Post-nominal letters CVO.

As non-magic users can be inducted into the order, the ranks are not a reflection of magical prowess. 

Nomination Process

The nomination process for induction into the Violet Order can happen in a couple different ways. One can be nominated by a majority vote of the Awards & Honors Committee of the Magus Senate or one can be nominated by a member of the Council of Six. Once a person has been nominated a letter is sent to them telling them what rank they have been nominated too. They may either decline the nomination, which does not preclude them from future nomination, or they accept and continue on with the induction process.

Induction Ceremony

The induction ceremony is usually held at the Antonidas Memorial in Dalaran. The nominee may invite anyone they would like to witness the ceremony in addition to the people of Dalaran who are always invited to attend. Generally a member of the awards & honors committee or another distinguished person will introduce a nominee, give a speech about what they have done for the city and thanks them for their service. The nominee will then be presented with a staff and a formal proclamation declaring them a member of the order. After the ceremony the Magocracy will host a party in the beer garden for the nominees.


Magister of the Violet Order

  • Bishop Sabrina Dawnstrider - for services to philanthropy

Sage of the Violet Order

  • Loremaster Gao Shang - for services to education

Wizard of the Violet Order

  • Bishop Tyragonfal - for services to diplomacy
  • Duke Nathul Furbrow - for services to diplomacy, academia, and the Dalaran military
  • Field Marshal Bromas Ebonram - for services to diplomacy and the Dalaran military

Conjurer of the Violet Order

  • Count Damon Halliwell - for services to government
  • General Vanidicus Alexander - For many years of service to the Magocracy of Dalaran.