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Wildhammer Clan

Coat of Arms

A golden hammer flanked by gryphons on a field of green.


To the Skies.


Aerie Peak

Current Head

Falstad Wildhammer


The Hinterlands, Twilight Highlands


High Thane of the Wildhammer Clan.


The Hinterlands


Most Wild Dwarf families.


Alliance of Lordaeron, Grand Alliance


Khardos Wildhammer

The Wildhammer Clan is one of the oldest and most influential Dwarven clans still in existence. The family has taken the title of High Thane of the Wildhammer Clan for generations, and ruled from their seat in the city of Grim Batol until its destruction in the War of the Three Hammers. They later then rebuilt in the city of Aerie Peak. The current head of the family is Falstad Wildhammer after his cousin Kurdran Wildhammer abdicated the position after seeing how Falstad had maintained the family in his absence in Outland. Feeling it would be disrespectful to return and claim the position after his cousin's work, he passed the mantle on and continues to work to reunite all Wild dwarves under their banner.


The Wildhammer Clan is a clan on it's own, not a type of dwarf. The type of dwarf commonly associated with the clan are called Wild dwarves. Many refer to the various different Wild dwarf clans as "Wildhammer dwarves" due to the Wildhammers being widely recognized as the "ruling clan" of the Wild Dwarves. Despite this, the Wildhammer clan has also not claimed to be royalty, unlike their counterparts the Bronzebeard Clan and the Thaurissan Clan.