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"Vulture" Zeke


IconSmall Human Male.gif Human


Huntsman of Kessler Estate
Falconer of Perenolde (Former)


Alteracbordericonfull.png Syndicate
Alterac Icon.png Kingdom of Alterac





"Vulture" Zeke was formerly a renowned big game hunter and falconer for the House of Perenolde. After the Second War and the collapse of Alterac, Zeke began to breed exclusively vultures, convincing himself that he possessed avian blood. It was later discovered that he was somehow possessing these carrion feeders through the condor-skull cowl that he had come to don, which perhaps even stoked his waning sanity.

The aged huntsman eventually became a feared Syndicate outlaw based in the Alterac Mountains. His loyalties were sworn to House Kessler until his eventual death while confronting the Church of the Holy Light's inquisition.


When Hunstman Zeke's aviary was destroyed in the Second War during the Fall of Alterac, many of his prized falcons were slain or stolen. As a man who devoted his life to breeding these hunting companions, he was utterly shattered and devastated. He fled the ruined capital to regroup and reclaim his spirit within the wilds. It was there that the vultures came circling.


Zeke cast himself to the soil, broken and lost without his aviary. He convinced himself that he was little more than carrion, as what else would attract the scavengers that loomed above? He initially thought this, but his bond with the wilds was a strong one, and he would not be feasted upon by the flock, but instead he was lifted to his feet again upon the wings of the vultures. "Vulture" Zeke was born that day. Whether this rebirth of his was a hallucination of his induced by the strange, avian relic, or it was something he truly experience, there was something undoubtedly different about the hunter. He had intertwined his consciousness with the wake, seeing through their eyes as he donned this supernatural cowl.


Joining House Kessler

During the initial disputes between the nascent Syndicate hierarchy, Zeke had closely followed a man named "Mountain Lion" Braun. Zeke believed Braun to possess feline blood and nine lives. Swearing to follow the apex predator of Alterac, the aged vulture breeder did not hesitate to align himself with the young lord who had taken Braun's final life, that lord being Thirnas Kessler. He proclaimed Kessler as the Adder, a man with venom coursing through his veins. While the name never stuck, it would be a theme the Lord would commit to the new iteration of his House's crest.


Zeke and associated forces had taken seized control of the central portion of the Bleak Spire within the County of Black Peak with the aid of Syndicate mercenaries. Possibly lead from his initial perch by seer Erasmus Vanderbeck, the huntsman nested himself firmly upon a high overlook tower within the Spire proper, laying many traps while his flock of ravenous carrion birds awaited to ambush the eventual forces of holy inquisition members lead by Sir Julien the True in an effort to reclaim the territory.

Though Zeke had thoroughly pinned down the assailing inquisitors, some point amidst the battle, the huntsman had died from what could only be attributed to natural causes.

Zeke's mysterious cowl was taken by the inquisition, as it is suspected to be the source of the near supernatural ability he possessed when corralling seemingly wild vultures, even those far flung or undead.


After Tybalt Vanderbeck and Truthful agents sought to destroy Erasmus' phylactery, a lingering fragment of Zeke's soul was summoned against the infiltrators as a phantom entity.