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     Formerly Sunfury General Xi Manasoul, heir to House Manasoul and retainer of the noble House An'telas, was of the most paramount spellbreakers in all of the Thalassian realm. In his knightly service, he gave his titles to serve the Sunstrider dynasty. Though by order of Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider,  following the long journey to Outland, he was to be sent to the Illidari to gain power for the realm.

     In direct service to the Illidari Council, Xi Hellsoul was named High Warlord of the Illidari in long service, a rank few of the demonic races among them even held. In his ravenous fury, he ushered in a new reign of terror in Outland, and all who opposed the Illidari.

     A battalion of Eclipsion Blood Elven soldiers gave herald to his will throughout Outland. As more Demon Hunters make their way to the Fel Hammer, he has expanded on a new era of this regiment.