Zal'narad was a Lich of the Undead Scourge and the Cult of the Damned, previously responsible for his reign over the Black Citadel, Galathra: The Winter Herald. He was later destroyed by Sinar onos En'kilah and the Hand of Wrath.


Born in Alterac, Zal'narad often followed the larger influences in school and society to get by as powerful, in some way. This trait carried on when the Scourge began to form. Zal'narad quickly offered his services to the Lich King, hoping to survive under the Scourge. Though he was initially fearful of the undead, Kel'thuzad granted Zal'narad the power and command of many Scourge minions to entice the young necromancer to continue serving the Lich King. This worked well, as Zal'narad devoted himself fully to the service of the Scourge.

As Kel'thuzad ruled from his necropolis, Zal'narad devoted himself to the creation of an ultimate abomination, one created through the flesh of demons, and gained an apprentice and assistant in Plaguebringer Rulkoff. When the Greymane Wall shattered, and the worgen made a greater appearance, Zal'narad noted their apparent immunity to undeath. He began working towards the creation of a strain of the the existing Plague of Undeath to infect worgen and turn them into undead; however, this failed due to time constraints and the renewed conflict in Gilneas, forcing Zal'narad to return to the Plaguelands.

Regardless of his previous failure, Zal'narad has been working under orders of the Cult of the Damned to reform the Scourge force in the Eastern Plaguelands. He traveled to Northrend and Azjol-Nerub, seeking out Nerubian architects to find one capable of the creation of a necropolis. The Nerubians agreed as new forces were built up to construct the necropolis within a hidden part of Azjol-Nerub. The necropolis would be named Galathra: The Winter Herald.

Three years of progress had worked well for Zal'narad. A cult became dedicated to him, the Nerubians and Death Knights favored him, and soon he received the blessing of Undeath: the ascension into becoming a Lich. With the massive power endowed upon him, he moved Galathramas to northern Lordaeron, above Stratholme.

Dark Resurgence

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As Zal'narad built up his ultimate army, in preparation for his devastating assault upon the lands of Lordaeron, he was met with an offer by a Scourge "warmaster" known as Anton Frostheart. Anton approached negotiations of joining forces with an ultimatum of joining or suffering the consequences of a final death.

Zal'narad was amused by the arrogance, but was not so arrogant to pay it no heed. He ensured that his lieutenants fostered negotiation over the status of Galathramas and its position in the Plaguelands. When Anton's worth had been mostly speculated, Zal'narad wanted to see the man for himself. Anton was invited to the necropolis of Galathramas to view the activities of the reforming Scourge. Anton had attempted to rally several Death Knights, summoned his minions to aid Zal'narad, and offered a necromancer to serve the latter as well.

However, Zal'narad's plot to revive the Scourge under his name fell short as investigations by the Magus Senate of Dalaran, with aid from the First Regiment and the Argent Crusade ultimately revealed the necropolis prematurely. Unable to act without preparedness, Zal'narad reluctantly retreated to Northrend once again. There, Zal'narad lost momentum, closely followed by his support, as well as his allegiance with Frostheart.

Shattered Scourge

When Sylvanas Windrunner shattered the veil to the Shadowlands and the Lich King's reign was broken, Zal'narad saw this as a second chance to revisit his old plans. However, when Galathra was moved to Icecrown to join the Mawsworn fight against the Argent Crusade, the necropolis came under attack by a rival remnant of the Scourge. The Bloodmoon Dominion witnessed the necropolis' arrival, and was determined to claim the stronghold to bolster their own strength, dispatching the Hand of Wrath to crush Zal'narad and his strength.

Though the Lich fought tooth and nail for his holdings, he ultimately was defeated by Sinar onos En'kilah. Tortured extensively, the Lich was forced to yield the location of his phylactery. With this knowledge, he was slain, and the repository of his soul was promptly destroyed, ending him.

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