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The crest of the warlock.

Warlocks are practitioners of fel, void magic, and/or demonology. Many are former mages turned to the demonic arts out of a lust for power or greater knowledge. As practitioners of much darker magic, warlocks are typically shunned by the majority of society. The Church of the Holy Light in particular are staunch opponents of the practice, seeing them as heretics.

While many warlocks willingly follow the Burning Legion, there are those who work against it, using their magic to fight against evil. Warlocks have proven themselves to be powerful allies - as well as powerful foes. They have been known to work with mortal groups such as the Black Harvest as well as—rarely—the Grand Alliance and New Horde.


The first known warlocks were created by Kil'jaeden, who instructed the orc shamans of Draenor in the use of fel and demonic magics. While the elder shaman Ner'zhul ultimately resisted the eredar lord's promises of untold power, Kil'jaeden soon found another to take his place: Ner'zhul's ambitious apprentice Gul'dan. The young orc became an avid student of demonic magic and developed into the most powerful mortal warlock in history. He taught other young orcs the arcane arts and strove to eradicate the orcs' shamanistic traditions. Gul'dan showed this new brand of magic to his brethren, a terrible new power that reeked of doom. Kil'jaeden, seeking to tighten his hold over the orcs, helped Gul'dan found the Shadow Council, a secretive sect that manipulated the clans and spread the use of warlock magics throughout Draenor. As more and more orcs began to wield warlock magics, the gentle fields and streams of Draenor began to blacken and fade. Over time, the vast prairies the orcs had called home for generations withered away, leaving only red barren soil. The demon energies were slowly killing the world.

During the First War, the warlocks were the most powerful of the orcish sects. These dark brethren went where no others dared in search of ultimate power. Their towers held the keys to unleashing the very essence of evil upon those they saw as a threat to their devious plans. Spells that channeled fire, brimstone, and shadow through their bodies, or could summon forth great creatures - even daemons - were theirs to use.

The warlocks of the Horde were slaughtered by Orgrim Doomhammer. Gul'dan later transferred some of their spirits into the first death knights, while the magical energies of other long dead warlocks were infused into the bodies of the ogre magi.

During the Third War, orc warlocks still served the goals of the Old Horde, especially among the ranks of the Blackrock warlocks.

Sometime after the Third War, the Grand Alliance and the New Horde began pressing warlocks into their service. Although many societies consider such dark arts disreputable, their efficacy in combat is undeniable. Most warlocks practice their arts in secret within hidden enclaves so that they can escape the prejudice of the public.

In Stormwind City, when Lord Wishock was made aware of the warlock coven under the Slaughtered Lamb, he lobbied for a full investigation and closure of the tavern. Zardeth of the Black Claw, however, implied that the noble was actually trying to shut the establishment down in order to avoid paying his tab there. In the end, the warlocks had Lord Wishock assassinated.

In Orgrimmar, warlocks operated discreetly in the Cleft of Shadow. Neeru Fireblade was a warlock who claimed not to wish to destroy the Horde from within or gain control over it, but he was secretly an agent of the Shadow Council. Thrall knew about this and tolerated his presence in order to fool him and better watch over him.

In Silvermoon City, demons were more accepted than elsewhere, as the succubus Nimrida was walking with her master Keyanomir in the Murder Row of the city. During the war against the Lich King, warlocks were still considered as pariahs, operating in the shadows of polite society but were now starting to be respected on the battlefronts.

After the war against Deathwing, six of the greatest warlocks gathered together to make a pact stipulating they share the knowledge they gathered and innovated from the defeat of their powerful enemies. Thus the Council of the Black Harvest was created to teach all warlocks advanced forms of magic stolen from the adventurers' defeated foes.

When he created the True Horde, Garrosh Hellscream sent his Kor'kron guard led by Ureda of the Black Flame to have most of Orgrimmar's warlocks executed for being demon worshipers.

Warlocks were originally forbidden in the ranks of the Iron Horde, but Gul'dan trained a whole generation of warlocks to marshal against the forces of Azeroth, first as members of the Shadow Council and then as Iron servants of the Legion.

Practice and Legality

Warlock practices are kept in secrecy either due to to societal taboo or for personal reasons. As a result, they commonly practice in secret areas such as catacombs under the Cathedral or beneath the Slaughtered Lamb, though it is considered extremely disrespectful against the Holy Light to practice under the former. Becoming a warlock requires the strictest discipline, whether it is using fel magic or consorting with demons. Otherwise, the magic they seek to control will control them. Only the most illustrious among them become grand warlocks.

A grand warlock is one who has shown incredible skill above all others in the arts of Fel Magic, though generally also show extreme skill in Demonology. The title is achieved by few, notably this title has been achieved by Gul'dan, but has also been achieved by a few others, such as Rossko Cauldella, and Turlias Moonweave, and Gazoreth Demes.

The legal stance on the practices of fel magic is a somewhat grey area and largely unknown. In the case of the Alliance, former King Varian Wrynn had recognized their practicality and although uneasy about the practice he did not deny their use to the Alliance. However, he never reached a verdict on whether or not the practice was legal. On the other end of this spectrum, Lord Baurles K. Wishock upon finding the hidden warlock operation attempted to remove them via petition, but was poisoned beforehand. In the case of the Horde, it appears it is legal given how the warlocks have their own location specifically for dark magic, but it is assumable such magic is frowned upon.

Notable Warlocks

Name Race Faction Role Status
IconSmall Medivh.gif
Medivh Human The Last Guardian Guardian Alive
IconSmall Human Male.gif
Kanrethad Ebonlocke Human Council of the Black Harvest Council Leader Alive
IconSmall BloodElfDeathKnight Female-0.gif
Shinfel Blightsworn Sin'dorei Council of the Black Harvest Council champion Alive
IconSmall Worgen Male-0.gif
Zinnin Smythe Worgen Council of the Black Harvest Council champion Alive
IconSmall Gnome Female-0.gif
Lulubelle Fizzlebang Gnome Council of the Black Harvest Council champion Alive
IconSmall Man'ari Female-0.gif
Grand Warlock Alythess Man'ari eredar Council of the Black Harvest Council champion Alive
IconSmall Man'ari Female-0.gif
Lady Sacrolash Man'ari eredar Council of the Black Harvest Council champion Alive
IconSmall Undead Female-0.gif
Jubeka Shadowbreaker Undead Council of the Black Harvest Council champion Alive
IconSmall Human Female1.gif
Kira Iresoul Human Council of the Black Harvest Council champion Alive
IconSmall OrcGray Male-0.gif
Rittsyn Flamescowl Orc Council of the Black Harvest | Armies of Legionfall Council champion Alive
IconSmall Dreadlord2.gif
Anetheron Dreadlord Burning Legion Envoy of Archimonde Alive
IconSmall Man'ari Male-0.gif
Prince Malchezaar Man'ari eredar Burning Legion Master of Karazhan Alive
IconSmall Man'ari Male-0.gif
Lord Jaraxxus Man'ari eredar Burning Legion Eredar lord of the Burning Legion Alive
IconSmall Human Male Rustridgi.gif
Zardeth of the Black Claw Human Kingdom of Stormwind | Council of the Black Harvest Warlock trainer Alive
IconSmall BloodElf Female-0.png
Aeda Brightdawn Sin'dorei New Horde | Sunsworn Draenor adventurer Alive
IconSmall Orc Male.gif
Drak'thul Orc Stormreaver Clan | Neutral Hermit Alive
IconSmall Orc Male.gif
Oronok Torn-heart Orc Neutral Former follower of Gul'dan and Draenor adventurer Alive
IconSmall Gnome Male-0.gif
Niby the Almighty Gnome Neutral Unknown Alive
IconSmall Gnome Male-0.gif
Xenophilius Vilevolt Gnome Neutral Maester of the Felflux Circle Alive
IconSmall High Elf Female.gif
Serana Dawnsinger Quel'dorei Grand Alliance | House Dawnsinger Dawnsinger Matriarch Alive
IconSmall BloodElf Female-0.png
Fasha Tel'therun Sin'dorei New Horde | Forsaken | Hand of Vengeance | Council of the Black Harvest Horde champion Alive
IconSmall Human Male.gif
Gerard Grimsbane Human Grimsbane Coven Leader of the Grimsbane Coven Alive
IconSmall Human Male Rustridgi.gif
Wardom Greywell Human Kingdom of Stormwind | Circle of the Pale Crow | Order of the Black Harvest | Circle of the Lamb | Knights of Solidarity Pretender Alive
IconSmall Human Male Rustridgi.gif
Gazoreth Demes Human Order of the Black Harvest Unknown Alive
IconSmall Unknown-0.gif
Rossko Cauldella Worgen Ordo Tenebrae | The Ironcloak Union | Kingdom of Gilneas Unknown Alive
IconSmall Sargeras.gif
Sargeras Titan Burning Legion Creator of the Burning Legion Unknown
IconSmall OrcBrown Male-0.gif
Ghun Orc Orcish Horde | Frostwolf Clan One of the first orcish warlocks Unknown
IconSmall Human Male.gif
Doan Karhan Human Neutral Burning Legion scholar Unknown
IconSmall DarkIron Male-1.gif
Balgaras the Foul Dark iron dwarf Twilight's Hammer Dark Iron rebel Unknown
IconSmall Man'ari Male-0.gif
Razuun Man'ari eredar Burning Legion Shadow Council member Unknown
IconSmall Meryl.gif
Meryl Felstorm Undead Kirin Tor / New Council of Tirisfal / Tirisgarde Tirisgarde champion Undead
IconSmall Highborne Male-0.gif
Athrikus Narassin Kaldorei Shadow Council | Highborne | Cult of the Dark Strand Leader of the Cult of the Dark Strand Undead
IconSmall Undead Male-0.gif
Mataus the Wrathcaster Undead Scarlet Crusade Unknown Undead
IconSmall Undead Male-0.gif
Felgrim Undead New Horde | Garad'kra Member of the Garad'kra Undead
IconSmall Gul'dan.gif
Gul'dan Orc Shadow Council | Stormreaver Clan First orcish warlock and Stormreaver chieftain Deceased
IconSmall Gul'dan2-0.gif
IconSmall Gul'danHulked.gif
Gul'dan Orc Burning Legion First orcish warlock Deceased
IconSmall Archimonde-0.gif
Archimonde Man'ari eredar Burning Legion Left hand of Sargeras Deceased
IconSmall Kil'jaeden.gif
Kil'jaedan Man'ari eredar Burning Legion Supreme commander of the Burning Legion Deceased
IconSmall Ner'zhul2-0.gif
Ner'zhul Orc Shadowmoon Clan | Iron Horde Shadowmoon Chieftain Deceased
IconSmall Teron.gif
Teron Gorefiend Orc Shadow Council | Illidari First death knight Deceased
IconSmall Gorefiend.gif
Teron'gor Orc Shadow Council Leader of the Gorebound Deceased
IconSmall Cho'gall-0.gif
Cho'gall Ogre Twilight's Hammer | Shadow Council Leader of the Twilight's Hammer Deceased
IconSmall Orc Male.gif
Nekros Skullcrusher Orc Orcish Horde | Dragonmaw Clan Warden of Alexstrasza Deceased
IconSmall Dentarg.gif
Dentarg Ogre Shadowmoon Clan Enforcer of Ner'zhul Deceased
IconSmall Ogre2 Male-0.gif
Dentarg Ogre Shadow Council Servant of Gul'dan Deceased
16px-IconSmall Zuluhed.gif
Zuluhed the Whacked Orc Dragonmaw Clan | Illidari Dragonmaw Chieftain Deceased
IconSmall LeperGnome Male-0.gif
Zelifrax Wobblepox Undead Council of the Black Harvest Former Council leader Deceased
IconSmall Gnome Male-0.gif
Wilfred Fizzlebang Gnome Neutral Master summoner Deceased
IconSmall Unknown-0.gif
Turlias Moonweave Unknown Unknown Unknown Deceased

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