Tonn-siúlóir Clan
The Wavewalker Crest

Lead By:

High Coimeádaí Faytia




Old Ways

Common Name

The Wavewalkers


Kingdom of Gilneas, Council of the Coimeádaí



Successor Clans

Leanaí Iscia, Crakeriver (partially)

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The Wavewalker clan, or Tonn-siúlóir in Galui, is one of the Elder Blood clans of the Galuyn people. One of the clans that survived the Second War of Thorns, the Wavewalkers were always reclusive in comparison to others. Spending most of their time at port or in the sea, the Wavewalkers usually cropped up along shorelines before the collapse of Galuyn society.

Due to the severe nature of the collapse and the loss of shoreland, many Wavewalker clans retreated back to Wickenden, retaining the unified nature of the clan outside of several in the Fallow Crest. Created to scour the ocean for both plunder and food, the Wavewalkers were adept pirates; using a special small boat known as a Currach to swarm larger boats.

In addition to their seafaring lifestyle, the Wavewalkers were one of the few clans known to openly trade with others, though this did not foster feelings of content as it had among the Everflame and their interactions with the Gilneans. Wavewalkers were notoriously seen as smugglers, being hired on to obtain goods that would otherwise never be able to make it to port.

As a result, Wavewalkers often interacted with other nations, learning to blend in with the local culture until their business was concluded, before disappearing upon the ocean alongside much of the goods of the area they had arrived in. Their emphasis on the ocean and the lack of platemail upon the sea allowed for the Wavewalkers to remain a threat even into modern times, as the short comings of the Galuyn in combat were non-applicable. In addition to their ability to blend in, they are also remarkably practical, learning to take on the pilfered weapons of their enemies. As a result, harpoon guns and firearms are among the weapon stores of the greatest Wavewalker clans, furthering their ability to continue on the ocean.

The Wavewalkers universally revere the Old Ways god, Gurnye, the mother of the ocean, and her various children. As a result, Currachs will be tied together and sailed out onto the ocean for ritual practices of sacrifice and offerings, with some ceremonies and festivals being done entirely over the open ocean.

For the Wavewalkers, one is not seen as an adult until they prove their ability to handle a Currach, and as a result, will travel off into the ocean during a storm to prove their worth. These young aspirants are supervised, as to prevent destruction of ships or loss of life, but will only intervene if the would-be sailor is too inexperienced or unready for the task.

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