Zaria R. Blackmoore
Marshal Blackmoore at the onset of the Blood War.


IconSmall Human Female-0 Human
Alteraci - Lordaeronian


15 December, 9 L.C.; (Age 30)
Strahnbrad, Alterac


Stormtalon Marshal
Duchess of Talongrab
Citrine Eagle Matriarch
Knight of the Silver Hand
Master of the Hillsbrad Confederacy


Alterac Guild Banner1 The Citrine Eagle
Stormpike Stormpike Clan
Stormtalonicon Stormtalon Confederation
Hsicon Order of Hath's Stand
Icewing Icewing Legion
Aaicon Aerie Association


Deborah Reneigh (Mother) †
Avirin Blackmoore (Sister)
Matthew Blackmoore (Father) †
Wilhelm Malphur (Nephew)

Extended Family


Alverdo Blackmoore (Cousin)
Daerius Blackmoore (Cousin)
Aurelia Blackmoore (Cousin)
Emerson Blackmoore (Grandfather) †
Mary Blackmoore (Grandmother)
Chester (Dog)


Kaldea Crystalrose (Cousin)
Jolaini Reneigh (Cousin)
Reginald Reneigh (Grandfather) †
Louise L. Reneigh (Grandmother) † Benwell Reneigh (Uncle)
Devon A. Reneigh (Uncle) †
Sheldon Reneigh (Uncle) †
Jethro Reneigh (Uncle) †


An'lyen Rosefeather (Blood Sister)
Shindo Malphur (Blood Brother)

Coat of Arms

House Blackmoore Heraldry


Holy Light
Church of the Holy Light


Military Service


Grand Alliance Icon Grand Alliance


Grand Alliance Army Icon Grand Alliance Army
Stormtalonicon Stormtalon Confederation

Years of Service

30 L.C. - 31 L.C. (Argent Crusade)
31 L.C. - 35 L.C. (Grand Alliance)
35 L.C. - Present (Citrine Eagle)

Commands Held

Knight of the Argent Crusade
Knight-Lieutenant of Stormwind
Military Governor of the Alterac Territories
Stormtalon Marshal
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Medallion Medallion of the Alliance
RedCross Alliance Royal Red Cross
DistinguishedService Distinguished Service Cross
ServiceCross King's Cross
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Zaria Reneigh Blackmoore (Born Zaria Perrington Reneigh, 15 December, 9 L.C.) is the current Matriarch of the Order of the Citrine Eagle, Marshal of the Stormtalon Confederation, and Military Governor of Alliance occupied territories in the defunct Kingdom of Alterac. With a well-versed military background, and as the inheritor to the lands of Talongrab, Blackmoore has found notable success in her endeavors to rekindle the Alteraci spirit within those of her retinue. As a loyal supporter of the Grand Alliance, Blackmoore is best known for her service in campaigns such as the Siege of Orgrimmar, and the Conflict in Alterac Valley.

Born to Deborah Reneigh and Matthew Blackmoore during the fall of the Kingdom of Alterac, Blackmoore's life was defined by the downfall of the Kingdom. With her family having fled the Kingdom during her childhood, they took the long journey to Stormwind to fund a better life. Raised far away from her people, her mother ensured she did not lose a sense of her Alteraci heritage. Being raised in a regimented household, Blackmoore and her sister learned the ways of the Holy Light early on. She trained under Ballinda Dayglow in her teenage years in the ways of the Silver Hand, and joined the Argent Crusade shortly after she was knighted.

Blackmoore first saw combat in the Argent Crusade during the War against the Lich King in Northrend in the Zul'Drak and Icecrown theaters. Having joined the newly formed Crusade early-on, she enlisted as a medic and found herself in command of a small retinue of clerics to direct in field triage. She later served as a Peacekeeper during the Argent Tournament, and later a forward guard in front of the gates of Icecrown Citadel.

With a military career that began within the ranks of the Argent Crusade, Blackmoore soon departed from the neutral order to serve alongside her fellow humans within the Stormwind Army during the battle for Andorhal. Since then, Lady Blackmoore has earned numerous accolades for her service to the Grand Alliance, and the Kingdom of Stormwind for diligent medical work in conflicts like the Siege of Orgrimmar.

Having stepped down from her military career early on after the Siege of Orgrimmar, Blackmoore sought out new means to aid the Alliance in their work by venturing out to the Alterac Mountains; originally to aid in the establishment of a holy order that expanded into the Citrine Eagle. After a political upheaval in the region, the Citrine Eagle became an autonomous, and powerful force for change within Alterac.

With her goals focused upon the Alterac Mountains and the ruined Kingdom of Alterac, Lady Blackmoore has encountered relative success with the restoration and revitalization of the Talongrab. Along with the Citrine Eagle, Zaria had managed to repopulate and reinforce a key area in the ruins of Talongrab City known as Talongrab Keep. Quickly gaining influence in their domain by participating in many conflicts against the Horde, she and the Citrine Eagle have gained great favor with the Stormpike Clan, and have formed a military compact known as the Stormtalon Confederation for mutual aid in the Alterac Mountains.


54337 PerringtonP

Throughout the ongoing wars of Azeroth, Zaria developed into a skilled fighter, and effective tactician. While she is young compared to some of the more seasoned commanders of the Alliance, Zaria is quick to pursue her ambitions in order to further personal goals, and those of her unit. As a Paladin in favor of the path of the Holy Light, Zaria uses her faith as a divine call to conquer the untamed reaches of the world in favor of her people — which has made her grow an ego she has continued to subdue in her public life.

Faith has influenced her life greatly as she was raised on the Holy Light’s teachings, and for that Zaria continues her own ventures in pursuit of greater power to help aid the meek and innocent. And in pursuit of greater power — she has found reverence for the Titan keeper Eyir to guide her hand down a valorous path that focuses heavily upon her personal strength and integrity. She looks to great warriors of old (such as Ignaeus) to reflect their ways in her own life and seeks out great warriors of the modern age to fight beside and against to strengthen herself. Her devotion to this view has made her far more aggressive in battle.

Zaria has an fascination with Val’kyr, and the Shadowlands. She views the Val’kyr as the pinnacle of an accomplishment she hopes to someday achieve.

More than anything, she is a protector. She has taken her oath as a Paladin to heart, and continues to serve in the interest of the innocents, and those who cannot fight for themselves. Enriching the lives of others so they can thrive in the most inhospitable places has been a goal of Zaria's for years. Her continued efforts to fund pioneering ventures to Alterac have led to communities forming nestled deep within the Mountains.

She is tempered, and seldom acts on impulse. Her decisions and actions are calculated in order to better gain an advantage on her opponents. Additionally, with an eye for detail, she finds ways to exploit the weaknesses of others in order to unseat adversaries. Zaria values reason over all in her actions and words. And while she is an impassioned leader, her emotions are subdued in order to oversee a favorable end to her goals; which makes her appear cold to others. She is a skilled speaker. Her way of phrasing statements exceptionally well has helped in conflict resolution and arbitration, as well as gaining favor in diplomatic endeavors.

Her family and friends are second to her responsibilities and ambitions, even if she often denies related accusations. She assumes that her friends and family members have the same personal fortitude as her, and is not quick to comfort someone and jump to their aid unless it is at a time where her role as a leader is not integral, or if she sees them as truly in need. Her emphasis on personal responsibility and fortitude extend to her political views. Her views and method of governing lean on conservative practices with limited interference from herself or a ruling body.

In spite of her ways, she is still able to make split decisions when needed. And her speaking skills make her a charismatic and inspiring figure when allowed to openly express her views and ambitions. She is also much more warm and kind to children when she encounters them.

Early Life WC3RoC logo 16x32

Zaria Blackmoore was born to Matthew Blackmoore, a peer of the Kingdom of Lordaeron; and Deborah Reneigh, a peer of the Kingdom of Alterac. She is the twin sister of Avirin Blackmoore. Born to the newly-wed couple, the beginning of Zaria's life was in the Alterac Mountains during the Second War. While her father was born of the House of Blackmoore of Lordaeron, he was one of the youngest sons, and lacked meaningful claim to head of the house. Having married into a minor Alteraci house, Deborah and Matthew were in line to take helm of their household; as Deborah's brothers had all ventured off away from family duties, or fled Alterac for various reasons.

During the Second War, Matthew did not join in fighting. As a man not among his own, and with no army to fight with, he took to helping fund medical aid for soldiers who would find their way to Alterac, and Deborah would do the same. But, the treachery of Aiden Perenolde led the Kingdom of Alterac to its downfall by the end of the war. As the royal line consorted with the Orcish Horde, the family remained ignorant until the forces of Stromgarde and the Order of the Silver Hand marched upon the Kingdom.

Zaria was young at the time the Kingdom of Alterac fell to ruin. But, her immediate family fled north into Lordaeron to reconnect with Matthew's family in Pineridge. The fate of the rest of the House of Reneigh was therefore put into question. Their home was torched, along with the lands under their purview as they left while Alterac was laid to ruin.

For a brief time, Zaria, Avirin, and the rest of their little family stayed in Pineridge with the rest of the Blackmoore family. While relieved an extension of their family line was safe, Emerson Blackmoore (then Lord of House Blackmoore) was quick to ridicule his son Matthew, who left the family without warning to pursue his own fate in Alterac. Feeling unwelcome, and hoping to make names for themselves elsewhere, Matthew, Deborah and their two children began a long venture south to Stormwind City.

While on the ferry headed towards Menethil Harbor from Southshore, the young Zaria and her family had met a few members of old houses of Alterac, fleeing for similar reasons and the call of new opportunities. While many were ashamed of what their ruler had done, the sentiments of national pride rung deep within the group of the ship. It was Zaria's first experience of sentiment in something greater than herself. A love of Alterac; something she could potentially never see again.

The family arrived in Stormwind City with a small caravan, and from there started a new life for themselves. In the scramble to make enough coin to support being housed in the rebuilding city, Emerson began to work among the magnates selling stone to the Stonemason's Guild renovating the city, and Deborah started to venture into her own business of baking for the locals. It was at this ripe young age that Zaria had become accustomed and passionate about her mother's new trade; and she grew to be quite well-fed because of it.

The ambitions of Zaria's parents had allowed them a comfortable life in the city. Their family accumulated a fair amount of wealth in a short amount of time that allowed for Zaria and Avirin to be tutored at home. The girls had plenty of free time, and were at best very rambunctious. Their close connection to one-another would be short lived, however.

Matthew had quickly become apart of the magnate class that helped their family get back on their feet in their new lives; and because of this, he was set on preening his girls for marriage to attain, or maintain, further wealth. The two free-spirited girls were set into new roles; being prepped for marriage later on in life. But, Zaria and her sister being the rebellious pair were quick to rebuke the efforts to integrate them into formal or polite society; and an incident with a local gnome had set the pair up for hash discipline into their teenage years. Both were sent to the Cathedral of Light each day to learn about respect, and the teachings of the Light; and their lives became much more oriented towards helping the family, personal discipline, and learning. Zaria quickly conformed and showed prowess in more physical endeavors, while Avirin rebelled by rejecting the holy scriptures she seemed quite accustomed to understanding with relative ease.


Growing up as a teenager in Stormwind, Zaria and her sister Avirin became more sheltered by their parents after the Stonemason Riots. And while Zaria learned practical skills at home, her family began to preen her in housekeeping and home maintenance; as Matthew still wished to eventually marry her off. However, Zaria's interests had always been fixated upon warriors and soldiers who marched off into the forests to protect the locals, and the sellswords who stopped by Deborah Reneigh's business with tales of great feats and exploits.

Her desire to elevate herself to such a state she could fight mostly stemmed from her inability to execute many of the tasks required of a warrior. She was pampered by her mother, afflicted with back pains, and was quite rotund for a girl her age. But the time of her fifteenth birthday, Zaria would be granted the Blackmoore family armor; which only two existed. One for a man, and another for a woman. Zaria was by all means, the most viable heir to the coveted female-fitted armor. Her sister of course, received a holy sigil. Avirin, feeling neglected and having grown distant from the family thought it best to depart the same night, leaving Zaria alone with the family to collectively brood.

The state of the household grew dire as the Blackmoore's turned to constant fighting to cope with the disappearance of Avirin. The inability to help the situation left Zaria trying to turn to the Light; and in a venture to the Cathedral found no answers there for her. Lost, she left the family home in Old Town in the same manner as Avirin had sometime before, and made her way to Ironforge.

Zaria however had been sighted by one of the Cathedral's visitors that day, Ballinda Dayglow; who followed her from Stormwind, and through the Deeprun Tram. Unable to find purpose away from her home, or in it, Zaria made her way up the Ironforge mountain, and attempted to leap from a cliff that overhung the mountain. The elven Paladin who had followed her, intervened before Zaria could fully fall off the cliff edge; and effectively saved her life.

The irate Ballinda took Zaria in, and dragged her away from the mountain. The Paladin promptly took Zaria back to her parents the next morning, and told them that she had run off for the night. But Ballinda proceeded to connect better with the family thereafter, and quietly looked after Zaria. The pair became "friends" as much as Dame Ballinda would allow. As a means to keep Zaria in-line, Ballinda offered to take Zaria in as her Squire. Deborah and Matthew both accepted the offer, expecting Zaria to ease into it well.

Ballinda Dayglow

Ballinda Dayglow

With Lordaeron's fall there was little left in terms of the traditional Silver Hand. Ballinda, having been a refugee of Silvermoon, and the Silver Hand, worked hard to instill the proper values and virtue in Zaria. Her frustrations were easily incited, however; and her training was quite harsh. Zaria endured what was from her perspective, grueling training. But the stern discipline of Ballinda forged Zaria into a better person. She grew stronger, and was under Ballinda's tutelage for nearly five years.

In her time with Ballinda, Zaria was immersed in the deeper culture of the warriors of the Light. She ventured out with her Knight for long expeditions into the Burning Steppes and Redridge to combat the Dragonmaw Clan Orcs that still roamed the area. Her failures were met with the repercussions of loss, but she served dutifully until Ballinda deemed her ready to go out on her own, and teach others the way of the Light.

In her final pilgrimage, Zaria walked in a venture from the Cathedral of Light, and made her way north to Light's Hope Chapel. In her venture, she dealt with the trials and tribulations that come from surviving with minimal means for months on-end; and making way to Light's Hope Chapel was a perilous task. In her ventures she lived as a vagrant might, while doing as she could to help others along the way.

Blackmoore arrived at Light's Hope dirty and tired, but determined. Ballinda had been awaiting her there, and was prepared to coordinate her knighting. Zaria was declared a Knight of the Silver Hand in Light's Hope Chapel. Ballinda granted her weapon, Echo, a pike. While not a traditional weapon, Zaria kept it by her side wherever she went thereafter. She remained in Light's Hope for a time, but then returned to Stormwind City to help the locals spread the word of the Light as the Burning Crusade and the assault on the Sunwell came to a close.

Argent Crusade Wrath-Logo-Small-0

Screenshot 195

Then-Peacekeeper Blackmoore in her Argent Crusade armor, normally equipped with an Argent lance.

For a few short years, Zaria served within the boundaries of the Cathedral Square, helping the destitute and needy find a safe haven within its walls. Her service in the Cathedral of Light found her keeping the district safe and free of cutpurses. But, as the Scourge made their efforts to conquer the world and armies gathered to combat the Lich King, Zaria was quick to attempt to enlist in a new calling away from the walls of Stormwind. The Argent Crusade was the new, hot fighting force for the "morally elevated"; and as a Knight of the Silver Hand, Zaria's enlistment into the fold found her a higher echelon.

Among the first to be sent to Zul'Drak, Zaria found herself among a deployment group sent to secure the Argent Stand; and later on ventured towards a few of the Altars within the area. Her first experiences with combat found her exhilarated at the prospect of combating the forces of death. She took command of a few varied groups in her time in the area; as most people were frequently re-assigned, or unable to placate the demands of the war. Zaria remained chipper however.

Making light of the fearsome continent, she quickly befriended others as she secured the Stand with others; and her favor and influence found her to be recruited for the Argent Peacekeeping force that would patrol the Argent Tournament Grounds as the games were conducted. In the meantime during the lull in action; Zaria had received word that her Mother had died in her absence. In her mother's name while off-duty, she began to sell confections at her own stall around the Tournament grounds.

Later on as the heroes of the Alliance and Horde began to storm Icecrown Citadel, Zaria was appointed command over a few soldiers that sat outside of the entrance to the Citadel, meant to hold off Scourge forces that tried to enter and flank the forces.

The Cataclysm Cataclysm-Logo-Small

Screenshot 196

Then-Knight-Lt. Blackmoore in her raiders attire prior to her injuries in the siege of Wrymrest Temple.

After the war against the Lich King, Zaria was deployed back to the Western Plaguelands to Hearthglen to begin assisting the Argent Crusade and the Cenarion Druids in restoring the area to former glory. She had the privilege of seeing this come to pass, even noting they managed to purify the waters and restore the area of Uther's Tomb. She took great pride in this for a time, all until the Alliance-Horde war came to Andorhal.

Blackmoore heard of all the atrocities committed in the rebuilding town, and noted farmers from the Alliance were returning only to be either plagued or slaughtered by the Forsaken. This outraged Zaria, and led her to grow a distaste for the Argent Crusades inaction to the situation. This called for her departure, and re-entry into the Grand Alliance.

Upon her return, Zaria had the opportunity to see the world once again, however, after a slew of formal military training and retraining, Zaria was picked up by an "elite" squad of troops, and their leader, Sid, a Night Elf Druid, along with his crew of butt kickers. This group was known as the Nightstalkers. For most of the time, they all successfully fought against the Horde on the battlefield, and Zaria managed to earn several trophies and honors for her efforts, and a position as Knight-Lieutenant.

She met a lot of interesting people along the way. An assassin with a fixation for all things cheese, a cocky paladin who claimed himself to be unbeatable, and a druid woman whose hair was abnormally greasy.

However, this would all lead them to the siege of Wrymrest Temple, a place Zaria would aid in reclaiming the nearly felled temple while assisting the offensive against the stone giant Morchok and Kohcrom as someone on the front lines with a sword and shield, taking a good brunt of the hits. With their fall, she was put into combat with a Twilight Drake, alone, while her group had stayed behind due to an attack by some elementals provoked by a rogue named Argorock. She was crushed underfoot by the beast, breaking multiple bones and being dispatched from active duty for the rest of the campaign, as well as the Pandaria front.[1]

Pandaria Mists-Logo-Small

Screenshot 197

Then-Cleric Blackmoore in her standard issue militants attire during the Siege of Orgrimmar.

The venture to Pandaria was quite eventful for the Matriarch, even though she was forced to sit out on the Alliance's pay, and sent into a long vacation for her healing burns and crushed hips, she managed to venture out and explore the lands on her own. Meeting the locals of the Valley of the Four Winds, venturing through the Krasarang Wilds and stumbling upon a Tauren camp, where she quickly befriended them, and learned how to speak Taurahe to a moderate degree.

Along her trips across the various lands of the mystical and mysterious Pandaria, Zaria had come along an old friend, Miss Val'kirn would become a shining star in her life once more, and once again, the two would get to share a long bout of bonding in a cold region of the world, the two seemingly having a natural affinity to mountainous regions. They explored the summit together, and even had their first taste of Kafa together. Through their adventures the stumbled upon quite a good deal. Though, there was something missing, the one thing to make the trip worth it. A visit to the Temple of the White Tiger to regale the great Xuen, of course. There, a show of strength was needed to remain, and strength in unity they showed to the monks of the temple. Zaria had proved herself, and it seemed as if her wounds would no longer hinder her. And with this, her final adventure in Pandaria was complete, all until the Siege..

Upon the Siege of Orgrimmar, Zaria was fit enough to fight once more. Although she had considerable trouble because of the lack of spacing between the joints of her hips, she was able to offer the Alliance aid in the form of healing, once again alongside her compatriots of the Nightstalkers, she and her team were well and able to enter the city, but not without great costs. She was constantly sent to the back lines, the only one strong enough to drag the wounded and dying back outside to the medical tents. Thankfully a Tauren Druid by the name of Perrington was able to take her place on the battlefield, or supplement for her healing prowess in her absence. She had also met this druid during her ventures in the Krasarang Wilds, and became quite fond of him.

However, the strenuous activity of constantly dragging those unable to move back and forth took a great toll on former wounds. After the Siege of Orgrimmar, she was discharged honorably from the Grand Alliance Medical Society and Military. Having a reputable past, she earned various accolades for her service, and is now a veteran. But, she still seeks out ways to aid the Military indirectly, even funding her own force in support of the Grand Alliance.

Draenor Warlords-Logo-Small


Residing in the jungles of Tanaan with a few of her peers at the beginning of the invasion.

At the very beginning of the War against the Iron Horde, Blackmoore was restricted access into Grand Alliance Military functions and operations due to her considerable injuries wrought during and after the Siege of Orgrimmar. However, her eagerness and willingness to hear a new call and the horns of war was quickly satisfied not a few months into the debacle. The Nightstalker's had long since moved on to become a more inclusive neutral mercenary group, and Zaria sought no part in having a stake with them after the departure of most of the original members.

Zaria was quick to hear the call of her motherlands, joining the City-State of Alterac to aid in the defense of her birth lands. As a Knight of the Silver Hand, she was more than welcome to join Alterac's Order of the Citrine Eagle, an order of Alteraci paladins that was previously under the leadership of Gandic Morthain. Upon becoming apart of the City-State, she strives to prove to her Alteraci kin that she was more than worthy of a more prominent role within the City-State.

However, even with her entry into the City-State, it was mostly just an excuse to have access into the lands of Draenor, always searching for new opportunities to aid in the war effort. Her time would come in this matter during the Grand Alliance Invasion of Tanaan after her ascension to Highlord of the Citrine Eagle.

Countess of Blackmoore

Soon after joining the City-State of Alterac, Dame Blackmoore began fraternizing with a Miss Myriany Harrow, who was set to be the future Duchess of Gavenstead, a Duchy in Eastern Lordaeron.

Their friendship was quickly forged and trust between the two, and Almar MacEntire, the Duke of Gavenstead, even with Alterac's tensions with the Duchy. The MacEntire's were more than generous with Dame Blackmoore, offering to aid her in the reclamation of the ancestral lands of the House of Reneigh, known as the County of Dallidale. After the reclamation of the lands between Alterac and Lordaeron, Blackmoore renamed the holdings the County of Blackmoore in a show of family pride.

This loyalty to the MacEntire's brought about mistrust to the Upper Echelon of the City-State, and the new Countess was left under scrutiny for some time.

Under rule the County of Blackmoore has seen great improvements, and is one of the major breadbaskets to the City-State of Alterac. As an area just above the Uplands, it was the most accessible focal point for the trade of grains and farmed goods.

Avirin's Return

Ten long years past, and the Blackmoore twins had drifted apart far too much, much to their regret and despair. Though, Avirin valiantly sought out her family once more at the age of twenty five, after a long career in the Grand Alliance military, a now decorated veteran. Though her return was not welcome by all, but, Zaria however was pleased, and quite ecstatic to see her sister yet again, never again did she need to despair over where her sister could be, because from the on, Avirin would be living in the confines of the Blackmoore Manor. Where, admittedly, Zaria would coddle her to no ends.

Their reunion quickly brought them to their father, who was rather irate with Avirin. But, in his beleaguered and drunken state was convinced to show compassion to his long lost daughter by Alverdo Blackmoore. Matthew, their father, then willingly accepted Avirin back into the family. Avirin now resides with Zaria in the confines of Blackmoore Manor.

Blood Oath


An'lyen Rosefeather - Art by Neiyrah

Zaria, in her time serving under Alterac had come across many interesting characters. From the richest of nobles, the the most crass (although endearing) of corsairs. This one would be the latter. An'lyen Rosefeather, Captain of the Iron Wolf, and a mercenary of the Blackbird Company had found way to Strahnbrad along with the mercenary company that had harbored her to warn the Alteraci of the looming threat of what is now understood to be the Argus Wake.

Though this brought about some issue, and a contracting of the Blackbird Company, there was one among them not so prim and proper for this gathering. An'lyen, a half elf of Kul Tiras blood so kindly had tossed a tauren horn onto the dinner table as the representatives were eating, much to the distaste of everyone; aside from Zaria, who found the mannerisms quite endearing. It was the start of a fast friendship, one which would long last.

Through thick and thin the pair has stuck by each other, as Zaria and An'lyen were tasked with the long, uphill battle of finding An'lyen a lover. Of course, through multiple efforts, some heartbreak on the side of the half elf, and a wolf pup, An'lyen had finally found love with Zaria's twin sister, Avirin Q. Reneigh. Through their happy bond they have remained a pair for months.

With this occurrence, the pair sought to solidify their bond of friendship in blood and sisterhood. Zaria, being apprehensive at the idea at first soon cast aside her doubts, and swore a blood oath to An'lyen. The two were then considered sisters by blood oath.

A Highlord Rises


Zaria and her father, Matthew Blackmoore, pose of a self picture in celebration of the day Zaria became Matriarch of the Citrine Eagle.

Countess Blackmoore had been a prominent part of the Order of the Citrine Eagle ever since her joining. But as time moved on, the once reliable Highlord Gandic Morthain began to shirk his duties and become distant from the order. She found that he was off far too busy having relations with his lover Jennifer Lioncrest, and was allowing the great order of Alteraci paladins to come to ruin under his command. In a decision by Kormed Wolfheart, Gandic was stripped of the title of Highlord, and the order went without a leader. With this news and without his title, Gandic Morthain chose to run off into the Alterac Mountains with his lover, irate with his loss of power.

Even with the distrust of the Countess in the City-State of Alterac, Kaiser Wolfheart had granted her the opportunity to lead the Order in a new beginning, claiming that the light shined upon her, and would bless her in her endeavors under the Order of the Citrine Eagle.

Under her control, the Order itself has been re-oriented in favor of forming into a official chapter of the Order of the Silver Hand, under the Arch-chapter of Stormwind. This has offered the new Silver Hand Chapter the opportunity to participate in a continent spanning council known as The Court of Uther, and, the Chapter has been thriving.[2]

The "War" on Gavenstead

The tensions between the City-State of Alterac and the Duke of Gavenstead, Almar MacEntire eventually came to an impasse once Blackmoore was dubbed Matriarch of the Citrine Eagle. Many attempts at peace and diplomacy were quickly overshadowed by the innate hatred Kormed Wolfheart felt for those of Lordaeron birth. While Lord MacEntire sought peace with the pretender king, the pretender would have none of it. War was on the horizon, and there was only two - one from each side, who could really tip the balance in ending hostilities between the factions. One of these people being Blackmoore, and her counterpart Sindorel Felclar II.

Together, these two would take on all they could to help create peace between the two competing factions. Their work with one another questioned by most, and near kept secret from the factions. Although, this nearly seemed hopeless, as both the Duke of Alterac, as well as Gavenstead were stubborn, and staunchly refused to work with one another. Though pride and nationalism took them both long enough for Gavenstead to fall to a massive wave of scourge (for some reason).

WoWScrnShot 053015 145809

Sindorel Felclar II (Left); Zaria Blackmoore (Center); An'lyen Rosefeather (Right)

It was with this that, a sad peace could be maintained, as the factions of Gavenstead were warring with one another, and it was by the blessings of Lord Felclar that Gavenstead was purged and purified. Though, there were looming threats in the Lords own holdings.

A long lasting curse upon his family members, long trapped within another realm of vile creatures and dark intent; and they were coming to take over the world. This again brought the Lord to plea for the aid of various sects, but his pleas sadly had gone unheard. And his lands were doomed to be sacked by these mysterious and mythical creatures. Many had fallen, sadly. And the aid from Zaria would hopefully not go unaccepted.

Zaria, in an attempts to protect and save the legacy of the people of the Manse, offered the Lord the chance to move his people from the coast of the Swamp of Sorrows, into the walls of Blackmoore, where they would be protected should his house, and his lands fall. The offer was taken, and numerous individuals sought refuge within the walls of the County of Blackmoore.


As of recent, Countess Blackmoore has had her eyes set on lands north of her own, at the very end of the Thondroril River, in a valley deep within the northern mountains of Lordaeron. Astordale was once a proud farming nation, which like all provinces of Lordaeron fell to the Scourge. The former duchy had long since been populated by fleeing necromancers and thieves. This was the place where the massive waves of undead that conquered Gavenstead were created, the claiming of this lands was to ensure this threat would never come to pass again.

The Countess, with her own armies, a group of Alteraci volunteers, and the Stoneward Host all banded together in order to lay siege to the Duchies capital city of Hawkenforth, which was led to a swift victory. And thus, the Countess became the Duchess of Astordale on claim and conquer.

The Duchy of Astordale saw little to no success in re-population due to the focus on the Ousting of Kormed Wolfheart. As a result of this, the duchy is currently still in ruins and has yet to see rebuilding efforts. This is one of Blackmoore's less than talked about endeavors, and remains such due to her not wanting to take focus on it until the time comes where a proper reclamation can take place.

The Shade


The Shade

On a fateful day the Matriarch was swept away mysteriously by some entity known as the Shade, a being of pure shadow, dead set on the suffering and pain of his victims. Luckily for the Matriarch, the Citrine Eagle caught on quickly from some tips from the pair vying for her love at the time, both receiving letters of her capture. It was a rather quick rescue, as the Citrine Eagle along with Ithalin Belados, Alverdo Blackmoore, Losaine Morningray, An'lyen Rosefeather, and Chrisana Rilke went scouring the globe to find the Matriarch, ultimately finding her in Feralas as she suffered from some internal bleeding, which, was quickly healed by her sister, Avirin Q. Reneigh.

Though the Shade was defeated for now, it would soon return, as it manifested into the body of a new host. This time a farmer in the Hillsbrad Foothills where he would strike at the Grand Cleric Losaine Morningray, who nearly died from the attacks, if not for the near severe over-exertion of the Matriarchs power, leaving her weakened for a time.

There was a long grace period of peace, and all was well. All until the evil cackles and threats began to emanate through the minds of those involved yet again. Once again would the Shade return, and once again antagonize the Grand Cleric, stealing away her children. Luckily for the Grand Cleric, Calwen Kerringer so graciously offered herself in exchange for her children, being taken by the Shade, and once again, the search was on for one of Zaria's kin.

The group of Allse Kerringer, Aeristani Vintel, Zaria R. Blackmoore, and her sister Avirin Q. Reneigh found Calwen Kerringer in a bunker in the Storm Peaks. Where a magi would break the bonds that kept her chained to a dark altar of blood and gore and, shadow magic. With Calwen's freedom came her own transition into a shade, her body marred and scarred as the transition was sudden and quick. The being of pure light, now nothing more than a being of shadow. It would take some time for Calwen to ever be willing to make the change back, with the stealing away to the Timeless Isle by Donovan Glypheye, and then, stealing the Matriarch and Allse Kerringer to the same place.

The idea was simple, fount power into one body, where the light energy could be properly spilled into the new shade, and replace it with light energy. Both Allse and Donovan would have Zaria be this fount of power, providing her with the mana pool she needed to properly push the shadows out of Calwen, and, in a brilliant display, the light she wielded turned silver for a time. Her hair also turned white from the overload of mana temporarily bleaching her features.

An Abrupt Return

All was well in the Blackmoore family house, and aside from Chester vanishing from the home, all was quite wonderful and, happy. All until the day Allse Kerringer decided to inform Zaria as to what was happening. The Shade had returned, according to him, and it had been sending assassins Zaria's way at a consistent basis, ad he was stopping them in their tracks. Once again it was time to act, but where would you find something so hidden in the shadows? Well, it has to come to you.

In his usual fashion, the Shade took to harming those Zaria proclaimed to love, this time, Leah Beaumont. This time, the Shade had a different plan, because Leah was like a sponge to shadow or 'easily corruptible' as he taunted the Matriarch with over and over again as he forced Zaria's lover to attack her. All the while, putting up a defensive only harmed someone who the Shade had taken hostage, Allse's daughter, Whisper. Whisper had somehow succumb to the Holy magics Zaria used on Leah to get the Shade out of her, and became a being who constantly combated with herself. Half shadow, and half light. Or, half Zaria, as Whisper continued to assume.

The same night, Allse had come to Blackmoore Manor to tell Zaria that Whisper and Leona were both captured by the Shade, and they were all send to the Bloodmyst Isle, along with Lona Deruse to go find the children. They would both be found, and after a hard fought battle, Whisper would be saved, but Leona, Allse's younger daughter was possessed by the Shade as Zaria got a successful strike on the being.

Time had passed, and Allse's daughter began to train - now learning how to dabble in what was dubbed a 'necessary' balance of Light and Shadow magics. The Shade had overtaken a part of Whisper's body, and she now needed to learn how to utilize it. As Lora did this, Zaria and Allse chose to venture out to find Allse's daughter, Leona, the one who was possessed by the shade.

She was found in Shadowmoon Valley, sitting atop a moonstone and siphoning the powers from within it. This wa made to be the final stand, and it truly was a battle to remember. The Shade made certain to possess Leona outright, using her as a weapon against Allse and Zaria - but the two proved stalwart. Ultimately, the Shade and Leona were captured and bound by chains of Light. But, as Zaria tried exorcising the corruption from Leona's body, she began to fade away.

A leap of faith needed to be taken - kill the girl, and kill a great evil, or keep her alive with the corruption seeping into her? Well, sadly this story would have great sacrifice. As Zaria purged the Shade forevermore, the girl would vanish into nothingness. Leona was gone.

But, they had finally killed the shade that haunted them, and the Kerringer's, and Zaria were free to live their lives in potential safety. But Zaria will never forget the final words of the Shade.

Next time, I will just kill you.

–The Shade

Ousting of the Wolf

With the Matriarch a now prominent part of the City-State, and a significant force in making the Silver Hand Chapter of Alterac strong, it was time to aid the City-State in endeavors more related to Alteraci interests. Her and the Citrine Eagle making the fateful decision to aid Kormed Wolfheart in quelling the rebellion of Katelyn Wolfheart.

The beginning was slow, starting with a duel between the wolf versus the champion of Katelyn. But this is merely where it had begun. The Kaiser chose to march on the Barony of Wolf's Maw. the stronghold of the rebels forces where he ordered the murder of all within the barony, women and children included, defending the order by claiming "Eggs produce spawn." And so it had begun, the Citrine Eagle refused the fight, and a duel between the Kaiser and the Champion ensued once more while the Citrine Eagle sought to protect those who were innocent within the town. Only to find those innocent already dead, their bodies marred and mangled.

These events spurred the Kaiser to be tried for war crimes, which would be postponed as he had gone to Tanaan Jungle alongside the Citrine Eagle and his own forces, but that was not enough to excuse himself apparently.

The day had came, the Imperial Diet. The Lawspeaker said the Kaiser was unfit to rule, and a republic would be formed. With little opposition the Assembly of Alterac was formed until the Kaiser had arrived late to the Diet, arguing that his position should be maintained. His requests denied and with a lack of reason, Kalliopi Lund had revealed the Kaiser had slain his former wife and his child, and, he did indeed confess to the crime.

The Matriarch did not cease to act upon this crime. With messages sent out far and wide, this was needed to be made known to the world, and preferably towards the Archbishop, and The Court of Uther. It began with his Knighthood, which she personally deemed him unworthy of possessing for the order to murder a child.
WoWScrnShot 080415 191213

A small gathering of the Citrine Eagle. To discuss Kormed Wolfhearts stripping of Knighthood.

The first trial was set, Saturday, the first of August, 35 L.C., and the Court of Uther Tribunal: Kormed Wolfheart went underway. This is where the Matriarchs efforts would begin. The Court of Uther saw it her way, the man being deemed unfit to hold his Knighthood. Admittedly of course, this was a trying time for Zaria, this was very clearly not something she wanted to do, nearly abstaining her vote out of pity for Mister Wolfheart after a long conversation between the two so he could sway the voters.

Delegates of The Court of Uther declare Kormed Wolfheart's fate in the Order of the Silver Hand.

The next part of her involvement in the ousting came in the trial against Toderick Stoneward, where it would be deemed if his actions against Mister Wolfheart would be deemed lawful or not. Nearly being forced onto the Grand Jury to judge the man's fate, she'd listen with open ears and objective thoughts alongside Mother Bronwynn Branson and Geranelm Syla. This trial would dictate the fate of all other titles held by Kormed Wolfheart.

The grand jury had decided, with all the information gathered that the actions of Toderick Stoneward were indeed lawful, and thus, the Wolfheart's titles were snuffed out in a flash. There has been no pleasure taken in this by Blackmoore, but of course, one must do what is right.

A Hero in an Eagle Guise


The ousting in fruition, and the people of Alterac in peril, Matriarch Blackmoore rallied what citizens remained within the borders of the City-State under the banners of the Citrine Eagle, which had become (once again) the occupying force of all government owned lands within Alterac.

She looked like a hero to those who knew her well, it seemed as if (so far) no one would contest her, and that everyone would rally behind her for the ousting of the wolf, something her and Lord Stoneward both unknowingly worked hand-in-hand in accomplishing. Perhaps they'd realize this in time.

It was time to depart for the Citrine Eagle, to break away from the Alteraci government. Some might contest this had little rhyme or reason, although, that was still to be debated. The Citrine Eagle was destined to be sovereign within the borders of Alterac, but with this move, once again, the Reformed Kingdom would become defunct.

Now the Citrine Eagle grew, and pressed its advantage within the mountains to serve as the defense to a new age of pioneers set to venture north. Their exemplary work, while not boasted, had become a hallmark in the storied and dramatic history of the Alterac Mountains, as romanticized in the Letter of the Stalwart Eagle; a letter by Geranelm Syla.

Reclamation of the Blasted Lands

See main article: Reclamation of the Blasted Lands

Taking on a Squire

Screenshot 143

With the Citrine Eagle in full swing, Highlord Blackmoore's days became busy - and monotonous. Momma Boss Ladies world doomed to the endless jive, a certain groovy chick would appear from the universe to bless Momma Boss Lady with her pure - awesome and everlasting funk. Her name is Ekaterine Crystalrose, but she is called Kat because she is a Kat. "Mreow!" This tubular chick met up with our Momma Boss Lady at a crackling bonfire in the Grizzly Hills. This chick had some spunk, and Zaria could tell. That same bangin' bodacious chick would soon sign into and join the Citrine Eagle to serve Alterac, and that's when everyone's world was flipped topsy turvy.

It was this groovy chick who has since shown Zaria life can go on without groovin' to the jive beats, and listenin' to those square birds. To just strut your stuff like the bodacious babe she OBVIOUSLY is.

Though, the teen Blackmoore had met was seeking something greater for herself, to become a Knight of the Silver Hand. But the present Highlord was uncertain about the girl to say the least. Her free spirit was heartening, but it proved a risk in maintaining virtue. Zaria however, chose to take the plunge, and appoint this woman as her very first Squire, and the first Squire of The Citrine Eagle. The Highlord oversaw each and every trial the girl partook in, and taught her how to humble herself.

However, this pairing was quite the peculiar one. Ekaterine maintained her rather youthful demeanour, making her abrasive when she was disciplined. When times were tough, the 'Black Kat' spawned, causing Ekaterine to become - angsty and totally deep; at least from what Blackmoore read in her black book of goth poems. Blackmoore sometimes feared she even coddled her Squire from time to time; but this doubt was diminished when Kat presented the fact she sought to be more professional, when she was closer to becoming a Knight.

With no doubts in her mind, Blackmoore chose to have the ceremony done, and through there connection - Zaria dubbed Ekaterine Dame Ekaterine the Groovy. The first Knight of the Silver Hand to be sworn in fully from aspirancy in the Citrine Eagle - setting the stage for a generation of Alteraci Paladins

Family Reunion

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Kaldea Crystalrose

Zaria had not thought much of her mother, long since having accepted her death - but that does not mean her memories would not come back to instill Zaria with some old knowledge. Matthew Blackmoore, Zaria's father had sent over many boxes of her mother's old relics, keepsakes and memories. These were items Zaria had never seen, but she wanted to sift through them - as it would take to long, and by a twist of fate Kaldea Crystalrose volunteered to aid her.

But it was indeed a twist of fate, as the two scanned through the items, Kaldea came across a picture book. She recognized one of the children, who was one of Deborah's brothers. The further Kaldea delved, the more she learned about Zaria's quartet of uncles. Benwell, Sheldon, Jethro, and Devon.

After scanning through various documents and files in the boxes, Kaldea and Zaria managed to find the link between the black haired man who had caught Kaldea's eye, and her suspicions. A letter was in the box, addressed to Zaria's mother detailing how one of her brothers had fled to Lordaeron after conflict, and had rising in rank in Lordaeron's military - and now had a wife, and a daughter. That daughter was Kaldea[3]

Zaria had a new cousin, even if she was a bastard she still shared a bit of Zaria's blood, and she will cherish her as such, as family.

A New Purpose

Knights of Perenolde

The crest of the Knights of Perenolde[4]

With the latest campaign against the Knights of Perenolde, Blackmoore has taken a liking to the new splinter faction, adamant in supporting their place in the Alterac Mountains as they struggle to make a name for themselves. As the Citrine Eagle pushed for the ousting of Nathaniel Halliway, Zaria suddenly began to feel a new sense of purpose within her own order.

Though, she was the victim of bad planning, entrusting a new recruit with the most important task of collecting information after handing over Johanna Welkes to the Knights. This however did not go well, as the new recruit was a worgen, and failed to control his rage. This introduced a potential new menace to the Citrine Eagle in the near future, and Zaria quietly blames herself for this.

However, with the great success in the sacking of Dal'enah, the Knights of Perenolde's main fortress, the splinter faction of Knights maintained their name, but worked under a new purpose. Zaria seeks to support this new order in Alterac, but is still uncertain if they had done the right thing. Savagery had won the day in the sacking of the Fortress, and Zaria will never forget that. She was given an honorary position as a Knight of Perenolde, an honor she will never forsake.

The Sword and the Soul

Loss, a thing that plagued the Citrine Eagle endlessly, and something the Matriarch needed to learn to find acceptance in. Every death is blood on her hands, and it is up to her to make the right decisions for the well-being of the Order. But, with the death of Bonveron, the game suddenly changed. A will, and through his loyal service to Zaria, the knight of Acherus willed his runeblade to Blackmoore. It was a generic scourge classed runeblade, and one that would drive a normal person mad with considerable swiftness. With such knowledge, Zaria decided to lock the sword away for a time, but still wanted to honor the name of an old friend.

After a discussion with Sir Shindo Malphur, the pair spoke about an anvil within the fallen city of Stratholme which was able to aid in cleansing the corruption from the blade, so that she would be better able to use the weapon. It was an opportunity that was too good to pass up, but a party would be needed to enter the city to operate and cleanse the blade safely. It would take some time, but with the combined efforts of Sir Shindo, Horacea Agnelli, Sylvia Dawnblade, and Lona Triton, the team made their way into the ever burning city.

As predicted, the group came across a myriad of undead, as well as a small trio of Scarlet Crusaders who felt the great and awful powers of the weapon Zaria chose to use in the endeavor, and Bonveron's blade would taunt them for the entire journey. The screaming and thoughts of doubt that penetrated their minds with the power of the blade was near insurmountable but - in contrast to the gruesome thoughts of death and doubt, the City itself was oddly quiet, this only furthered the groups apprehension.

Entering the chamber in which the holy forge was located revealed a dark and terrible secret, a necromancer of the Cult of the Damned sought to corrupt the forge for his own nefarious purpose, and trapped the adventurer's within by summoning the restless dead that laid in the grounds on the outskirts of the forge. The battle was great, be even through the doubts that crossed the minds and the evils that plagued them from the powers of the blade, they persevered. With their combined might, and fortitude, the killing blow on the necromancer was dealt by Dame Sylvia, and Shindo was able to press on with the purification of the blade.

Even with the great powers within the blade, purifying it was quite the ordeal. It was a quest to free their friend from the sword he was trapped inside for all eternity, and the party would imbue their powers into Shindo's blacksmith hammer, purging and cleansing Bonveron's soul, and freeing him from the blade. With the blade purified, Zaria could hold a weapon of great power in homage to an old friend, gone but not forgotten. In relation to the original wielder of this blade, the party agreed to simply name this weapon of great power "Devotion", in homage to Bonveron's great devotion to the family he died for.

Third Legion War Legion-Logo-Small

A world in turmoil, and an oncoming march of the Burning Legion, Blackmoore found herself at a bit of an impasse. With the Hillsbrad Foothills under a constant invasion, Zaria decided that the Citrine Eagle would assist the Alliance Coalition within the confines of Aerie Peak, a staging ground to assist with the invasion upon Hillsbrad. Fighting for the home front with the Alliance at her back was comforting, but the oncoming tide was near unbeatable. She and the Eagles were tossed around the world on a continental hop between Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms to combat the Legion on multiple fronts.

However, even with the Legions return, Zaria felt no fear when attempting to profess love to he Paradigm of Respect of the Citrine Eagle - Horacea Agnelli. The pairs bond had been blossoming for a time prior, but in the face of death, they realized as a unit they would survive. Each one had a similar dream in mind, and they sought to fight for it. They were now apart of a great bond, and Zaria was ready to do her best to keep that maintained; fearing that her own position might keep her away from Horacea.

Blackmoore and the Eagle's were soon deployed towards Dalaran, which had been under siege for about a weeks time. And, after the discovery of a great artifact that could bring down Dalaran in the region, the Alliance was quick to act in countering this great threat. early all losing their lives in combat with a Demon Hunter who was aboard one of the legion warp ships. And from here, the Citrine Eagle could finally go home. In this turbulent time, Zaria led the charge for the Eagles, and did her best to properly delegate tasks but - even that proved less than fruitful.

The Broken Isles


The Legions comes, and to counter the Burning Legion, the heroes of Azeroth begun their search for the Pillars of Creation. With this knowledge, Lady Blackmoore beckoned the Citrine Eagle to move along with the Alliance to aid in the finding of these relics. However, with Greymane's war against the Forsaken in Stormheim, many of the Order sought to assist him in his charge alongside the Gilneas Brigade. Now, the Matriarch takes a journey to Stormheim, having heard of the Vrykul in the area, she takes great interest in their practices and culture.


Having arrived in Stormheim, Zaria and the Eagle's were quick to befriend a straggling Vrykul Mystic that had guided them in the direction of Greywatch after assisting in the clearing of the Citrine Bay. Zaria however, once arriving to Greywatch, followed Lona Triton into the region of Skold Ashil along with others for the sake of trying to befriend the shieldmaidens on the day of Brewfest. The interaction with them began with mistrust, and then followed by Zaria presenting her best fighters available for a duel against the shieldmaidens. However, Zaria taunted the leader of these maidens, insisting she win a duel to earn herself one of the war bears the warriors were riding, as she had left her own mount behind.

The leader, later known as Astrid retorted by insisting only real warriors rode bears, and Zaria would have to prove her strength against Astrid in a duel of honor. The Matriarch was quick to accept, and even managed to hold her own in a brief but furious duel, all until an explosion detonated in the camp.

Vrykul women fell, and they began to accuse the Eagles of sabotage, but they were quit to retort and warn the Vrykul women of the Forsaken in the region, and identified the gases from the detonation as the Forsaken Blight. Soon enough, a squadron of deathguards arrived to do battle with the shieldmaidens, unaware of the Eagle's presence. Quick to go into action to earn their trust, the leader of these Forsaken was slain by birds of the forest dropping her from the skies.

With newfound admiration for the Eagles, Astrid complimented the Eagles on their valor and might, and even rewarded Zaria with her bear, which she named "Olga". But befriending the Vrykul was far from a paltry task. Being invited into Astrid's home, Zaria began to befriend the leader of these shieldmaidens. They spoke of many things, the Forsaken, Helya, and Zaria found a newfound admiration for the deity of these Vrykul known as Eyir.

However, Zaria had her own agenda to fulfill, noting around the region of Skold Ashil there were powerful orbs that emitted a strong holy presence, Zaria inquired about obtaining one, and was quickly granted one with surprisingly little question. What purpose was this orb for? The reforging of Zaria's libram. Now with the tools she needed, she was able to start the formation whenever she wished.

Binding the New Libram

All the tools she could need were within her grasp. Four Symbols of the Ancient Kings, Spirit Dusts from an enchanted pick of Pandaria, holy water from Stratholme, and the orb she had received from Astrid the night before. Several items of great power, and all for her tome. The Matriarch's dream of being able to summon a pure being of the Light might finally get to be realized, and she was eager to take the chance.

The hour after an expedition with the Eagle's, Zaria stole her partner Horacea Agnelli away in the night back to the town of Skold-Ashil, a place blessed by the Lights purity with its proximity to the Temple of Eyir, and this is where Zaria had set her sights.

Entering the great halls was likely something she would never be able to do again, so her and Horacea did their best to relish the moment as they entered a temple of great legend among the Vrykul people. Her time there would be brief, so their work would need to begin quickly.

The old and worn libram was set in the center of the large platform, and the tools she needed were all placed in or around the tome. The four symbols took to the cover of the large text, and the waters and dust used as an offering for their entry. With their powers combined - Zaria and Horacea began to bind the tome in a temple of valor.

The ritual to reforge her tome almost proved to be deadly. The great forces of the lights purity, and the amplification of power from the symbols nearly made the torrent of light in the temple blinding as the tome was bound together, the symbols empowered and fused into the tome, and the light of Eyir embraced the new relic. But this great power offered something - unexpected.

As the tome flew into the palm of the Matriarch's hand, the powers imbued within her for the briefest stint, and herself ascended to a being near-akin to that of a Val'kyr, but only for a few quick seconds before returning to her normal form. It was a perplexing experience, but one that was only once in a lifetime. This result worried her greatly, and the night after in a bout of combat holding her now overcharged tome, something went amiss.

A small sprite-like creature made of nothing but the lights purity broke free from the cover of the tome in the mist of combat against a Kvaldir, in the shape of a small Val'kyr with hyperactive tendencies. Knowing little of what it might have been, and stupefied by the display in combat that this small entity presented, Zaria began to look for answers as to how she could come across this sprite living in her libram again, assuming it came to be with the tools she used to empower the tome primarily being tools of Eyir.

The Littlest Guardian



Curiosity taking her, she simply needed to keep the small manifestation of the Light in her presence long enough to speak with it, whatever it may be. On a night alone with Horacea Agnelli after a mission was completed, the pair wandered off alone with Zaria's libram in tow, set on summoning the small infantile Val'kyr into their midst once more. It wasn't a daunting task however. The Libram always seemed to rumble with a great untapped power these days, perhaps it was just the eager manifestation looking to be free from the tome.

But it wouldn't take long to unleash the powers held within the Libram. All it took was Zaria opening the book, and from its pages, the small angel-like figure shot forth and fluttered around the pair at a breakneck pace. If not for Horacea's quick actions in trapping the small figure in a shell of Light, the image may have returned to the tome. The feisty little image did its best to escape its new prison but, to no avail.

However, the little figure soon calmed down as its gaze caught witness to her creators. The once wiry and hyperactive figure seemed to smile at the pair, even waving at them as if she knew them both. The tide of the interaction soon changed, and Zaria got to speak with this - manifestation of the Light. To Zaria's disappointment, she learned her months of work in empowering her tome to summon one of the few Guardian's of the Ancient Kings culminated into - this tiny figure before them. But, if the Light's will was for her to help train the littlest guardian, she would take the charge in stride. However, keeping the guardian out for a prolonged period brought Zaria great stress as the figure began to siphon the energies of the Light from her after a certain point, being unable to maintain itself. The "guardians" name was Svipul, and alongside Svipul and the rest of the Eagles, Zaria now had the tools she needed to combat the Forsaken in Stormheim.

In the Shadows of Valor


Zaria and Algrubel observing duels, and looking like birds.

An offensive against the Forsaken began with a coalition of the Grand Alliance headed by Berenal Grayblade known as the Shadows of Valor Conflict. And in the Shadows of Valor, Zaria would not bode all too well in the battles to come, falling victim to several accidents throughout the campaign.

Attempting to board a Horde ship - she met her match by a much larger and stronger Orcish veteran who put up a grand battle against the Matriarch. The pair managed to fight for nearly an hour without any signs of wear on one-another. However, as the battle raged on and the Alliance were being forced off of the ship, Zaria made the mistake of showing the Orc into a table, giving him leverage to knock her down, and with a slam of his weapon on her helm, she passed out.

In the next instance of her failures was during a duel of honor funded by the Valarjar in which the Alliance and Horde needed to prove their mettle to the Vrykul. Zaria was put up against a Tauren that - dressed just like her? It fascinated her that they both could don such similar armor, and in this duel of honor, using her limited knowledge of Tauren language, she began to speak to this Tauren. From there, it was much less of a duel of rivalry, as much as it was the pair testing one-another. The battle was fierce, and they both took advantage of openings presented during their chats to make the other reel in pain. However, Algrubel found an attack of opportunity, and used his great strength to send Zaria flying backwards, and nearly knocking her out. But since the Tauren didn't aim to kill, he nodded to her, and limped away with the grievous wounds he has also suffered. In spite of Zaria's loss, the Alliance as a whole proved victorious that night.

Between that night, and the next, the Valajar offered each faction their blessing if they could fund a champion worthy of the blessings of the Stormforged, the guardians of Odyn. With Zaria's injuries, she chose to stay out of the duels, and came across two very familiar figures cheering on their comrades. It was Algrubel, and the Orc whom had knocked her out on the ship. With little apprehension due to the lot of them being watched by the Valajar, she stood beside them while observing the duels along with her beloved.

In a twist of fate, the pair whom had beaten her in fair battles both complimented her on her fighting prowess with their limited knowledge of common, and she did the same. Her and Algrubel however began to share their backgrounds, and the reasons they fight - as she had then learned he was a soldier of the Kor'kron Legion. In spite of this, she knew he wanted to rekindle the old respect the Kor'kron had among the Horde until their betrayal at Orgrimmar, aligning themselves with Garrosh. She understood the plight, and found a new respect for the two warriors who had defeated her in battle.

She exited the campaign feeling victorious, in spite of the Alliance loss. In the shadows of valor, virtue won the day, and Zaria found newfound respect for her foes.

To Helheim and Back

With the defeat to the Horde in Stormheim, and the increasing tensions between the Vrykul and the members of the Alliance, Zaria was eager to get the Eagles invested in a great last ditch effort to prove themselves to their Vrykul allies. Having joined with a small clan of one survivor of a tragedy in Morheim, Zaria sought to bring him great honor by doing great deeds with the Eagles last few days in Stormheim. Being thrust into a hopeless assault near an abandoned town overtaken by the Kvaldir, and a band of mystics that sought to banish the unworthy to the depths of Helheim, Zaria and the Eagles were brought low, and overwhelmed by the forces that sprung free from the mists. Zaria, along with several others were sent into the depths of Helheim.

Though most of the Eagles banished to these forgotten depths would meet with one-another in short order to begin the quest to escape from the area, Zaria found herself in a rather precarious position within the depths of Helheim. Thrust into the Eternal Battlefield, Zaria was a ways away from the Eagles she had been sent to Helheim with, and was forced to fight on her own every waking moment she was present within the depths of Helheim. As a capable warrior, and faithful supplicant to the Light's graces, Zaria was well and able to bring her foes low within the Eternal Battlefield. So dominated and thrived there -- as nary a fallen or unworthy Vrykul could seem to bring her low.

Though, in her struggle within the eternal battlefield, she found herself meeting a precarious figure within the depths of the fight, a fallen Val'kyr that loomed over the battlefield, and she sought to challenge it herself. Bold as her wishes might be, the hapless Matriarch tossed a great hammer of Light the way of the fallen Val'kyr, and she was thoroughly dragged out of the Eternal Battlefield to enact honorable combat with the fallen Val'kyr. Having never thought she would ever square up to such a creature of legend, she did not relent in her charge, and sought to free the fallen Val'kyr from her...unfortunate state. She learned much of this Val'kyr; that her name was Turid, that she sought out great power in a manner similar to that of the Templar, and that her quest for power fooled Turid into bending a knee to the Sea Witch. Though with faith on Zaria's side, she endured against this once great warrior, and in a show of honor, the pair stood down against one-another. From there-on, Turid played a small role in helping the Eagles escape the depths of Helheim, and for her actions to aid the lost heroes, was able to ascend to rejoin her ascended sisters.

Having left Helheim a hero, and aid in redeeming a fallen Val'kyr, Zaria's time within Stormheim thereafter was short lived, as the Eagles were forced away after the Shadows of Valor Conflict and were driven to Highmountain.


. . .With some prodding, I met with Lady Blackmoore and Dame Crystalrose. The rest, as they say, is history. Tonight, I offer my thanks to Lady Blackmoore, for not only all the good she does, but for, perhaps, saving my very life. Now, I nominate her to come up and speak. And do be kind, dear, and tell everyone how talented I am.

–Adler Dufaud

In the midst of Pilgrim's Bounty, Blackmoore had the chance to spend time with friends and family in the region of Thunder Totem. However when there was calls for toasts, she was rather astonished at the amount of them that had some sort of dedication to her. She was a tad inebriated, so she tried to chalk it up to others trying to suck up to the boss lady. However, even though she was a bit touched, she would not get the chance to thank everyone after the festivities, for a Feltotem assault on the area caused great havoc in Thunder Totem. She, along with Issabeia Heartsong, Vivian Tapp, Clara Ashton, and Cathlin Whitlock were stolen away by the Feltotem to be sacrificed for a horrible ritual.

The group was locked into cages within the Feltotem encampment which bordered the Chieftain Burial Grounds of Highmountain. There they all learned they were to be used for a ritual to help empower the Legion presence within the region. With her hands bound together by ropes, she was living her worst fears. The exact situation Blackmoore feared the most was upon her, as she was no longer in control of her own actions. For the duration of the imprisonment, she did her best to remain quiet to not attract attention to herself, but tried to remain confident that they would all be saved - since it was neigh impossible to escape otherwise. She did not care about herself being saved, and mostly worried for the others otherwise.

The Citrine Eagle and The Radiant Vigil had come to the rescue of the captives as quickly as they could, but sadly for Zaria and Issabeia Heartsong, it was too late for them. The pair was dragged off into a cave bordering the encampment as they were chosen to be the first sacrificed. Hope waned, but Zaria's persistence and hope kept her heartened that the Light will save her.

The next night, the group quickly came to her and Mother Heartsong's rescue just before their sacrifice. Zaria thereafter spent a week in recovery, and soon after the Eagle's as a whole returned home on temporary leave.

Return from the Isles

After being battered on the Isles, and leaving with the Citrine Eagle with a sense of fulfillment, Zaria returned home only to be met with the perils of the Alterac Mountains that had been kept untouched since the departure of the Citrine Eagle. Day after day a new threat arose to face her, and the Eagles. Through faith in the light and her men, the group had prevailed but — such things came with great stress upon the Matriarch. Standing up against a gang of air corsairs that kept Talongrab imprisoned under threat of destruction, facing off against the Burning Legion within their own homes after being clearly made a threat — and the general dangers of Alterac itself were a task to manage for a single woman. And because of this, her stresses raised tenfold.

Having been thrust into a position of power so long ago left her unprepared to deal with long term stresses in spite of her ability to work well under pressure. In this time she only further lost the old Zaria that lingered within her. But, in her long period of doubt, the Matriarch found something worthy of breaking her free of her woes — family.

In their ventures within Highmountain sometime ago, Zaria had met Jolaini Pond, a mage seeking out a new group to work with outside of mercenary groups. With the mages origins in Hillsbrad, and desire to uncover her own past, Zaria sought to help her in the minor ways she could. With their return to the Northlands, Zaria and Jolaini took a brief journey together to begin to seek out the names and origins of Jolaini’s blood parents. Little did they know, it would connect them together. A vision cast through a blood ritual made it known that Jolaini’s father was none other than Sheldon Reneigh, brother to Zaria’s mother, Deborah Reneigh. Finding new blood on her mother’s side sparked a fair amount of inspiration for Zaria to press on and find her footing in her position of command — even if it wasn’t very clear to Jolaini herself.

On top of all these developments, this also served as the time the Brotherhood of Clemency aligned closely with the Citrine Eagle. Which paved the way for the Matriarch to work more closely with an old friend, Marcus DeBray. With the rise of new, capable men and women of the Light within the Order, new hope was sprung throughout the Mountains in spite of Zaria’s struggles early on to ensure some of these men and women of the Brotherhood felt truly at home within the Alterac Mountains.

Chasing Ambition

After a union was formed with the Brotherhood, Zaria began a journey to delve into some personal ambitions. Her dream to someday summon a Guardian of the Ancient Kings still itched at her, and in her own quest to seek out fulfillment she pushed along on the long quest to hopefully someday empower Svipul enough to see her grow into a fully fledged Guardian.

Perrington commission by the zombie cat-dbt6iey jawedit

Within the months of struggle while fighting alongside her retinue, Zaria earned a grievous scar in an attempt to revive Rah’bocc while calling upon the Light of the Martyr. While she managed to save them from near-death, the revival tore away at her being, and opened several rifts infused with the Light along her right arm. The wounds were made of Light, but were difficult to mend. Zaria chose to keep them wrapped until an alternative could be found to heal her.

The show of power brought her confidence in her efforts to gain more power. She knew that she had not reached her full potential yet, and continued to seek out answers for how to grow stronger and connected with the Light. The Libram she used to summon Svipul became a source of comfort that numbed the pain as it siphoned portions of the powerful Light magic from her arm. And, when Svipul was summoned, she did the same. The Matriarch had decided to keep the little being present, and in doing so grew an unhealthy fondness for the angelic image that reminded her of one of her greatest feats. And, it compelled her to return to where the being and libram were made — Skold Ashil.

On a quiet night, Zaria, Shindo, Lona Malphur, Jolaini Reneigh, and Jenifleur Wyther set out to the lands of Stormheim to rekindle a bond of friendship with a Vrykul known as Hagar, and find a way to manipulate the wound on Zaria’s arm to better serve her. With the Eagle’s past failures in Stormheim, there was a great deal of apprehension, but the journey itself brought the group to Skold Ashil to meet with the Vrykul shieldmaiden Astrid. Having nearly defeated Astrid in a duel before, Zaria still had the respect of Astrid, and the blessing to visit Skold Ashil when she needed to. While the others of the group ventured the holy grounds to begin their own quests, Zaria and Astrid began their work to treat the light-etched wounds on her arm.

Astrid manipulated the wounds on Zaria’s arms into runes of valor used for empowerment. These would be used to enhance the Matriarch’s casting, and signify alignment with the Shieldmaidens of Skold Ashil while the wounding power was siphoned while they were used. In their time away from the group, the Matriarch learned much more of the saga of the Valarjar, and the place of the Alteraci within them. The tale of Alteraci of old like Ignaeus inspired her to begin a new path to emulate this primal and — to her— superior Alteraci.

Her devotion to her people, and admiration for the warrior spirit of the Vrykul shieldmaidens took a turn from the worse thereafter. Defining herself as a woman representing an old, better Alterac, she took on a more fearsome look, and the positive aspects of her view on them would turn into an obsession. Not only one to try and reach greater potential, but to appease Svipul, whom Zaria started to coddle like a real daughter.


The time for war came the night of the Wonderlight Ball during the Tournament of Ages. After a long and exciting week of meeting new faces, and rekindling old sparks that the Matriarch did not predict would even make themselves known. With the suddenness of the onset of a new chapter in the war against the Burning Legion, Zaria and the Eagles were more than prepared to make the journey to Argus, gung-ho about seeing through the Legion’s downfall.

For weeks, the men and women of the Citrine Eagle prepared through their own methods, and rallied together in a bid of unity to take the journey to fight the Legion alongside the Army of the Light. The Citrine Eagle took command in a joint effort with groups like the Valorborne and other Alliance forces banded together to step onto Argus in the second wave of reinforcements that arrived by teleportation beacon from the Vindicaar.

The first push into Krokuul was met with success, and the second wave of forces managed to help push back Legion forces towards the fallen Xenedar, and helped hold the line outside of the ship as the Army of the Light recovered the fragments of Xe’ra within the heart of the Xenedar. After pushing the Legion back, and establishing a foothold, the forces of the Alliance divided into among their own orders to begin their assignments on the surface of the Legion world.

On the surface of Argus Zaria found that the trials within Alterac, and the many perils she faced before were little compared to the Legion. Her and the Citrine Eagle struggled to maintain ground on the Legion infested world, until the Order was transported to Mac’aree to combat forces of the Void from spreading in the area.

In spite of the great hardship that came with being stationed on Argus, the Matriarch did find solace in several aspects of the Legion world. She took great interest in researching the vestiges of life that remained on the planet. From the petrified forest, to the gem of Draenei civilization known as Mac’aree. Her own investment in uncovering the mysterious properties of the echoes within Mac’aree prompted group endeavors with the Citrine Eagle, as well as a few instances of fighting within the Jed’hin arena.

In their exploration of Mac’aree, however, the Eagles began a journey to gather Legion waystones to prepare a portal home. Using the power of purified Argunite, and the waystones, the Eagles created a transport beacon to allow them to transport to, and from Argus. This set the stage for continued expeditions to help combat the Legion, Void, and a gather knowledge about the tormented world.

Grand Alliance Siege of Antorus

See main article: Grand Alliance Siege of Antorus

Having helped push back the Legion along with Alliance forces beforeb the time had come for the forces of the Alliance to reunite and push back the Burning Legion one final time. While the Army of the Light penetrated the heart of the Legion’s defenses in Antorus, the Grand Alliance Siege of Antorus bolstered the forces, and acted as a back-line bulwark for the main fighting force on Argus.

Her experience with the Alliance assistance was bittersweet. Offered a position in joint-command with Maxen Montclair, and other prominent Alliance figures, Zaria helped man the cavalry unit in the main siege to penetrate the defenses of the newly made entryway into Antorus, the Burning Throne. Her place in the command structure also brought some doubt to a few of the leaders within the Alliance’s high command for her representation of the Alteraci through her colors and purpose.

The beginning of the campaign was met with controversy after a negotiation with Horde forces on Argus took a turn for the worst. During the negotiations, the Alliance translator was accused of lying about what the forces of the Horde were telling the interpreter. The accusation caused observers to step away, and forced Nelgarict Severn to pull back the remaining troops so they were not undone by the mass of Horde forces. In doing so, it left the Alliance under threat for their main push towards the Burning Throne the next day.

In the push against the Burning Legion, Zaria commanded a team of mounted riders through Ven'orn's Lair to flank the Legion’s defense of the opening made outside of Antorus. Her and the riders managed to cut through the fel-infused spiders nestled in the lair in order to help break passed the main Legion defenses. But while this took place, a contingent of Horde soldiers caught up to the Alliance forces, and attempted to flank them while the Alliance combated against the Legion.

With their forces divided, the Lord-Marshal used the infantry forward, with Zaria’s cavalry pushing ahead to help break the lines for a charge. Edrington Grunwald and the aerial forces valiantly swept the fields as well, and lost one of their own in a violent crash, while Severn defended the flank to keep the main force from being undone by the Horde forces.

After preparing an encampment and defenses close to the entrance, the Alliance then pushed deeper into the Burning Throne to aid the Army of the Light in their battle against the Legion. Zaria fought alongside, and commanded her Citrine Eagle’s in breaking off an outlying force within the Burning Throne that was preparing to flank the Army of the Light’s main force. The major push, however, incited Legion forces in the Antoran Wastes to attempt to undo the Alliance’s defenses.

Zaria held command over the forces that stood against the flanking demons. And in their bid to protect the soldiers storming the Burning Throne, the forces protecting the entryway proved successful. But, as Sargeras struggled in the skies above to keep his grip upon Azeroth, the way home began to close. The Alliance forces quickly fled to the remaining teleportation beacons to retreat to the Vindicaar; successfully having aided in the downfall of the Burning Legion.

Tides of War

The Ballad of U'lyr

Solliden P3-AD


Zaria in combat against two infected wolves. Art by Vulture.

After enjoying a tenuous ceasefire with Horde forces in Alterac, a sub-sect of the Royal Apothecary Society began experimenting with a new drug on the wolves of Hillsbrad and Alterac. While much of Alterac is untraveled, the wolves had made their way into Talongrab, and wandered into a few Eagle-controlled territories. The drug the wolves had taken - a derivative of pumpkins from Solliden's Farmstead - was used to warp their mental state, and greatly enhance their combat capabilities and resistance to pain. It also heightened their aggressive nature and made them more obedient to those who dispensed the drug - since it was addictive by nature.

When the wolves wandered into eagle-held towns, they stole away vulnerable civilians and children into their predatory grasp and slaughtered them. Further investigation led to the discovery of the Apothecary encampment that was experimenting with the drug; an encampment the Eagles were quick to undo in an assault shortly thereafter. The escalation of tensions led to a larger-scale conflict as the Apothecary Society continued their endeavor with the support and protection of Forsaken forces. The escalation of conflict also sparked deployment on living subjects in towns of Alterac with airborne sprays. The drug caused increased insanity in those exposed to it - but only in larger doses.

Zaria being among those who was exposed to the toxin experienced minor delirium, hallucinations, and night terrors from exposure. She also grew far more aggressive in nature until a cure was found for the living victims. She did however assume she was healed after her first dosage of the cure, and much of the aggressive nature persisted in the heat of battle there-on.


War of the Thorns

Stormtalon Supremacy


Lordaeron City fell, and the Horde was routed from Tirisfal Glades. Many of the Horde's forces were routed into the Alterac Mountains as a safe refuge to re-group their forces. As they encroached upon the ruins of Alterac City and Strahnbrad, this did not go without recognition of the Stormpike Clan and the Citrine Eagle. The armies that fled into Alterac swarmed from the north; and from the south in Tarren Mill, reserve forces began to make their way north into the mountains against the Stormpike's in their holdings at the fingers of Alterac.

And while the Citrine Eagle could not fight the Horde in the north alone, nor could the Stormpike fight alone in the south, Blackmoore brought the Eagles west through the valley to aid the Stormpikes in a clash at Gallows' Corner to ensure the Horde forces could be held off long enough for the men and women of the Alliance to regroup. The effective unified push against the Horde prompted the leaders of Stormpike and Eagle to gather, and set the foundation for a formal wartime alliance between the Citrine Eagle, and the Stormpike Clan. And thus, the Stormtalon Confederation rose as the fortified pillar that tied both orders together in a closely knit command structure for the duration of the Blood War.

Declaring a union with the Stormpikes, and volunteering their forces in mutual aid; Blackmoore was appointed the regional Marshal of Talongrab and the territories of East Alterac. Serving as a military governor in Alterac, Blackmoore would have her command tested through immediate tribulation as the Horde forces under the command of Elder Belisarius Redhorn; and these Horde forces made a swift and decisive push to keep the Eagles at bay by claiming Briar Pass, the main route into, and out of Talongrab. And Blackmoore responded to the aggression with immediate reprisal upon news that the host protecting the pass had fallen. And so, the Eagles marched.

The Battle of Briar Pass lasted for two gruesome weeks. Blood was spilled on both sides in great number; but the Eagles had prevailed in pushing through the narrow mountain tunnel to reclaim the pass with the effective use of a phalanx formation as they made their way through the tunnel. For weeks thereafter, the Eagles and the Horde traded blows. But, the defining battle came as the Horde of Strahnbrad, and the forces in Tarren Mill made their march to return to Gallows' Corner to breach the pass to reinforce the Horde in Alterac.

In a seasoned defense with their new Stormtalon allies, the group was successful in keeping the Horde from passing in the Corner. A long stalemate began, as the green Marshal sought to starve out the Horde, and Elder Redhorn, in a prolonged occupation of the critical supply lines.

Hath's Stand Revival

While the war in Alterac continued, a new horizon appeared for the holy men of Talongrab, and the esteemed Silver Hand Knights. To the far east of Talongrab Keep stood the unexplored ceremonial grounds of Hath's Stand. Being hidden away deep within the Winterwood, the men of the Citrine Eagle had not explored the area; not until a young page by the name of Oliver came to the Eagle's Matriarch pleading for aid to protect holy grounds that were otherwise unknown to the Eagles. Cautious, but on a whim, Blackmoore called upon the holy folk of Alterac to aid in the expedition through the Winterwood.

And so the Matriarch and the group made their way through the Winterwood to uncover the corpses of fallen priests, paladins, and figures of an old order otherwise unknown to them until Page Oliver spoke of them; the Order of Hath's Stand. Sworn to defend the holy grounds of Hath's Stand, and to spread the Light's divine embrace. Though the order was on its last vestiges, the High Gallant had sent his grandson to call upon the Eagles.

It was there at the end of the long and snow-covered roads of the perilous Winterwood that the Alteraci found a cemetery in tatters. A great image of General Hath stood as its focal point. It was there they met the High Gallant, Darrell Roth; an elderly man who sought them out to assure the orders survival. And it was in those moments as fallen Knights of the Stand uncovered in the Winterwood were buried that Zaria identified something she sought for her Silver Hand and holy men. An identity.

The faithful of Talongrab would take on the banners, and the way of being of the men of Hath's Stand. Preaching honor, spreading the Light's embrace, and setting greater, new expectations for a new generation of faithful. It was in Hath's Stand and its image that Blackmoore appointed Darrell as the new Abbot of Eagle's Perch as a sign of embrace for his plea. And with the might of the Silver Hand empowering the then-shambling Order of Hath's Stand, it began to be forged anew.

Taking on the dogma of the old order, Blackmoore began to write texts for a new guard of the Order of Hath's Stand in collaboration with Abbot Roth to ensure the Order's way can outlast his fleeting life.


Thin Orange Line

See main article: Defense of Kent


Physical Description Yes


Confidence cast from Zaria's face as she looked upon those she met with a warm smile and an heir of certainty. Her facial features hinted to lineage within the Northlands of Alterac, and the way she presented herself also made the distinction. Her jaw was well-defined and complimented by a rounded nose, larger lips, and smooth skin that maintained a healthy glow and gave her a womanly appearance. Though, her face maintained a hardness through her slightly hollowed cheeks, high cheek bones, and the stern gaze that was apparent in her tired and partially-lidded green eyes.

The way she presented herself might also be cause for second glances. Her hair was pulled into braids on either side of her head to create a faux-shortness to each side, and the blonde hair cascaded down to rest comfortably at her shoulders. One smaller and tighter braid hooked over the top of her ear on either side, and a larger, thicker braid also was pulled back on either side. It was a style similar to that of a Vrykul woman, almost. And in times of ceremony or war, her face was painted with dark grey marks that resembled ursine markings tattooed onto Druids of the Claw. The tribal appearance in wartime might almost make her look like a barbarian -- if not for the way she expressed herself and acted.

Zaria's form was strong. Her thighs were thick, strong, and complimented her wide hips to create a solid foundation to fund her strength from. Her motherly hips tapered into a leaner waist and modest chest. Her arms were also rather strong looking, but most of this strength and muscle was covered in a healthy layer of fat to keep the woman insulated in the colder regions she often finds herself in. There was a fair amount of definition to each curve and muscle regardless.

When her arms were exposed, her right arm held a golden glow caused by several Vrykul runes that snaked up from her forearm, and up towards her shoulder. Each rune looked to be scarred into her arm, and kept the powers of the Light that flowed through them in-check. There was also one of these runes on her right palm. Her left arm was marked atop her triceps with four six-sided stars that descended and tapered in size. These were similar to the four stars that stood beside the Alterac falcon on the crest of the destroyed Kingdom. Along with this marking, some veins popped out of her bicep from time to time that hinted at dehydration, and muscular strain. However, on her left shoulder blade was the crest of the Kingdom of Alterac tattooed onto her back. Many scars dot Zaria's form as well, and hinted at a willingness to take to the front lines in times of need.

This was a traditional Northlander in appearance, and representation. Her raw strength and rugged appearance stemmed from her Alteraci roots, while her dignified demeanor and great faith holds strong through her fathers origins in Lordaeron. Overall, she was a fair representation of what each culture had to offer.


Held atop her head in battle, the infamous eagle guise. Worn to show patriotism to mother Alterac, and to her order, The Citrine Eagle. A layered plate helm that is adorned with small ribbed portions to resemble the scaled plate over the rest of the armor. The eyes glow an eerie vermilion, as do the outlines along the mouth guard. The only revealed portion of her face is her chin and lips, veiled by a light shade depending on the lighting. A large citrine gem sat on the forehead of the helm, but it was dim.

The woman's tabard was a less than opulent adornment for her attire, more so erring on the side of practical. A thick layered black trim bordered a clean citrine field that stood as the backdrop to the Alteraci crest her tabard bore proudly upon it. However instead of the traditional falcon that represented Alterac, it was now depicted as an eagle. A few insignia's were tightly pinned onto the tabard; one representing the Silver Fist of Tyr, another a simple Eagle's head in bronze, and finally a Stormpike Insignia beneath the two.

Most of her armor however was clay color, made up of scaled plate armor that rattled as she moved. The pauldrons were unreasonably ornate, and large gems of citrine sat encrusted within. A few were shattered and chipped, a grim reminder of the conflicts of old, and beyond. A gift from an old friend that she either lacked the time - or the funds to maintain, but more likely the former. The plated scales along the pauldrons ran into a layered set of under-pauldrons that could be separated from the other piece for cleaning and repairs. The gauntlets were also adorned with these gems, but the one on the right side was actually a button.

The greaves of the armor were layered, only accentuating Blackmoore's thick set thighs. Small plates lined each gap between these layers and contrasted with the regular brownish plate. The sabatons connected to this were also bulky, equipped with knee and shin guards. These are what clattered when Blackmoore walked.

Finally, a cloak rested on her back, clasped to her pauldrons. This long cloak was thick for the cold weather of the Alterac Mountains. Like her tabard it held a thick black trim. The crest of Alterac also decorated the cloak. For some reason, this cloak was also easily caught up in the wind.


Valor, Libram of the First Matriarch

Zaria Tome

Often chained to Lady Blackmoore's belt by a solid iron chain, the Libram of Valor is Zaria's personal libram. Crafted during her time as a Squire under Ballinda Dayglow, the libram serves as a vessel of considerable power for Lady Blackmoore to channel magic from, or utilize in various spells. Like any other libram, it contains prayers, hymns, and writing related to her path, and is heavily influenced by the teachings of her mentor.

The hefty libram is hardcover bound. The hard cover was wrapped in a reinforced Runecloth fabric, dyed brown. The hardcover is reinforced with Truesilver, which has dulled over time, and was tempered and painted thinly to better match the matte finish of the hardcover. Within the Truesilver reinforcement were gilded runes from various sources, but mainly High-elven, and Vrykul in nature. The Truesilver reinforcement on the cover formed into a setting for an icon on the front of the libram. A relic of the past, a gilded Symbol of Kings was set into the metal on the cover. The back of the book held the symbol of the Citrine Eagle inked into the fabric. The pages were made of a textured vellum, similar to what enchanters would use.

The Libram of Valor always hums with the power of the Holy Light, and acts as a vessel for Svipul.

Devotion, and Ljós'bera


A pair of runeblades. Devotion, and Ljós'bera are the blades Zaria has taken on as her own. Each of them are large, and reminiscent of a blade for a Death Knight. They are practically identical in all aspects. Each of them is large, with menacing spiked ends and a wide flat for the runes that adorn each of them. Each has a menacing guard with a large gemstone embedded within, a large hilt, along with a embellished pommel. Both of these blades were easily two-handed weapons, and the Matriarch would rarely ever be seen holding both of them. But while they are similar in design, they differ greatly in all other aspects.

Devotion, the first of the Matriarch's runeblades was once the blade of a Death Knight named Bonveron. After the purification of the vile weapon, Lady Blackmoore used the weapon in honor of his name, and his sacrifice to the Citrine Eagle. However, she had decided to use the blade in a hasty decision to draw void corruption from a Vrykul Seer known as Hagar. While she successfully drew out the darkness and diminished most of it, the soul of the energy that possessed Hagar lingers within the weapon. It has tried to influence her, and has a tendency to try and expose her faults and desires to protect others by driving her into a bloodthirsty rage.

After uncovering the identity of the lingering spirit of a void Etheral known as Shah'kesh within the weapon, she has kept it secured elsewhere until a time comes someone needs to have a dark entity pulled from them. In those cases, it would be used in conjunction with Ljós'bera.

Ljós'bera (in common, Lightbearer) is a runeblade crafted in the image of Devotion to be used as a supplementary, and experimental weapon. The blade itself is made of a special alloy of metals that interact well with the ley lines of Azeroth, but are also reinforced with stronger metals to create a potent weapon. Unlike a traditional Death Knight's runeblade, the runes of Ljós'bera interact with the ley lines to empower, and direct the usage of each rune on the blade.



Zaria carries a large halberd, one she decided to name Echo, as when it clatters against steel or stone, the weapon echoes and reverberates like a proper tuning fork. A shorter halberd, its haft reinforced with bands of truesteel, and the exposed bits of the haft were wrapped in a red cloth, torn and frayed from overuse, wear, and tear.

The wedge of the halberd held a pair of small shields upon it, wielded in some manner as to protect the blade that adorned the weapon from being chopped away. The blade itself? Shaped almost like an axe, aside from the gap between blade and haft, perfect for disarming an unprepared opponent. Atop the halberd, a sharpened blade, stained with blood.[5]

Offices and Honors Yes

Matriarch of The Citrine Eagle
Preceded by
Kaldea Crystalrose
Zaria R. Blackmoore Succeeded by
Marshal of the Stormtalon Confederation
Preceded by
Position Created
Zaria R. Blackmoore Succeeded by
Chapter Master of the Order of Hath's Stand
Preceded by
Kavid McTash
Zaria R. Blackmoore Succeeded by
Duchess of Talongrab
Preceded by
Position Created (née Countess of Blackmoore)
Zaria R. Blackmoore Succeeded by
Military Governor of the Alterac Territories
Preceded by
Position Established
Zaria R. Blackmoore Succeeded by
Mayor of Strahnbrad
Preceded by
Position Established
Zaria R. Blackmoore Succeeded by
Position Abolished

Orders, Decorations and Medals

Medallion of the Alliance RibbonAlliance Commendation for Leadership Ribbon

Grand Alliance Decorations and Medals
Medallion of the Alliance Ribbon Medallion of the Alliance
Alliance Commendation for Leadership Ribbon Alliance Commendation for Leadership
Alliance-HordeRibbon Fourth War Campaign Medal with two battle bars.
DraenorCampaignRibbon Iron Horde Invasion Campaign Medal with one battle bar.
BrokenIslesRibbon Broken Isles Campaign Medal with four battle bars.

Stormwind Decorations and Medals
ConspicuousServiceRibbon Conspicuous Service Cross
DistinguishedServiceCrossRibbon Distinguished Service Cross
KGCRibbon King's Cross
RoyalRedCrossRibbon Stormwind Royal Red Cross

Gallery Yes

Pre-Legion Artwork


Endmatter Yes


  1. Ballinda Dayglow also served alongside the Nightstalkers for a time, but this is actually unknown to Zaria.
  2. The controversial Court of Uther was one of the primary aspects of notoriety to the new Matriarch, however she would play a part in its weakening, and ultimate hiatus.
  3. Kaldea actually had a sibling, as well as quite a few members of her extended family. Devon never officially married her mother which makes Kaldea a bastard child.
  4. The Crest of the Knights of Perenolde is now also utilized by the Alterac Praetorian, the groups splinter faction,as well as the Icewing Brigade. The crest was later revised by the Matriarch to better separate the two organizations.
  5. This weapon has been Blackmoore's property since her knighting, and was given to her by her Knight.


  • Zaria has Scoliosis. Her chestplate harness and tunics are outfitted with a light, garter-styled brace.
  • Zaria is very indulgent for a Paladin, and keeps a wine cellar full of Alterac Brandy that had been produced before Alterac's fall.

Voice Reference

Zaria sounds similar to Grand Marshal Julianne Tremblade.


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