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Ward of Anasterian
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The banner of the Ward.


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Kingdom of Quel'Thalas

New Horde

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The Warden Cluster

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Lawful Evil


To neutralize individuals and organizations deemed a potential threat to the Sunwell.



"Purity. Security. Prosperity. Let these prizes never again be lost to the majesty of Quel'thalas."
- Excerpt from the official statement founding the Ward.

The Ward of Anasterian is a selective order of Blood Knights founded following the revival of the Sunwell in 29 L.C. Built upon the promise of ensuring the Sunwell would never be jeopardized again, the Ward answers directly to the Magisters, who use the Ward to execute ruthless and covert strikes against gatherings in the world deemed a threat to the Sunwell's safety.

Following the Fourth War and its armistice they have since become the arm of the Magisters' regime against any and all practices of the Void among elvenkind, often targeting pockets of Void Elves despite the armistice in place.

It has recently become involved in measures taken against San'layn resurgence in the homeland and the Horde, especially in the form of open conflict with the Bloodmoon Dominion.


The Ward of Anasterian was established almost immediately after the successful victory of the Shattered Sun Offensive in reclaiming the Isle of Quel'danas and the Sunwell from the traitor, Kael'thas Sunstrider. Though the Blood Knights that would go on to compose the Ward were ever devoted to the Sun King, his betrayal of the kingdom to ally with Kil'jaeden turned him into an enemy of the Blood Elven nation, along with the aberrant creatures summoned and created to serve his fell allegiance.

A propaganda image for the Ward of Anasterian following the Nexus War.

Founded by a circle of like minds among the Magisters, the Ward's first and foremost purpose was the complete and utter cleansing of any and all Felblood Elves that survived the Sunwell Plateau. Any Felbloods found by the Ward were killed without trial or mercy, a decisive blow that sent a message to completely denounce any and all allegiance to the late Kael'thas. It also served as the Ward's mission statement: to ensure that the Sunwell would never again to be threatened by destruction or corruption from their own people, and that elven purity would no longer be callously defiled.

Despite this, however noble their work may have been, the Ward was subject to scrutiny. Appointed by the Magisters, the Ward effectively became a separate body from the Blood Knight Order, and the Magisters' authority completely bypassed the Matriarch, Lady Liadrin. Some feared that the Ward would become a tool through which the Magisters would eliminate political rivals, wrongly cast as conspirators to be judged. However, some also valued their decisive work in helping curtail the Felblood remnants. Though with no small degree of politicking, the Ward endured, and remained a valuable force for the Magisters to utilize over the years.

Since their establishment, the Ward has served as the Magisters' reach wherever needed to crush any foreseeable threat to the safety of the Sunwell, and the future of the Blood Elves. This has ranged from the detainment of Blood Elven conspirators within the city itself, to the hunting of High Elf exiles deemed suspect, to the more recent acts of exterminating Void Elves when found in the world. They now heavily police the use of magics that may endanger the Sunwell, investigating any and elven work with illegal magics regardless of geographical jurisdiction, in the name of the nation they proudly serve.

Service Record

Immediately after their establishment in 29 L.C., the Ward spearheaded a purge of Felblood who survived the battle of the Sunwell Plateau, as well as investigating and arresting early researchers of the Void who were denounced by Grand Magister Rommath.

The Ward joined the Sunreavers in the Nexus War from 29 to 30 L.C., believing Malygos' campaign against mortal magic to ultimately threaten the Sunwell. Technology from the Nexus and its Mage Hunters was subsequently adapted by the Ward.

In 33 L.C. the Ward assisted the Sunreavers against the Silver Covenant during the Purge of Dalaran, coming to the aid of allies from the Nexus War. Focus was shifted to arrest Silver Covenant members and free Sunreaver captives whenever able.

As of 37 L.C. the Ward has begun a campaign to exterminate any and all Void Elves, arrest Void practitioners and researchers, and dismantle all elven Void research in the name of Thalassian law, enforcing it upon Horde and Alliance elves alike. Though this campaign began during the Fourth War, it continues beyond the current armistice.

In 41 L.C. the Ward was informed of a haven of San'layn known as the Bloodmoon Dominion, prompting them to assault the Dominion's holdings, the Solflame Enclave and Banu Arkae. The Dominion was soundly defeated in this first assault, forcing their complete withdrawal from Quel'thalas and marking the beginning of the Dominion-Ward Conflict.


Comprised originally of Blood Knights who seized the Light, the Ward today is almost exclusively composed of those who channel the Light of the Sunwell in some fashion. Indeed, all members are expected to actively draw from the Sunwell above all else, and to do otherwise is to be met with intense scrutiny, if not punishment. As such, the vast majority of the Ward's ranks are Blood Knights, sometimes allowing membership to Mage-Priests who deliver their own magical expertise. Otherwise, the Ward will seek to consult other groups such as the Sunreavers to fulfill niche duties it cannot.

Unlike the Blood Knight Order that answers to Liadrin as its highest power, the Ward answers to a union known as the Circle of Lords. These Knight-Lords and Knight-Ladies all represent the will of the Magisters they serve and all share the mantle of leadership over the Ward. This serves to spread the distribution of power in such a way that it cannot be dismantled by the death of a given Lord. This distribution of power for the sake of survival is also reflected in the Ward's strongholds consisting of floating platforms that are often spread or congregated as necessary, allowing for their operations to remain constantly mobile and able to avoid any singular catastrophe.

Generally speaking, the Ward operates as a strong arm of the law and will voice its role as such freely if it deems it fit. Even against elves who have long since abandoned the jurisdiction of Quel'thalas - such as the High Elves - the Ward will still enact its authority on behalf of all elvenkind, and cite all elves as beholden to Silvermoon's law even in exile. However, due to the current armistice, the Ward may practice covert operations so as to continue to enforce the Magisters' regime without drawing the ire of the factions.

The Ward keeps a robust network of informants that serves to keep the Ward aware of any wanted persons at large. It also puts out public bounty notices for the people to be aware of and report on. These bounties include a price on any known Void Elves, San'layn, and Felblood, and some specific persons of interest to the Ward's missions.


The floating platforms used for carrying and deploying Ward personnel.

The equipment used by the Ward of Anasterian is advanced, developed from the study of rivaling magical powers and advancements made since the Sunfury's establishment in Outland. All knights of the Ward are outfitted with armor enchanted to project a continuous shield of Light that shields them from incoming attacks. Though this shield can be broken with enough force, it will restore itself when given the chance to recover. This enchantment often requires frequent reinforcement. Blades used by the Ward are similarly enchanted with Light magic, making them more powerful tools against their enemies.

Among the most advanced and powerful of the Ward's tools are its platforms. Developed after researching the technology wielded by the Blue Dragonflight during the Nexus War, these platforms are powered by some of the excess number of burning crystals that became obsolete after the Sunwell's restoration. These platforms serve as floating transports that teleport knights to the surface for battle, and are equipped with numerous spell ballistae for offensive and defensive capabilities. The crystal itself can also be used as an offensive weapon, making each platform exceptionally dangerous in the event of a siege.