Tel'gorus Rift serving as a home to the Ren'dorei within the Void.

The Void is a dark and chaotic plane existing outside of the Great Dark and Twisting Nether. The Void is an opposing force to the Light of which they cannot exist without the other.

Before time began, the Void and Light existed as two opposite forces: the Void was a destructive force that devoured energy force itself, while the Light was a pool of living energy. The Void grew rapidly and drifted closer to the Light, causing a massive explosion when the two energies collided. This caused the birth of the known universe.

Along with the creation of the mortal realm, the most unstable energies of the explosion also birthed the Twisting Nether, a plane consisting of pure chaotic energies parallel to reality. The Light and Void began existing on the edges of the Nether.

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