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The shadow hunter Vol'jin (called Vol'jian by the Shado-Pan), son of Sen'jin, was the Warchief of the Horde, as well as Chieftain of the Darkspear Tribe and rightful ruler of Durotar and the Echo Isles.

Vol'jin had sworn to do everything in his power to lead the Darkspear tribe just as his late father, Sen'jin, would have. For years Vol'jin resided in Orgrimmar, offering strategic advice to then-Warchief Thrall and assisting with critical operations such as retaking the Undercity after the Forsaken bastion had been usurped by Grand Apothecary Putress and the dreadlord Varimathras. During the Cataclysm, however, Vol'jin came into conflict with the Horde's new warchief, Garrosh Hellscream. Alienated by the orc's extremism and lust for war, the troll leader departed Orgrimmar and took up residence on Darkspear Isle. Despite his conflict with the new warchief, Vol'jin remained loyal to the Horde and opposed the efforts of the Zandalari to create a new troll empire in the wake of the Cataclysm.

By the time the war between the Alliance and Horde came to the shores of Pandaria, Vol'jin had become a bitter enemy of Garrosh. After surviving an assassination attempt by one of Hellscream's Kor'kron, Vol'jin went into hiding while rallying support within the Horde itself to end Garrosh's reign. With Garrosh's defeat and capture, Vol'jin was led to assume the mantle of Warchief of the Horde, with the personal encouragement of Thrall as well as the rest of the Horde's leadership, becoming the first non-orc to earn the title. He ruled the Horde until he was mortally wounded during the battle for the Broken Shore; though he was evacuated back to Orgrimmar, he succumbed to fel poisoning from his wound. Following the guidance of the loa, with his dying breath, he named Sylvanas Windrunner, the queen of the Forsaken, as the new Warchief of the Horde.


Early years

Vol'jin was the son and former apprentice of the jungle troll witch doctor Sen'jin, leader of the exiled Darkspear Tribe that lived on the remote Darkspear Islands. He grew up alongside his best friend Zalazane. Because Vol'jin was the son of the Darkspear chieftain, others always considered Vol'jin to be first between them, but he disagreed. He and Zalazane often spoke of it, laughing at the ignorance of those who thought of one as a hero and the other as a companion.

At one point, Sen'jin, having had a vision of what was to come, sent Vol'jin into First Home to be tested by the loa and become a shadow hunter. Normally such a young troll would never have been sent here, for many dangers exist even for stronger and more skilled trolls, but time was running short. Vol'jin was unsure of himself and thought with Zalazane, his best friend since birth, that they would be strong together to pass the judgment. During these tests, both trolls were each granted separate visions of a possible future for their people. In those visions, they learned many things, like that they would end up fighting each other to the death. Both the young trolls, having passed the tests and now able to see and commune with the loa were now what they sought to become. However, with each step, they took, after leaving First Home, memories of what they learned faded and only keeping just a vague sense of what was needed. Returning to their main village, Master Gadrin revealed that they were out for three months and confirmed what Vol'jin saw in visions — the coming of the orcs and the death of his father. He then took over the evacuation and prepared to leave.

Joining the Horde

While they were in the First Home, for what they thought a week, ended up being three months, the Darkspear tribe was nearly wiped out by a human invasion of the Alliance, as well as constant murloc raids. Only through the timely intervention of Thrall and the orcs did any trolls survive. However, eventually, the murlocs succeeded in capturing the trolls, orcs, and humans to their underground home. Thrall was able to break free and save many of the imprisoned orcs and trolls and made their way out. As they approached the exit, Sen'jin died bravely in order to save his people and new allies. With Sen'jin's death, Vol'jin became chief shadow hunter for the tribe. In order to repay Thrall for saving his people, Vol'jin pledged his loyalty and service to the Horde.

Shortly after the orcs left, a large group of trolls also sailed for Kalimdor, but Vol'jin was not among them. Instead, Vol'jin chose to weather the Sea Witch's wrath with the rest of the tribe until the time came when they could leave. Finally, a year later, they gathered up all the supplies they could and left for the new orc nation of Durotar.

During the Third War, those of the Darkspear Tribe who were present fought alongside the orcs against the Burning Legion without their chief, who was still on the Darkspear Isles at the time. After the war, Vol'jin settled the tribe upon the Echo Isles, just off the shores of Durotar. It wasn't long before a new threat appeared, however, in the form of Grand Admiral Daelin Proudmoore's expeditionary fleet. Vol'jin aided Rexxar, Rokhan, and Chen Stormstout in evacuating the Darkspear tribe, turning the three into spirit wyverns allowing them to attack the Alliance fleet from above, and supplying them with a squadron of troll bat riders. Forced to retreat through sheer force of numbers, Vol'jin continued to aid Rexxar and Rokhan through his wise counsel, instructing Rexxar to recruit the Tauren and the ogres in the fight against the humans.

Founding of Sen'jin Village

After helping the Horde stop the human invasion, Vol'jin led his tribe back to the Echo Isles. It was not to last, however, as a witch doctor named Zalazane used dark magic to enslave many of his Darkspear brethren, forcing Vol'jin to order the retreat to the mainland for fear his whole tribe would fall victim to the mad witch doctor. Vol'jin then founded Sen'jin Village along the southern coast of Durotar as a base with which to strike back at Zalazane. However, he was called to Orgrimmar to aid Thrall, leaving the recapture of his people's home to Master Gadrin. Though raids by the Kul Tiras marines persist in the Barrens and Durotar, these invasions are lesser threats and not directly aimed at Sen'jin Village.

World of Warcraft

Vol'jin resided at Thrall's fortress in Orgrimmar, assisting the Warchief with sound advice, helping to expand the Horde's security and influence over Kalimdor and witty stratagems such as the capture of Trol'kalar for use against the trolls of Stranglethorn, all the while he was guiding his people to a better future.

Battle for the Undercity

Vol'jin was called upon to serve during the Battle for the Undercity. He maintained his position outside the gates of the Ruins of Lordaeron atop his Raptor with the artillery and several Grunts until Thrall and Sylvanas Windrunner arrived. There he remained to send any adventurers that followed after the Warchief to help reclaim the Undercity.

The Glory of the Darkspears

After many attempts by adventurers to reclaim the Echo Isles, Vol'jin came up with a plan to defeat Zalazane and reclaim the isles for the Darkspear trolls. After sounding the call to arms Vol'jin was joined by Witch Doctor Hez'tok, Vanira, Champion Uru'zin, Zild'jian and other members of the Horde who used Sen'jin Village as the staging ground for the Liberation of the Echo Isles. Vol'jin's forces, gathered to combat Zalazane, were reinforced after Vanira's frog spies and Horde adventurers were able to find and recruit Zen'tabra. Meanwhile, Champion Uru'zin and Horde adventurers were able to convince more Darkspear citizens to aid in the liberation of the Echo Isles.

After having Witch Doctor Hez'tok talk to the spirits, Vol'jin was told to make amends with the Darkspear Loa Bwonsamdi. Seeing the wisdom in the spirit's plan and seeing his forces prepared Vol'jin called for the assault on the Echo Isles to begin. Vol'jin first led his forces in calling forth and subsequently proving their worth to Bwonsamdi. Vol'jin then moved his forces to the other isles and killed Jun'do the Traitor, while Bwonsamdi told the spirits of the Darkspear to rise and take up the ancient masks and bloody spears and that they will serve and aid Vol'jin. With only one isle left remaining to conquer Vol'jin warns his forces that Zalazane is a tricky foe who is cunning and strong with the voodoo. Vol'jin then leads the charge against his former friend.

After a fierce battle, Zalazane flees and Zen'tabra discovers his location after turning into a bat, then quickly informs Vol'jin and warns him that Zalazane was working some black magic. Vol'jin, perhaps in an act of mercy for his former friend, offers Zalazane the chance to surrender only for Zalazane to reveal that he has lured Vol'jin's strike force into a trap and quickly gains control of the Darkspear warriors and forces them to fight Vol'jin and the rest of the Horde strike force. After seeing his trap fail Zalazane says that it doesn't matter as no living thing can make its way through his barrier and as such the Echo Isles will be his rule forever. Vol'jin then witnesses Bwonsamdi appearing who tells Zalazane that the dead Darkspear are his domain. Vol'jin then bears witness to Bwonsamdi raising the dead to kill Zalazane.

Vol'jin remarks that it is a fitting end for a troll so foul and thanks Bwonsamdi for his aid who tells him to care and mentions that he wait for him on the Other Side. Zen'tabra then mentions that her fate is now entwined with Vol'jin's. Vol'jin then prepares for the reconstruction of the echo isles.

Elemental Unrest

During the Elemental Unrest, he was present at the Elemental Unrest meeting, which involved a harsh conversation between Garrosh and Vol'jin concerning his presence in the War against the Lich King. Garrosh claimed that during the war Vol'jin merely took back a few scattered islands. Vol'jin also defended the Valley of Spirits from invading elementals.

The Shattering: Prelude to Cataclysm

Vol'jin was among those who noticed how easily Cairne died during the mak'gora duel between the Warchief and the High Chieftain and he began having suspicions about the duel.


Vol’jin has come into conflict with the Horde’s new warchief, Garrosh Hellscream. Alienated by the orc’s extremism and lust for war, the troll leader and his tribe has departed Orgrimmar and taken up residence on Darkspear Isle. He is involved with many of the trolls starting area quests, one of which shows a vision of the spat between himself and Garrosh Hellscream in Grommash Hold, using some sort of incense over a brazier: Garrosh came into conflict with Vol'jin, Garrosh's relationship with him breaking down in a similar manner to that of Cairne - culminating with Vol'jin threatening to kill him for his thirst for war. Dissatisfied with Garrosh's leadership, Vol'jin led his tribe in a mass exodus to Darkspear Isle.

There they came under assault from their Ancient Enemy Zar'jira, the Naga sea witch responsible for Sen'jin's death, and her Spitescale Naga. Rather than flee as the Darkspear did before Vol'jin decided to take the Naga head on and called for an attack on the Naga that had taken over the northern isle before confronting Zar'jira to avenge his father's death by slaying her. Utilizing the immense power that burst from her when she died Vol'jin contacted Thrall to seek his council. Though Vol'jin considered leading his people away, following Thrall's council, Vol'jin agreed to stay for the sake of the Horde; relenting that Garrosh's intentions are at the very least, noble.

The Rise of the Zandalari

When Zul called for a meeting of all troll tribes, Vol'jin attended along with Jin'do of the Gurubashi, Daakara of the Amani and an unknown ice troll leader. There the tribal leaders were informed that Zul'Farrak is now a barren wasteland and that Zul'Drak has fallen to the Scourge. Zul then said that the troll tribes must unite to form a new troll empire. He enticed both Jin'do and Daakara with promises of restoring Zul'Gurub and Zul'Aman to their former glory. As the other trolls agreed to join the Zandalari Vol'jin began to walk away and only stopped when asked if he would betray his people. Vol'jin retorted that the Horde is his people and promised to stop the Zandalari should they bring the war to the land.

Following this Vol'jin sends Darkspear emissaries to both Orgrimmar and Stormwind, knowing that the Horde alone can not stop the Zandalari. Vol'jin later meets with the Ranger-general of Silvermoon, Halduron Brightwing, and Vereesa Windrunner to deal with the Amani in Zul'Aman. Vol'jin tells them that the Zandalari are seeking to create a new troll empire, reaching out to all of the troll tribes, including the Amani and his own Darkspear tribe—the likes of which would be a grave threat if not immediately dealt with. Knowing that the Amani could become a great threat to all of Quel'Thalas Halduron and Vereesa resolve to join forces, which has allowed Halduron's Farstriders and Vereesa's rangers and Vol'jin's Siame-Quashi to keep the Amani contained within Zul'Aman.

Vol'jin then travels to Stranglethorn Vale and gives the Horde and Alliance forces there a heads up about the Gurubashi in the region. Vol'jin later travels to Booty Bay and informs Baron Revilgaz of the Gurubashi threat.

With the Gurubashi pushed back into Gurubashi, Vol'jin has ordered the Siame-Quashi to keep them contained within Zul'Gurub, while he personally leads the assault against the Amani in Zul'Aman, where with the aid of adventurers, puts an end to Daakara and the Zandalari's efforts within Zul'Aman.

Tides of War

When Warchief Hellscream called for a meeting of the leader's Horde, Vol'jin answered the call. When he learned of the planned attack on Theramore Vol'jin remained silent but when Garrosh mentioned that the attack on Theramore would lead to pushing the Night Elves out of Kalimdor the Darkspear spoke. Vol'jin pointed out that the Night Elves were present on Kalimdor long before the Horde and that trying to force them out would give the Alliance the excuse they needed to be over them like bees over honey. After the meeting ended Vol'jin and Baine Bloodhoof conversed quietly where the tauren was informed of Malkorok's, Garrosh's new bodyguard, past. When Baine showed his displeasure of Garrosh letting a Blackrock Clan orc and a former servant of Rend Blackhand into the Horde, Vol'jin pointed out that he let members of the Grimtotem clan into the Horde. When Baine responded that he thought better of tauren over orcs, Vol'jin mentions that in these days he did too.

Vol'jin then personally led his Darkspear in the attack on Northwatch Hold. He met with Tauren forces, under Baine's command, at the Great Gate and co-led Troll and Tauren forces across the Barrens to Northwatch. After a fierce battle, Northwatch fell to the might of the Horde. Following the victory, members of the Horde (most notably Vol'jin, Baine, Kelantir Bloodblade, and Frandis Farley) grew frustrated and confused with Garrosh's decision to remain at Northwatch instead of pressing the attack; as Theramore was having enough time to gather reinforcements that would make the conquest of Theramore even harder. With Garrosh refusing to see anyone, Vol'jin and the others had a secret meeting to discuss exactly what the Warchief was thinking. However, treachery from within tipped Garrosh of the meeting. It wasn't until Vol'jin voiced the concern that the enslaved elements could lead to the elements themselves taking arms against the Horde, that it was discovered they were being watched. While Malkorok clearly wanted to harm them, Garrosh took no action against them (besides hitting Bloodblade, for personally questioning him), and emphasizing that their loyalty belongs to the Horde. Vol'jin was among those who bowed when Garrosh left, after being told to return to their encampments.

Later on, Vol'jin and Baine were granted a meeting with Garrosh and both noticed that Malkorok was also present. The three leaders of the Horde had a polite conversation before Baine began to address his concerns and questioning Garrosh why it seems that he only listens to the Blackrock orc. After witnessing Malkorok being told to stand down, Garrosh mentions he had orders for the fleet while turning to Baine and Vol'jin. Feeling hopeful that Garrosh was either beginning the attack on Theramore or letting them in on his plan, both the troll and tauren were stunned when Garrosh's order was for the fleet to withdraw. As they left to carry out his orders, Baine told Garrosh he hoped a Horde would be left over this debacle. As they were leaving, the Darkspear and Tauren leaders heard loud laughter from both their Warchief and his bodyguard.

When Garrosh finally began the attack on Theramore, Vol'jin not only led his trolls into battle but was was chosen along with Baine to be a part of Garrosh's personal attack force on Theramore's North Gate. During the attack, Vol'jin realized that not only was there a dragon, Kalecgos, aiding in the defense of Theramore but he was also trying to trap the Horde forces in order to prevent any possible retreat. After making his way to Baine and Garrosh, who was battling fairly close to one another, Vol'jin informed them exactly what the dragon was doing. When Garrosh recalled a retreat, Vol'jin quickly repeated his order which was carried out by all nearby Horde forces. Though Vol'jin himself noticed that the bloodlust of his Darkspear warriors made them reluctant to stop attacking. With the battle for Theramore seemingly lost, Vol'jin was among those who came before Garrosh as he gazed at Theramore from the bridge of Dustwallow Bay. It was there that the truth about the attack on Theramore was revealed to them. The attack was never meant to destroy the stronghold; it was meant to weaken and gather high ranking leaders of the Alliance, such as Shandris Feathermoon and General Marcus Jonathan, together for one reason: so a mana bomb could not only destroy the city but kill all those who came to its defense. A move that Garrosh claimed would weaken the Alliance. Shortly afterward the gathered Horde forces bore witness to the mana bomb destroying Theramore, much to the cheers of many and the disgust and outrage of others: Vol'jin being among the later.

As Garrosh and many of the Horde celebrated in Orgrimmar, Vol'jin and others such as Baine, Kelantir Bloodblade, and Frandis Farley gathered in Razor Hill and grumbled about the Warchief and discussed their true thoughts on the destruction of Theramore. Soon afterward, Malkorok and members of the Kor'kron blew up the Razor Hill Inn, killing those inside like Bloodbade and Farley, who had questioned the Warchief and dubbed it an accident. When Vol'jin heard of the "accident", he had enough and decided to head back to his home on the Echo Isles. However, as he was heading home he was met by a Darkspear runner who informed him that the Alliance fleet was heading to Orgrimmar.

Vol'jin was next seen after the battle. After the Alliance fleet was pushed back and the Horde controlled Kraken were killed, Vol'jin received news that not only was Northwatch retaken but the Alliance fleet was en route to destroy the Horde blockade. He then bore witness to Garrosh ordering the coastal blockade of Kalimdor to fall back. Baine is pleased with this decision, viewing it as Garrosh giving up on his plans for conquest. To his horror, however, Garrosh states that his plan has changed: instead of expelling the Alliance from Kalimdor, Garrosh now aims to wage a war of total genocide. After bearing witness, Baine declares that Garrosh will lose his support if another Theramore should happen the tauren and troll locked eyes. While disagreeing with Garrosh but needing to protect his people, Vol'jin glances sadly at Baine and gives him a nearly imperceptible shake of his head. In turn, Baine nods his head showing his understanding of Vol'jin's plight.

With a world war on the horizon, Vol'jin then journeys back to the echo isles to plan his next move.

Mists of Pandaria: Landfall

Roughly two months after the initial foray into Pandaria, Garrosh himself arrives with the bulk of the Horde fleet and quickly goes about removing the local Alliance presence along the shores of Krasarang. Garrosh and Vol'jin have yet another clash of opinions about his warmongering at the newly-constructed Domination Point, resulting in Garrosh, long tested by the Darkspear chieftain's criticism, ordering his rival's outright murder (under the guise of Vol'jin being sent on a mission with the Kor'kron). Vol'jin survives the attempt on his life and instructs heroes to report his death to Garrosh and remain close to the warchief – biding their time and finding other like-minded members of the Horde to save their coalition before Garrosh's rule destroys it. Vol'jin has also entrusted this task to Baine Bloodhoof.

Some time afterward he ends up caught in a river and is rescued by Chen Stormstout, who is troubled by his state. After Chen and the Horde champions help Vol'jin gain strength he sends them to find Thrall, handing over his own hearthstone (which is tied to The Den in Durotar). While Vol'jin recovers his allies free the Darkspear trolls on the Echo Isles from the Kor'kron, who under Garrosh's orders have declared martial law, with Thrall deciding to stand in and work with them until Vol'jin returns. Soon afterward Chen takes Vol'jin to Shado-pan Monastery to recuperate. Vol'jin receives word from Baine about how Garrosh is capturing Mogu and using the Sha. In a secret letter sent to Horde champions Vol'jin reveals that he is worried that Garrosh doesn't trust Baine and instructs them to keep Baine out of trouble while reminding them that Garrosh trusts them.

Vol'jin later learns about how both the Horde and Alliance are trying to obtain the Divine Bell. While he doesn't want Hellscream to have the artifact Vol'jin concludes that he would be more comfortable with the bell in Horde hands. After learning about Jaina purging the Horde out of Dalaran, in a message to his allies Vol'jin remarks that Garrosh has changed the Jaina he knew. Vol'jin also learns about the breakdown of relations between Lor'themar and Garrosh and plans to approach the regent lord for a "talk" when he is able to.

Shadows of the Horde

Teetering on the brink of death from the attempt on his life, Vol'jin fought his way out of the saurok cave, only to come to the grim realization that his wounds would not mend. Garrosh had planned his assassination well: Vol'jin's natural healing was disabled by Rak'gor's poison, and the Darkspear chieftain narrowly survived local saurok ambushes while fleeing the scene. Succumbing to his wounds, Vol'jin was granted an audience on the other side with Bwonsamdi and his father, Sen'jin, each eager to see whether Vol'jin would cross over. The great loa suggested that Vol'jin's drive to live for his people's safety was a flaw -- that Vol'jin would do well to embrace his nature as a troll and embark on bloody conquest rather than merely securing his borders. Though tempted by the prospect, having witnessed the horrors of flesh-shaping within the saurok cave (and the corruption that any mortal with this dread power would likely suffer), he denies himself the power. Amused by his reaction, and ultimately pleased that Vol'jin had not given in to death's embrace so easily, Bwonsamdi sends him back to the realm of the living with a vision of the trolls' great past, when the Zandalari Empire stood at its zenith.

Unconscious and drifting down the outside river, Vol'jin was found by a group of Pandaren cubs, who hastily informed Chen Stormstout that a "monster" was nearby. Aghast at his good friend's state, Chen rushed him to the safety of Binan Village, and then to the nearby Shado-Pan Monastery. Vol'jin awoke under the Shado-Pan's care, but he was not alone – a human hunter named Tyrathan Khort had also been found by Chen sometime before, and the two were slated to "heal" together so that the Pandaren could better understand the conflict between them and what resolution they could manage. Under the watchful eye of Taran Zhu, the man and troll aided one another with tasks both menial and essential, including games of Jihui, a native board game where the objective was not necessarily to win, but for both players to arrive at a satisfactory conclusion. As Vol'jin began the healing process, he and Tyrathan came to the mutual understanding that the only way forward was to work in tandem, grudgingly or otherwise.

Vol'jin was continually mocked with visions from Bwonsamdi, quizzing the Darkspear chieftain with questions about himself and his place in Azeroth.

Vol'jin began training with the Pandaren monks, regaining his strength one step at a time. They took to calling him "Vol'jian" -- a nickname of multiple meanings that slid off their tongues more easily -- and watched as he engaged in Taran Zhu's trials, such as slicing through stone slabs with his bare hands, devoid of doubt.

Soon after, a vicious snowstorm engulfed the north, while Tyrathan was away on his frequent journeys up the mountainside. Vol'jin attempted to go after him, though Zhu refused this demand; still recovering as he was, Vol'jin would likely be walking into an icy deathtrap. Instead, Zhu instructed him to keep up with his "chores," and to ponder a question: whether Vol'jin's concern was for the human's well-being or the image he would gain by rescuing him. Tyrathan was soon after found by the monks, albeit near death and battered by the blizzard. Here, Vol'jin had his first encounter with the insidious sha: the true demons halting him from recovery. In this instance, shas of doubt were gripping the human's soul, and Vol'jin undertook a Memory Wine ritual to free him from it. Stepping into the man's shoes, Vol'jin witnessed Tyrathan's comrades and fellow hunters undertake a mission to the Serpent's Heart. There, Tyrathan's company was overrun and butchered by the sha, including a woman whom Vol'jin suspected the human had been close to. Tyrathan's intense guilt and doubt over her death gave Vol'jin his opening, and the shadow hunter assailed the sha threading all around his human companion. Vol'jin was successful in freeing him from this doubt, banishing enough of the sha to save the man's life.

Tyrathan and Vol'jin conversed after their shared memory, and the human was more forthcoming with questions he had avoided before. He revealed that he had indeed "died" at Serpent's Heart -- he was no longer the same man after he had crawled from its wreckage, just as Vol'jin was no longer the man he was after escaping the saurok cave and awakening at the monastery. However, the question of who both of them have now unsettled the pair. Vol'jin promised that if he found a way to conquer this particular fear, he would share the knowledge.

The loa had been distant since Vol'jin stepped into the human's mind. Vol'jin surmised that it was linked to either his faith or his experience in the human's body, though he knew deep down that he still revered his gods, if not as brutally as some other followers of the loa. He was eventually treated to visions from both Hir'eek, the loa of bats, and Elortha no Shadra, the Venom Queen, proving he was not forgotten. As it happens, he was not the only force attempting to appease the loa on Pandaria.

Over time, Tyrathan and Vol'jin came to understand one another a little better. As it happens, this was not the first time the two had been in close proximity: Tyrathan was dispatched to serve Daelin Proudmoore's forces against Thrall's burgeoning Horde, and several of his comrades had intended to slay Vol'jin then and there, to no avail. The two discussed what it means to have left their past selves behind. During a conversation between the two, Vol'jin was granted yet another vision, this time of a hidden northern island and a Zandalari fleet both docking into it and incoming southwards, towards Zouchin Village. Taran Zhu, Chen, Vol'jin and Tyrathan strategized their next move, and the latter three were assigned to a group of eighteen to halt the Zandalari advance and rescue Zouchin. Garbed in ill-fitting Pandaren armor, Vol'jin and his human companion left for the town.

Vol'jin spearheaded the defense of Zouchin along with Tyrathan, breaking the siege on the village and pulling back before taking needless casualties. Several of the trolls were aghast that one of their own kind would be fighting against them, and Vol'jin used this shock to his advantage. Though he cut through a great deal, he was caught off-guard and cornered by a Zandalari warrior, taking several wounds; however, Tyrathan saved his life, impaling the Zandalari from afar. The groups retreated back and planned their next move, reading the Zandalari advance to get a better idea of where they would strike next, while the surrounding villages began to evacuate.

In a conversation with Taran Zhu, Vol'jin began to question just who he is and who he's become once more -- Chieftain Vol'jin of the Darkspear, leader of the Horde, or simply a troll. That night, he was approached once more by Bwonsamdi, though this time Vol'jin's answers to his questions pleased the great loa. Bwonsamdi revealed that the visions Vol'jin had received from the other loa were to remind of what it means to be a troll, and that his vision from Shadra (typically a matron loa of the Zandalari) was to pit him against her followers for reasons unclear, perhaps to spur them to better please her. Bwonsamdi thanked Vol'jin for sending him so many new trolls to place under his "care" in the afterlife and bestowed upon him something Vol'jin had lost: his innate ability to regenerate, the gift given to all trolls. With parting words, Vol'jin promised to send him far more Zandalari before this conflict is done, and began to heal to his full potential.

Most of Vol'jin's severe wounds began to heal over with his troll regeneration back, though he chose to leave a slight portion of his throat slit to deepen and slightly change his voice, so as to make it different to the troll he had been -- the troll who had fallen for Garrosh's ploy.

For their services in the defense of Zouchin, Taran Zhu commissioned the stone likenesses of Vol'jin and Tyrathan to be engraved into a mountain of Pandaria, the same honor given to distinguished monks of the Shado-Pan. Rumors of Vol'jin's demise started to spread throughout the wider world: some members of the Horde believed that the Darkspear chieftain fell heroically against native enemies in service of the Warchief; others believed that he was targeted personally and assassinated. Some clung to the hope that he still lived, though these were few. In honor of his memory, several Horde members tattooed themselves with dark spears.

To halt the Zandalari advance, Vol'jin, Chen, and Tyrathan were tasked with venturing to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, to stop the Zandalari from reviving their slumbering mogu allies. Though practically a suicide mission (seven of them against unknown phalanxes of Zandalari), Vol'jin and Tyrathan admitted that they are dead men anyway. The man and troll reflected on their past and futures during the journey; Vol'jin was amused that the two of them could grow so close, despite the long years of hatred standing between their races. According to Tyrathan, no one in the world would believe that the two had formed a bond of friendship and now fought alongside one another in defense of a land they had no true attachment to and that he would be tried for treason and executed if his friendship with Vol'jin was ever discovered.

Vol'jin was granted another vision by the Venom Queen, this time of the ancient alliance between the Zandalari and the mogu, a vision of an age long before any he had seen before. Vol'jin came to realize what it was that drove these two forces apart: the mutual arrogance that they were stronger than their counterpart. Both empires fell for different reasons; the Zandalari empire grew weak with its fracturing tribes and infighting, while the mogu were toppled and overthrown by the servants they had grown to rely upon. He awoke with a single spider web nestled atop his face.

Tyrathan and Vol'jin spotted a Zandalari camp nearby, complete with a group of captured Alliance scouts being tortured. Tyrathan insisted that he remain behind and help them from the shadows, and after some convincing, Vol'jin decided to help. After freeing the group from their captivity, the group's leader demanded to know where Tyrathan Knort was hiding, recognizing the fighting style of their hidden savior. Vol'jin, protecting his friend's identity, denied keeping the company of such and says that he, Vol'jin of the Darkspear tribe, a leader of the Horde, had personally killed the man. The scouts are stunned to learn that Vol'jin himself still lived, aware of the rumors spreading of his apparent death. Vol'jin let them flee back to safety.

The group was ambushed by a Zandalari raid headed by Khal'ak, having lured Vol'jin into the open. Khal'ak had captured, subdued, and bound Tyrathan, though offered to let him live in return for Vol'jin's surrender and compliance. He warily agreed.

To Vol'jin's immense surprise, his ruthless host meant him no ill will. The two took raptors to a hidden house near Mogu'shan Palace, where Vol'jin was groomed and honored (albeit grudgingly) as an esteemed shadow hunter and leader of the Darkspear tribe. Khal'ak ordered him to be bathed and dressed in fine clothing, and the two discussed his predicament over wine and food. Khal'ak had recognized him from King Rastakhan's troll gathering after the Cataclysm and had witnessed Vol'jin decline the offer of a great troll alliance. She did not fault him for this choice -- the Darkspear tribe had thrived under his leadership and had suffered none of the downfalls of the Amani and Gurubashi. Khal'ak once more offered him the choice he had turned away from, though this time sweetened the notion: in return for his allegiance, the Darkspear tribe would be propelled to the first tribe of the Zandalari, above all others. Vol'jin considered this offer, and with the reason he had declined Rastakhan's offer in the first place no longer applicable in the wake of Garrosh's treachery, he admitted his interest in it.

In return for his cooperation, Khal'ak ensured the safety of Vol'jin's companions. After witnessing the resurrection of Warlord Kao, the gathered trolls traveled back to the palace and left for the Isle of Thunder. Here, Vol'jin met with Khal'ak's superior, Vilnak'dor, and convinced him of his use to the cause. Vol'jin later admitted to Khal'ak that they would need to dispose of him to smoothly transition the Darkspear into this new alliance.

In truth, Vol'jin's experiences thus far had compelled him to make quite the opposite decision: he was a shadow hunter, the leader of the Darkspear tribe, and a Horde leader; Garrosh's treachery had not been to further the Horde's goals, but only his own. Vol'jin reflected that the Horde is a family and that it falls to him to protect that family from Hellscream's ambitions. While he had considered Khal'ak's offer, the fact remained that the Darkspear had thrived not by struggling in vain to recreate an empire whose romanticized zeniths they had never truly known, but by working with the reality of the world and carving out a place in it.

Vol'jin returned to his companions and helped them break out of their captivity. Under the cover of nightfall, they escaped the Zandalari encampment and procured an escape back to Pandaria's mainland via a fishing boat. After returning to the monastery, Vol'jin informed Taran Zhu of what had transpired, and that the Zandalari would next target the monastery. He insisted that the Shado-Pan needed to evacuate, though Zhu opted to stand and fight their ground instead. Vol'jin, Tyrathan, and Chen swore themselves to this task too, and the monastery's thirty-three defenders were aptly named The Thirty-three. Vol'jin prepared a number of traps to halt the Zandalari advance, and spoke with Tyrathan before the battle. While both were certain that they would meet death in this battle, they chose not to cement their grizzly fates with goodbyes. Instead, Tyrathan offered to fletch the arrow that Vol'jin would use to kill Garrosh, and Vol'jin promised to hold him to it. The monks also forged a personal glaive for Vol'jin, to replace the one he had lost during his ordeal in the saurok cave.

While the Zandalari army had been fettered by Vol'jin and Tyrathan's traps and further hampered by a snowstorm swirling near the monastery, they pressed their numerical advantage and fast closed in on the temple. Vol'jin himself strode out to meet them, alone and offered a challenge by honorable combat to any who desired to pass him. His opponent was a towering mogu named Deng-Tai, wielding a ferocious long spear. Vol'jin held his own against his bulkier opponent, though mid-battle the Zandalari commander ordered the army to overwhelm Vol'jin and charge forward. As the tide turned against him, Chen and several monks arrived to help relieve the battle, though the group was heavily outmatched and forced to flee inwards. Regrouping inside, Vol'jin could see no sign of Tyrathan, and the survivors -- now fourteen from thirty-three -- were set upon by the Zandalari invaders once more.

Vol'jin fought and killed Khal'ak's captain in the ensuing chaos, though was immediately attacked by another mogu, preparing to impale Vol'jin with his spear. Tyrathan hurled him out of the way, and took the heavy blow meant for him. Taran Zhu fought off and defeated the mogu, while Vol'jin identified and did battle with a vengeful Khal'ak. His enemy was agile and vicious and fought with the belief that she could read Vol'jin's moves and act accordingly. To counter her, Vol'jin eschewed his usual fighting style and instead made use of his monk training with the Shado-Pan. He surged forward and caught Khal'ak off-guard, and shattered her from the neck up with a powerful first blow.

Leaderless and stunned by the resistance, the surviving Zandalari began to flee the scene. Vol'jin swore to save Tyrathan despite the man's desire to die and invoked healing to mend his wound. Vol'jin contacted Bwonsamdi to bargain for his friend's life; with some convincing, the great loa agreed, and Tyrathan was set on a road to recovery not dissimilar to the one Vol'jin had endured. Vol'jin watched over Tyrathan during the healing process, and the two spoke once more when the time was right. Vol'jin reminded Tyrathan of his earlier offer, and the human promised to be there to fletch that arrow for Vol'jin to dispose of Garrosh with. The two parted as friends; with the life, Vol'jin had helped preserve, Tyrathan aimed to try and reconcile with his family, while Vol'jin prepared to do the same with his own.


Vol'jin comes into contact with the Regent Lord of Quel'Thalas, Lor'themar Theron, and earns his support to strike against and overthrow Garrosh. Returning to Durotar, Vol'jin learns that his people have been put under martial law by the Kor'kron; with Lor'themar finishing up on the Isle of Thunder (and across the ocean beside), Vol'jin is forced to declare open rebellion against Garrosh preemptively, and bases himself in Sen'jin Village. After speaking with both Thrall and Chen, Vol'jin sends Horde adventurers to gather supplies from Garrosh's Kor'kron forces in the Northern Barrens. Upon receiving the supplies, Vol'jin discovers that the Kor'kron has begun their attack on the village and after a fierce battle Vol'jin and his forces beat the invaders back. With Sen'jin Village secure, Vol'jin goes to begin the march on Razor Hill, before it's fortified, when Thrall stops him and announces his plan to go to Orgrimmar. While Vol'jin protests that they need him, Thrall is adamant about finding orcs who are against Hellscream such as Saurfang and Eitrigg. In a last attempt to stop Thrall Vol'jin bluntly tells him that Garrosh's forces would kill him. However, Thrall points out that it is a chance he is willing to take to see that not all of his people are behind Hellscream. Thrall then asks Vol'jin to look after Aggra and his son if he doesn't make it, a promise that the shadow hunter agrees to.

After watching Thrall leave, Vol'jin rallies his forces at Sen'jin Village and personally leads the attack on Razor Hill. After the Kor'kron presence is eliminated, the people of Razor Hill willingly join the Darkspear rebellion and Vol'jin is met by Baine Bloodhoof. After agreeing to help the rebellion, while ensuring his people's safety first as many are in Orgrimmar, Baine points out that Orgrimmar is a fortress and that Vol'jin will need to seek out allies beyond the Horde. Soon after, Vol'jin is approached by members of the Alliance and both the shadow hunter and adventurer agree to a tentative alliance in order to dispose of Garrosh by launching a two-pronged assault on the city: the Horde attacking by land and the Alliance by sea.

Siege of Orgrimmar

Vol'jin and Baine moved inside of Razor Hill as the Thunder Bluff Warriors and Darkspear Headhunters were arriving. The two leaders discussed the situation of their army approaching by the sea and about Garrosh.

Vol'jin's rebellion had secured the lion's share of Durotar during the Siege of Orgrimmar, its forces now at the gates of the city itself. Vol'jin faced off with General Nazgrim, who unleashed the Iron Juggernaut against the Darkspear chieftain and Baine Bloodhoof. After its defeat, Tyrande Whisperwind secured the entrance to Orgrimmar and told Vol'jin to go ahead while she held the line.

Vol'jin and Baine assisted Horde agents in the battles against the Kor'kron orcs in the Underhold. He told Baine and his warriors to hold the area while adventurers went after Thrall and Garrosh. Vol'jin wanted to stop the bloodshed happening above.

Vol'jin arrived at The Inner Sanctum following Garrosh's defeat, along with the other Horde leaders. Vol'jin told Thrall that the Horde needed its true Warchief back. After pointing out that it was Vol'jin who held the Horde together and preserved its honor, Thrall knelt before Vol'jin and pledged to follow his leadership. Vol'jin did not feel worthy of the title, but the other leaders of the Horde supported him, and he swore to give his all. He was then approached by Varian, who was briefly shocked at Vol'jin being the Warchief, before acknowledging that he desired peace between the Alliance and the Horde. However he warned that should Vol'jin's Horde fail to uphold honor as Garrosh did, the Alliance would end them.

War Crimes

One of the first things to do as the Warchief was to offer a reward for Zaela's head. He sent a group of agents into the Twilight Highlands but the attempt was unsuccessful. That was when the new leader of the Horde received an invitation for hearing the decision about Garrosh' punishment. With the rest of the Horde leaders, they traveled to the Temple of the White Tiger.

Vol'jin knew this day would come. Still agreeing with Varian during the aftermath of the Siege, he thought that the rest of the orcs should not be following Garrosh's path. After Taran Zhu revealed that there is going to be a trial, the Horde leaders met to discuss who should defend the frail former Warchief of the Horde, Sylvanas offered to serve as his defender. However, Vol'jin declined her offer, remarking that they were looking for a defender and she would better serve as an accuser. With that in mind, Vol'jin offered the position to Baine, which the others endorsed and Baine reluctantly accepted. After revealing their chosen defender, Vol'jin learned that the Alliance had chosen Varian Wrynn to serve as the accuser. However, Vol'jin decided to veto this decision and the Alliance then declared Tyrande Whisperwind would then be the accuser.

After witnessing Anduin's testimony, Vol'jin told Baine that he is doing great. Sylvanas approached them but she quarreled with Baine and the Warchief stopped them and told her to be patient. During the next day, he was called as Tyrande's next witness. He spoke about the situation of trolls during Garrosh's reign as well as about the Pandaria campaign. He witnessed the vision when Garrosh commanded Rak'gor Bloodrazor to assassinate Vol'jin if he wouldn't cooperate. When Baine was asking questions, he made Vol'jin recall his threats to Garrosh.

Near the end of the trial, Vol'jin sent a letter to Jaina Proudmoore, understanding her recent actions. After Garrosh escaped and the subsequent chaos ended, he joined Thrall in vowing that they would find Garrosh, no matter where or when Kairoz took him.

Warlords of Draenor

He sent Warmaster Zog to Frostwall to assist the commander and has dispensed a notable number of shadow hunters to assist the Horde forces all across Draenor, among them Rokhan. Vol'jin has also been kept informed of the Horde's status on Draenor by Knight-Lord Dranarus. When the Garrison reaches its third stage, Vol'jin promotes the commander to General of the Horde's forces on Draenor.

After Gul'dan took over the Iron Horde, Vol'jin arrived at Frostwall to plan the invasion of Tanaan. He suggested to build a shipyard and sent the commander to the Iron Docks. After the shipyard was built, he wished the adventurer to bring glory to the Horde. He also established an elite group of trolls, Vol'jin's Headhunters, and sent them to assist in Tanaan. The warchief was also interested in how Grommash managed to weaponize gronns.


Thrall and Vol'jin assault the Broken Shore and clear the shoreline. They make their way to Sylvanas and Baine, who are holding off the demons. Along with the Alliance, they chase Gul'dan whilst they take care of Krosus. Then the Horde covers a high ridge, while the Alliance confronts Gul'dan. During the fighting, Vol'jin is dealt a mortal blow by a felguard's spear; he breaks the spear with one strike and kills the demon, then collapses, a tusk breaking from the fall. Sylvanas rides to save him, and he asks her not to let the Horde die. Realizing the battle is lost, Sylvanas summons her Val'kyr to carry the wounded and leads the retreat, carrying Vol'jin back to the ships and leaving the Alliance forces to be overrun.

Upon returning to Orgrimmar, Vol'jin - suffering from fel poisoning from the broken spear tip still in his body - calls the Horde leadership together; Sylvanas is the last to arrive. Vol'jin reveals that the loa spirits have told him death will claim him soon. He admits that he had never trusted Sylvanas, nor would he have believed that in the Horde's darkest hour, she would have been the one to save it. But the spirits have granted him "clarity", all whispering a name to him. With his dying breath, Vol'jin declares Sylvanas the new Warchief of the Horde, knowing that others will not understand his decision, but telling her she must step out of the shadows and lead.

Vol'jin's body is then taken outside the gates of Orgrimmar and cremated on a ritual pyre. Sylvanas asks the assembled Horde who will help her avenge him - a call to arms that is answered by all present. Tyrathan Khort, Vol'jin's human friend from Pandaria, attends the funeral from a safe distance and swears to fulfill his promise of killing Vol'jin's killer.

Following Vol'jin's death, the Darkspear tribe became leaderless. The trolls are still figuring things out.

Battle for Azeroth

Master Gadrin says that he often has felt Vol'jin's spirit whispering to him. His strength was the lifeblood of the Darkspear, and some would even say he was the spirit of the true Horde.

The Echo Isles came under attack once again by Zalazane, who broke free of Bwonsamdi and came back as a lich with an army of undead. He was able to break away because Bwonsamdi did not also have Vol'jin's spirit. Vol'jin's glaive was used to combat Zalazane because it was necessary to use a magical weapon to harm someone who escaped the grasp of Bwonsamdi, and the bond between Vol'jin and Zalazane was great. Upon his death, Zalazane proclaimed "What? Vol'jin... you could not have grown so strong without becoming... a..." Vol'jin's glaive then began to glow.

Afterward, the Zandalari Princess Talanji offered to bring the ashes of Vol'jin to Atal'Dazar, the burial temple of Zandalari kings. Along the Golden Road up Mount Mugamba Master Gadrin told of Vol'jin's past deeds to honor him, even as the Sandfury, Gurubashi, and Amani tribes fought to keep the ashes of a "Horde-loving traitor" out of Atal'Dazar. Upon reaching the temple Bwonsamdi appeared and said to instead bring them to his temple, the Necropolis. But upon arrival there, they learned Vol'jin's spirit was not in his urn and Bwonsamdi grew very worried about having lost a soul that was supposed to be in his care.

Seeking to learn where Vol'jin's spirit had gone missing, Bwonsamdi tasked the adventurer and Talanji with performing a seance with the aid of some of Vol'jin's friends from life, Gadrin and Rokhan. They reached far into the Shadowlands with Vol'jin's bond with Rokhan and Gadrin serving as a guide, and upon encountering him he tasked them with slaying G'huun as justice for the sons and daughters of lost loa and sons and the heart of Zandalar, culminating with stabbing his glaive into G'huun's corpse. With his glaive soaked in G'huun's blood, it was paraded before the Zandalari in Zuldazar as Vol'jin told Talanji that she set in motion the events leading to G'huun's death by leading the Horde to Zandalar. However, the question of why Vol'jin's spirit had gone missing remained unanswered.


Warchief of the Horde
Preceded by
Garrosh Hellscream
Vol'jin Succeeded by
Sylvanas Windrunner
Leader of the Darkspear Tribe
Preceded by
Vol'jin Succeeded by
(unofficial leader/representative)

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