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A woman of the Northlands, stern, and aggressive looking. Zaria's appearance was the pinnacle of northern strength in presentation along. Her outward appearance makes her look more like a Vrykul or Alteraci warlord of Igenaus' clan, than a noblewoman of Alteraci antiquity. Her look screamed ferocity.

Zaria's blonde locks were buzzed down on both sides, and braids are twisted into her hair and pulled back on either side. The sides are shaven down to expose whatever intricate warpaint she chose to don that day - usually in some sort of angular patterns that encompass her face, and shadow her eyes. She looked perturbed in perpetuity, a sneer was present on her lips. Her brow was always lowered, and her olive green eyes and softer features were the only real hints at her femininity. Sometimes a smile might curl on her lips, but they tend to look insidious.

She was built like a northern woman, strong and hearty. A muscular form that was dashed with tattoos of all sorts was hidden beneath her clothes, but the trunk-like thighs and strong torso made for an imposing presence. She was clearly rather athletic, and beneath the armor along with the tattoos and primal marks were the ridges of sculpted muscle which were in relative abundance.




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A testament to the craftsmanship of Sir Shindo, Blackmoore's go-to set is an opulent set of steel plate armor. The design of the set is heavily inspired by the ritual armor worn by the Vrykul during burial ceremonies.

The full set of armor consists of brown and gold colored metals. The pauldrons bare the faintest resemblance to wings, sharp, and angular in design, and are encrusted with simple, rounded red gems. The pauldrons are strapped with heavy leather around the sleeves of a scale-mail cuirass.

The red gems, along with the gold trim accents continue throughout the armor. The angular winged look of the shoulders is paid homage through the forearms of the gauntlets, and the knee-pads of the boots as well. The armor hugs tight around the Matriarch's form, and the thicker leg plates at her thighs are are embellished with more gold trim, and cover up the layer of brown scale-mail that serves as the second layer beneath her plate.

The helmet of this set looked partially like a mix between a Val'kyr crown, and a footman's helmet. The helmet was slotted so she could see, and red glowing irises shined when she channeled the Light. She is, at present, in search of a true Val'kyr crown to complete this set.

She is often found wearing this set with her Citrine Eagle tabard, or a Stormpike tabard.

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The classic Zaria Blackmoore, her original set of armor which was gifted to her by her knight, Ballinda Dayglow. The set of armor in question screams 'Alteraci Patriotism' simply because it resembles the look of a literal Citrine Eagle. The helmet is carved to look like an Eagles, beak and all, and the grown of the helmet bares a rounded citrine gem. Only her mouth could be seen when she wore this helmet.

The citrine gems could be found throughout the clay-colored set of armor. The pauldrons both held ones of their own that radiated power, and the plate that adorned them was scaled and ribbed. The armor itself was terribly ornate, gems were encrusted within the forearm of each gauntlet, as well as the thigh plates that strapped around the greaves.

The set of armor had plenty of layers of plate over important parts of the body, but the sleeves of the set were made of thick, padded cloth that rested over a very simple mail cuirass. Otherwise, everything about this set was opulent, ornamental, and patriotic. Much of the set is in a state of disrepair. Portions of the plates are chipped, the straps that tie to the harness are worn, and the scars of war brandish this set of armor heavily.

These days, she only wears this set for ceremony, or to revel in bygone times. She will only ever wear this set with a Citrine Eagle tabard, since it is the Citrine Eagle armor.





A weapon crafted by Tyrvarryn Shadowmist, Ljós'bera (Lightbearer) is a runeblade crafted in the image of the blade of a fallen Death Knight, Bonveron, after his purified runeblade was used to absorb the corruption from a Vrykul seer who aided the Citrine Eagle in Stormheim.

Lightbearer possesses many of the same characteristics as the old runeblade, but is made with leystone that can absorb energy from nearby ley lines to empower the runes that are etched into either side of the flat of the blade. When their names are called, the runes on the sword can be empowered to serve different purposes.

Lightbearer possesses a rune of life, fire, shielding, frost, and storm. The blade also possesses a personality of its own, quite like Zaria's.



The Matriarch's first true weapon of war, Echo, the Rumbling Storm was gifted to Zaria during her knighting as her ceremonial weapon by Ballinda Dayglow. The weapon is a pike that is able to conjure the rumble of storms when the Light empowers it. When it strikes a foe, the metal resonates in a reverberating echo - quite like a tuning fork.

The haft of the weapon is roughly the height of the Matriarch, and is wrapped in a burgundy linen. The butt of the weapon is spiked, and holds a simple tassel that shows the crest of the Citrine Eagle.

The head of the pike resembles a bladed trident. There are three prongs to the weapon, and the largest one is bladed to serve as a cutting axe.



The Libram of the Valorous is Zaria's primary holy text, empowered by her throughout her years as a Knight of the Silver Hand in order to serve as a focus to summon her Guardian of the Ancient Kings. While Zaria was not able to summon her own Guardian, Svipul served as a satisfactory supplement. Svipul, the Val'kyr-like figure, lives within the Libram when not called upon.

The libram is a heavy tome that is bound by leather and embellished with both a gilded Symbol of Kings, and a Symbol of Wisdom that are placed into settings on either cover of the libram. Various runes are embossed into the cover, mainly runes of Light.

The spine of the book is reinforced with the same truesilver that serves as the settings for the gilded Paladin symbols on the libram. Every-so-often, the libram rumbles with holy energy when Svipul wishes to exit the libram.


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The call of the Val'kyr has influenced Zaria Blackmoore heavily. With an obsession with seraphs, Blackmoore has gone from a quirky, kind Paladin of the Holy Light, to a headstrong patron of the Watcher Eyir. Her style of leadership beckons valor, glory and honor above all; and the embrace of the fevered pitch of battle if a call she is all too ready to take - something she adopted from both the barbaric Alteraci of old, and the Valkyra shield-maidens.

As she seeks out glory with the Citrine Eagle in the Alterac Mountains, her ambitions have framed her a conquest-driven leader who inspires their people with promises of glory, and a better life through devoted service in a mission to further the Holy Light's cause. She values the loyalty and trust of her people above any others, as the Alteraci are her own people. She protects the people of Alterac with frenzied devotion, and her desire to see her people flourish has branded her not only a firebrand, but a charismatic leader.

In spite of this, she has a penchant for being indifferent to other's woes; and tends to offer advice or inspiration to conquer challenges - rather than raw sympathy. Her better half, Svipul, tends to offer sympathies and simple kindnesses to people on behalf of the Matriarch.

Svipul is one of the few things that can soften the Matriarch's resolve aside from children, hounds, and her family.



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This is a synopsis of recent history. For more, check out the Extended History.

The life of a Templar, a turbulent task, to surrender all worldly goods and desires in pursuit of the Light’s power; to protect the innocent, and inspire hope in the people. Zaria Blackmoore began her journey of power through her astronomic rise of influence when she took control of Alliance forces in the Alterac Mountains as Matriarch of the Citrine Eagle. Since then, her personal ambitions in pursuit of power to protect the people she has sworn her life to took a turn for the stranger. The desire to be a strong leader for her people drove her into quests of power to embolden her from her originally chipper, charismatic nature.

Her quest for the Light’s unadulterated power began with a devoted fascination in the legends of the Guardians of the Ancient Kings, great beings of power that could be called down by the Light’s chosen to aid in battle and protect others in the Light’s name. The biting desires of power, drove the ambition to amass enough raw holy energy to entice one of these beings into her control. Worldly fortune was expended in her quest to seek out knowledge on these beings, ancient and prestigious as she pursued items of great power to bring into her clutch to amass into a worthy focus to summon one of these beings, all meant to be channeled into her libram.

Over the course of three long years, Zaria took numerous names into far off places to pursue her ambitions. From one of her own fallen Death Knights, a runeblade was willed into her possession, and brought to Stratholme to purify upon a forge of truesilver and quenched with potent holy waters to infuse it with enough raw energy for a ritual. From Pandaria, spirit dust cultivated from an enchanted weapon of minor legend that was found deep within the mines of the Jade Forest. From Light’s Hope Chapel, Blackmoore gathered two gilded icons, a Sigil of Kings, and Sigil of Wisdom doled to her from an old friend from the Argent Crusade. That, and the completion of the battle prayers in her hand-written libram prompted her to be ready to bind these items and their power into her focus, just before the Legion arrived on Azeroth again.

But the Legion’s invasion was abrupt, and disrupted the path she set herself on in search of a catalyst for her ritual, and a place of purity as the Citrine Eagle sailed to the Isles to fight with the Alliance in Stormheim, and make allies of the Vrykul. This new pursuit however, did not disrupt her now-venerable quest. The Citrine Eagle, and Zaria, were able to forge a strong bond with the Valkyra of Skold Ashil in their mutual quest to oust the Kvaldir from Stormheim.

For their service to the Valkyra, the Eagles were awarded mounts, weapons, alliances; but for the Matriarch, she was granted an item, and an opportunity she would not decline. A focus orb, rife with holy energy that was meant to be a defense mechanism for Skold Ashil, and an opportunity to venture into the Vault of Eyir while the Watcher was not present. In her grasp now was her place of purity, and the catalyst for her ritual. She pursued this ritual, and her visit quietly in the dead of night; to bind her libram with a long time confidant. The ritual itself saw the binding of the libram done, merged with the holy essence of the weapon, the sigils, holy waters from Stratholme, the spirit dust, and the catalyst — all brought together in place of great reverence to the Valkyra.

The ritual completed, and the Matriarch’s libram bound, the Templar tried to summon her guardian for the first time, and nothing happened.

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The rest of the expedition through Stormheim was wrought with ruin, and defeat. In their quarrel with one of Helya’s chosen, Blackmoore, and several of her own were cast into the depths of Helheim, a fate for most, was eternal. The pinnacle of penance for her long term hubris, Zaria Blackmoore was cast into the Eternal Battlefield.

Battle. The eternal turbulence of war was a curse for only the damned, and Blackmoore triumphed within the battlefield as she cut enemies low, the endless tide of brine-laden beasts was something she found invigorating, in spite of her new place among the damned. A new reaper on the battlefield, Zaria cut her way towards a rare sight, a Val’kyr, bleak and grey, the fallen Val’kyr wept within the center of the battlefield in woe of her hubris. The Val’kyr’s body was near broken, and severed with cracks as she cried, laden with regret that she strayed from Eyir’s Light, and cast lots with Helya. The pair fought well together, and formed an alliance to escape together.


In the midst of battle, the Matriarch defended, and befriended this fallen Val’kyr. And with the promise that Zaria would free the Val’kyr from the eternal battlefield and purify her soul that she might move on, the Val’kyr offered her essence to the Matriarch as a bold offer of gratitude, hinging on the idea that it was impossible.

The endless battle was taxing, but the Eagles had arrived to accompany their Matriarch, and come to her rescue as they were assigned a task to be free of the place. Kill a great behemoth of burden within the Eternal Battlefield, to be lifted up back into the mortal plane. Together, the Eagles and their new ally conquered the undead behemoth within the battlefield, and were all lifted up, back to the mortal plane.

Upon arrival back to the mortal plane, the Val’kyr promise needed to be fulfilled. Together, the pair arrived at Skold Ashil to purify the seraph’s spirit to release her from Helya’s bonds. With her new, powerful focus in-hand, the Matriarch drew the darkness of death from the Val’kyr, and as her body fell apart, the purified essence of the being was drawn into her Libram. The pair were not only bound by their bond now, but bound by soul; and the essence of the fallen Val’kyr Svipul was now manifested, and connected to her that she could call upon… and bind to… at her whim.


It was not until a great battle against the Kvaldir that the power from her libram was made manifest. In the heat of the fight, Zaria called upon the Light to bless them in battle. Rather, the book surged open, and a small, angelic figure spawned from within it. The small angel reaped havoc to the Kvaldr, and scorched their beings to turn the tide. This was Zaria Blackmoore’s guardian. This was Svipul. Three years of effort and sacrifice for power made manifest in a small form.

Svipul had a great influence on the Matriarch. Bound together by essence and ritual, the traits of what she called her “Little Light” were made manifest on the Matriarch in a bid of empathy for the faux Val’kyr.

In their final days within Stormheim, the influence of Svipul’s purified essence started to influence the Matriarch’s behavior. Once chipper and kind, Zaria’s determination and resolve increased, and her yearning for glory raised a thousandfold. In her final journey in Stormheim, she uncovered and read the Saga of the Valarjar, one of the only texts that mentions her people in any positive light. The Alteraci, and their chieftain Ignaeus who spread war and destruction in their wake. This was now her legacy to emulate with her people. The devotion to glory, war, and valor linked between her people, and Svipul’s influence.

Since their departure from Stormheim; war, glory, valor and honor have been the testament the Matriarch preaches to the people of Alterac. She yearned to spread the message of great ambition to the motley settlers of the mountains with a new image, and a new drive. And, while the valor and fury of the Matriarch is something to be regaled, it has not come without justified scrutiny of aggression, bull-headedness and bluntness.

But when war came to Alterac, her leadership triumphed. Her bold new ambitions of conquest and inspiration aided in the defense of the scraps of territory held by the Citrine Eagle, and the Stormpike Guard in Alterac, and the formation of a coalition between Eagles and Stormpikes prompted her ascension to the rank of Marshal among the Alliance. And with the call of honor among her warriors of Light, the Order of Hath’s Stand was recovered from near-destruction to be reformed under Eagle banners to herald fallen champions of the Light.

Since her ascension, she has led battles and victories in Alterac, Hillsbrad, Zandalar, and Uldum in a bid to show the prowess of her people, and to herald them as her chosen warriors to herald as champions.



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