Galubaile Clan
The Wickenden Crest

Lead By:

Council of the Coimeádaí




Old Ways

Common Name



Kingdom of Gilneas, Council of the Coimeádaí



Successor Clans

Numerous Clans

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Elder Blood Clans

Dualach-laoch (Gnarled) · Cráifeach (Thorned) · Galubaile (Wickenden) · Darach-Rugadh (Oakenborn) · Riamhtine (Everflame) · Tonn-siúlóir (Wavewalker) · Ceann-fuar (Chillborn)

Smaller Clans

Gabhatine · Saorthit-abhainn (Crakeriver) · Vuibhearn-croi (Dragonheart) · Saoi-fuar (Crithe) · Leanaí Iscia · Other, smaller clans.

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The Wickenden or Galubaile, which roughly translates to Hearth of the Galuyn, are the largest clan in the Galuyn culture.

The Wickenden are the leading clan of the people and previously headed the Wickers, under the leadership od the Thorned Council and the Wicker King. Many Galuyns claim heritage to the Wickenden, but this claim is dubious.

Due to the conflict wrought nature of the Galuyn people, many of these smaller clans have lost their heritage and look to the Wickenden for guidance.

Following the downfall of the Wicker King, the Wickenden and their city, the ancient city of Wickenden itself, were put under the control of the Council of the Coimeádaí. Now seen as their shepherds, the Council pledged their people to Gilneas under the pretense of protection from persecution. This agreement has caused a mass divide among the Galuyn people, especially in the wake of the Wickers collapse, leading to several factions; the two largest being the Gnarled and their followers clans and the Council clans.

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