Warlock crest

Crest of the Warlock.

Warlocks are practitioners of Fel, Void Magic, and/or Demonology, though have been seen to also commonly practice other professions such as alchemy and tailoring. As practitioners of more "dark magics" Warlocks are typically shunned by the majority of society and also the Church of the Holy Light, who see them as heretics.

Many Warlocks swear themselves to the Burning Legion and worship Sargeras and his lieutenants, while others can be found serving other causes, such as the Black Harvest as well as—rarely—the Grand Alliance and New Horde.

Hiding of Practice Edit

Whether due to the fact a Warlock may want secrecy about being one, to not be frowned upon, or to be caught if going against the law, Warlocks commonly practice in secreted areas, such as Catacombs under cathedrals or taverns, though it is considered extremely disrespectful against the Holy Light to practice under the sacred grounds of Cathedrals, thus some Warlocks do have courtesy of this, though others bluntly ignore it.

Grand Warlocks Edit

A Grand Warlock is a Warlock whom has shown incredible skill above all others in the arts of Fel Magic, though generally also show extreme skill in Demonology. The title is achieved by few, notably this title has been achieved by the evil Gul'dan, but has also been achieved by a few others, such as Rossko Cauldella, and Turlias Moonweave, and Gazoreth Demes, the latter being one of the current Grandmasters of the Black Harvest.

Notable Warlocks Edit