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Zevrad Stargazer


IconSmall NightElf Male.gif Male


Zevrad - Icon - MischiArt.jpg Demonic Hybrid


The Fool
Devil of Darkshore
Demon of Delusions


Soul Slayer


Grand Alliance Icon.png Grand Alliance
Illidari Banner.jpg Illidari (Formerly)
Legion.png The Burning Legion (Formerly)






Chaotic Good


Edis Kaelah - Adopted Daughter (Alive)

Demon Name



You are a part of my fate, as I am a part of yours.

–Zevrad Stargazer

Zevrad Stargazer was the fusion of both a Demon and a Kaldorei / Night Elf male who joined the ranks of the Illidari / Demon Hunters and became one of their Slayers. A title bestowed to an Illidari with high prestige whose goals were to see the safety of Azeroth and the destruction of the Burning Legion. However, was this so?

The Demon Gan'arg, Mal'akor, had taken control over the "The Other's" body along with his role and memories. No one knows what had become of The Other's soul other than Mal'akor but, if one looked closely, a hint of his essence still lingers inside.

For many years, Zevrad had forced himself to follow the teachings of the Illidari to survive and avoid suspicion. His performance within their ranks was mediocre when it came to both agility and strength but what he excelled in were the fields of illusions and soul manipulation. Making him one of the most cunning combatants within the Illidari.

Zevrad later wore the amulet [Memento Mori] to sustain his lifespan after the defeat of the Burning Legion. The effects proved to be temporary despite the various methods of using Azerite as a source of energy for the amulet. It was only later when he was found by a Faceless One of N'zoth that he had been restored to his original state and more. As he was enhanced with abilities unlike never before.


The angle of you and the position from which you view your reality will change the perception of its nature. It is all, literally, a matter of perspective.


Zevrad was arrogant and unnecessarily cruel toward others who dared stand against him. He had seen and done many things, in secret, that would be considered immoral; aiding in genocide, participating in mass destruction, and providing intel for both the Illidari and the Burning Legion.

It was shown during the Broken Isles that Zevrad appeared quite cunning as he formulated an intricate plan. To destroy Legion Portals and resources in Azsuna before they could flank the Illidari while deceiving both his enemies and allies. The plan succeeded as he intended for it required the sacrifice of his fellow Demon Hunters.

Zevrad is naturally calm and observant, showcasing his ruthlessness as he has stated that victory, by any means, is preferable to him than losing. He was quite stubborn and would do things that others were afraid of doing. If something pushed him in one direction, then he would face it head-on. He also possessed a dry, sardonic wit and sense of humor, and had no problem speaking his mind to other people. He is widely feared amongst his foes and allies that, through his actions and secret nature, some would indicate that Zevrad was somewhat sociopathic.

Later, however, Zevrad demonstrated his capability to feel both remorse and empathy on several occasions. For instance, he had regretted his actions of self-gain but not the acts enforced in service to those he loves. His guilt and shame of "The One's" past deeds when part of the Burning Legion and early years as an Illidari makes Zevrad an extremely secretive and private individual. He does not enjoy speaking about his past and prefers to keep it shrouded in mystery. This secretive nature makes him rather rebellious towards authority as he secretly disobeyed an order by an officer of Dor'Serrar to destroy the remains of an artifact.

Despite his considerably dim outlook on reality, one of the few races in Azeroth that Zevrad holds in high regard is the Humans and Gnomes. A species who, being short-lived and frail, has shown perseverance despite the odds against them. For it reminded him of his former self. He attempts to give as much respect as he can to those who possess the genuine pursuit of freedom and desire for a cause that would benefit the future. This shift in personality started to form when he met his companions, Michita and Eve, along with adopting a young Draenei child named Edis.

Zevrad's qualities all point him out to be a fearsome hunter and bloodthirsty individual but there are hints of The Other's character from before. For the Night Elf used to smile and laugh in joy while committing his efforts in the natural arts of sculpting. He was very romantic and all of these traits can sometimes surface when alone or surrounded by the people who love and cares for him.

Zevrad has shown moments of kindness than his aloof and harsh demeanor would suggest. As he was known to help many individuals and groups in their endeavors even if the end goal does not personally benefit him. Assuming a parental role towards Edis, he cares deeply for her and is rather protective. He would patiently wait, in disguise, at the Mage District while Edis was taught by the Priest Trainer at the Cathedral of Light, Stormwind.

However, an encounter with a Faceless One has forced Zevrad to resort to his old habits leading to his untimely demise.

Character Type: Dynamic

If you are fated, it doesn't matter if you choose or not. You simply have the illusion of being free to choose.

–Ivar the Boneless, Vikings

Jacob Bryant's Orphic Egg (1774)

Zevrad embodies the concept of a primordial serpent transformed into a dragon as many cultures can use these two creatures interchangeably when it comes to their symbolic functions. Like a serpent in some cultures represents the concept of rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing through the traits of shedding their skin. Whereas the dragon are legendary creatures that are viewed as Death and Destruction in Western cultures that must be slain but the East reveres them with Good Fortune.

The serpent was chosen for Zevrad since, in Egyptian mythology, the serpent was a god of Chaos and was the natural opponent of the Light similar to the Lore of the Burning Legion. This concept was later transformed from Egyptian mythology to the folklore in Slavic culture or Chinese mythology of a creature transforming into a dragon through perseverance and determination. By fusing the lowly Gan'arg and Night Elf transformed them into one of the deadliest demon hunters as it unlocked Mal'akor's potential as a subspecies of the Mo'arg Race. Powerful and intelligent demons who are said to be the most diverse race in the entire Burning Legion.

The Fool's Journey was also implemented as a metaphor to life associated with the Tarot card, The Fool, to establish the character's foundation as it represented the number 0. The number of unlimited potentials followed by two other tarot cards representing the present and future of the character: The Devil and Death. The Devil was then adapted into Zevrad's character as it was the objectification of a hostile and destructive force. Since many individuals in Azeroth would view the Demon Hunters and the demons of the Burning Legion one and the same. In summary, Evil Incarnate. He would walk the path of self-destruction in his grandiosity and the continuous use of Fel magic to unsafely exceed his limits. Hence the future and final tarot card of Death.

Character Type Concept Art

Created by Mihail Dava. Listen to Theme.

Created by Lyanis Arts. Listen to Theme.

Inheritance Weapon

Inheritance Weapon Details
By recognizing the difference between yourself and others, you establish your identity as yourself.


A weapon had yet to exist that could be compatible with Zevrad's physiology due to his hybrid nature. So, as a tinkerer, he used his knowledge and skills to craft a weapon that would grow with him. An inheritance weapon. The name of the weapon would be known as Demonion Edge with the ability to grant the wielder the trait: Demolution - the process by which the wielder will develop to a higher, more complex, state of being based on the Souls consumed. It evolves alongside the user with the potential to change into various forms during combat if the wielder possesses the required Soul and Fel energies. The weapon was destroyed after the events at Argus that would mark the physical changes that lead to his demise.

Demonic Powers

Demonic Power Details
The power to imagine is the ability to create your own future.


Zevrad is acrobatic, to an extent, and uses his agility to climb, wall run, and leap large distances. He primarily wields the shapeshifting scythe, [Demonion Edge], when needed. He is also capable of wielding a wide variety of secondary weapons from arm blades, gauntlets, and claws but prefers his scythes above all.

Zevrad possesses the power of the Fel to empower his body that would allow him to perform destructive attacks with either his fists, weapons, or spells. Constant use of these abilities however would gradually corrupt and decay his body to a withered state. So he resolved these problems by using three components that acted as a conduit to channel his abilities.

  1. Masque of Souls
  2. Memento Mori
  3. Demonion Edge

Fel magic is a minor trait of what Zevrad could perform since his capabilities lie in the manipulation of the soul.

Soul Slayer

The container of Life is the Body whereas the core of Life is the Soul. It is the essence defined by the mental abilities of a living being through reason, character, feeling, consciousness, memory, perception, thinking, etc. One can interact with the Soul based on the purity and level of their mental energy and abilities as an individual.

Zevrad interacts with another person's Soul using the [Masque of Souls] and [Memento Mori]. He had secretly learned the techniques of his master as a servant to an Inquisitor, Nev'en, in his previous life and had adopted it, once again in secret, as his own after his rebirth. So far, he is the only Soul Slayer to date.

Ultimate Ability - Soul Realm

The Soul Realm is one that centers around the materialization and projection of one's inner world following the Thaumaturgical Theory: World Egg. The created worlds are separated from reality and are a product of switching the Self and the World while keeping the boundary the same if strong enough. The realm can materialize and the people consumed will be transported into the inner world of the conjurer. Practitioners normally make use of this ability without affecting reality such as, in Zevrad's case, the distortion and manipulation of the souls.

NOTE: Conditions to materialize the realm requires an astronomical amount of energy (both Mana and Fel) and pure soul intent. Meaning that Zevrad would avoid using this technique as much as possible since the backlash is quite severe.

Six Desires Illusory Arts: Reincarnation

The Six Desires Demonic Arts were designed to sow Discord within the mind and heart of a creature as the inner-desires or fears were manifested. It can be seen as a technique with each physical characteristics having a representation: eyes for the pursuit of envy, ears for the yearning of praise, nose for the experience of pleasures, mouth for the fulfillment of cravings, body for the physical contact of the flesh, and mind for the continuous thoughts of love. The following below is the description of each demonic aspects when individually manifested:

  1. The first figure had no face and only had 20 or so eyes that covered its face and were all black with runes within them. They looked quite terrifying as its body was as skinny as a monkey and had abysmal skin.
  2. The second figure was tall and slim that was a man’s body but was quite pale along with black hair. It also had no face, but on the two sides of its head, it had six pairs of pointed ears and wings.
  3. The third figure looked both like a human and a beast; its upper body was that of a human and its lower body was that of a beast. It was covered with black fur and did not have a face either; it only had a long blood-red nose that looked like a grotesque monster.
  4. The fourth figure looked like a small elderly person. It was currently lying on its stomach, and there was a set of horns on the side of its forehead. It did not have a face either and only had a mouth filled with fangs with a very long tongue.
  5. The fifth figure looked normal on the upper half of its body except it too did not have a face. The lower half of its body was made up of many tentacles, with scales, that continuously twisted about and were a fleshy color. It looked quite disgusting and horrifying.
  6. The sixth figure looked like the original and could be considered quite normal as he was wearing a silver robe and a replica of the [Masque of Souls]. However, he was surrounded by a demonic aura and there was nothing within the black robe, only darkness and the demonic aura that continuously changed.

When each desire is fused in combat, they form the following characteristics to Zevrad:

  1. Fiery diamond, translucent, and gleaming eye on the forehead from the Soul Illusory Demon.
  2. Wings from the Corrupted Illusory Demon.
  3. Increased muscle mass from the Beast Illusory Demon.
  4. Black Horns from the Hell Illusory Demon.
  5. Serpent Hound creatures and scales slithering at the back from the Spiritual Illusory Demon.
  6. Enhanced Demonic Aura from the Chaotic Illusory Demon.
Demonic Powers Images

Created by Maewix. Listen to Theme.

Created by Maewix. Listen to Theme.


Appearance Details 
The contents of a person's heart will shape their appearances.


Zevrad gives the aura of a demon due to the presence of his horns and the mask he wears: [Masque of Souls]. It is unknown how old the mask is but one can see that it has been through countless battles due to the cracks and discoloration. It acts as a second skin that, if desired, can show expressions and colors based on the wearer's emotions.

His armor varies throughout his journey but is mostly designed in dark green, turquoise, silver, black, and bronze in color. His original armor is described to be near impenetrable as it was made of the materials found on Argus and engraved with markings of the Demonic language.

A physical trait, unique to Mal'akor, is presented in the form of an elongated tail. He can use this tail in combat for mobility and combat purposes on the ground. The tail is very flexible and agile, can extend up to 40ft long, has scales that are as hard as steel, and can sharpen its tip that is comparable to any blade. Years later, this tail evolved as it can manifest into several creatures described as both Serpent and Hound.

In combat, spikes can be formed in various parts of his body (shoulders, arms, and back) due to the hardening of his skin. This ability allows him to endure almost any physical attack but his flesh is still vulnerable to magical abilities. Wings can be withdrawn from Zevrad's back as he chooses to fly in the sky as they are the demonic predatory organs that function as a weapon of support.
Appearance Image

Created by MischiArt. Listen to: Theme

The Truth

Lies spread faster than the truth.


The external truth that we notice would only be a part of the whole. Like how a shadow casts itself on the walls, they would change depending on an individual's point of view since the condition that one observes them would only be a part of its actual form. However, if one were to directly observe the actual object the shadows were created from, then they would be able to see its entire form.

The internal truth is conveyed in the eyes and by realizing this, one can explore a character's hidden motivations and thoughts or analyzing their true identity. For it is the eyes that are considered to be the windows of a creature's soul.

NOTE: The Soul of the One has claimed that the truth can be sadistic for it makes other creatures suffer while the other views it to be nobler as it inspires genuine maturation and growth. By learning the lessons it presents can an individual overcome the next trial ahead.


Everything Stays

Everything Stays

For each star in the sky exists a dreamer of the night.


Their sharpened swords stabbed through his fragile heart.
Ripping it in two, ripping his core apart.
It took them a few words, still, they cut deep.
Stealing emotions, making him sorely weak.
Their doubled-edged swords cutting connections.
He gazed to the stars, true in their reflection.
A place in his heart forever reserved.
For the one that he loved but didn’t deserve.
They twisted their swords; it tore him apart.
They broke what was left; they broke his fragile heart.

Listen to Sakura Nagashi and His Heart.

Stories are truer than Truth

–Neil Gaiman

Somewhere in the Cosmos, entities bigger than a planet are building a house of remembrance. As the people on the ground are waiting for the building to be finished before they go inside. They wait, awkwardly, shuffling and making small-talk in the wasteland that was once the Heart of Azeroth. Everybody’s here, you were here. As the night was over, and the day began.

“Where am I?”

“You are here, in Azeroth.”

“Am I dreaming?”

“Not quite.”

“This is Azeroth. I mean, I know it is Azeroth. But… it is strange. I know Azeroth as I know myself. I know this city. But it is not, isn’t it? ”

“Watch. Wait. You’ll see.”

“That demon… that’s Nev’en.”


“But he’s dead. And that’s… this is wrong. This is all wrong...who are you?”

The mourners took their seats, one by one, without hesitation or question. No one directed them, but they walked to their own seats and sat down, as quietly and efficiently as if they’d been rehearsing for this moment all their lives. The people moved as if their every move were foreordained. As if they had no true will of their own. As if their every action was written in a book long ago. But which book? And the last of the multitude took her, or his, or its appointed place. Finally, the ceremony began.

“This is… Zin-Ashari.”

“Yes. Very good.”

“But it was destroyed more than 10,000 years ago. This is… why are we here?”

“Why? We never left.”

Some of them spoke, and some of them were silent. But we do not need to recount every moment we had. After all, each one of us was there. You may have forgotten, in your waking hours, what you experienced that day. But you will remember it, in the soft, lost, slumbering moments between the waking and the dreaming. Remembering the whispering voices of the old gods, the piping laughter of innocent children, the frightened rustling of cold demise, the voices of the living, and the voices of the dead.

“I’m seeing it all. I’m seeing it as they describe it. But it never happened like this.”

“Shh. Just listen.”

“It’s so familiar… but… that wasn’t my Death.”

“No, it was your Death.”

“This is ridiculous. I can feel myself-”

You are surprised when, without any gentle transition, you are now standing upon a bridge. Has the dream become a bridge? Was it always this way? Or have you left the dream far behind, on some dark transitional journey? You cannot tell.

“So I am dead?”

“No, not yet. Not fully.”

“Are you Death?”

“I don’t think Death is a person.”

“Then tell me who you are. Tell me what’s going on.”

“Why don’t you figure it out.”

“I am attending… I seem to be attending… my own funeral. And they are telling each other stories about me. Michita. Eve. Edis. Each of them tells the story of a different life, a different Death. It’s like a Dream, but it’s not a Dream. I… I don’t know what it is. And I am not alone. There’s someone here with me. A woman, I can’t see her. It’s as if she’s standing just beside me, or all around me, talking to me… she says I’m not dead. I’m not certain I believe her.”

Before you had mistaken for a bier is now, unquestionably, a boat.

“Have you figured it out?”

“Not yet… that boat. That was not there before.”

“Does it matter?”

“I think so. I want to go there. It feels right. So I board the boat. And yes, I think I figured it out. It’s strange. I know who I am but I don’t quite remember which version I am. I don’t remember if I’m one of the ones they talked about or not. I don’t think it matters.”

Now the woman in the dress talks to you all, as the boat begins its passage down the slow stream.

“This is what the brain does when you’re dying, isn’t it? This is what they call a Near Death Experience. It’s classic. Meets all the criteria. Despite what I’ve witnessed, I feel serene and calm. My life is in replay over and over. Even though it’s never quite my life… is it? So I’m not dead.”

“Not yet.”

“But I’m close to it, aren’t I?”

“Yes, I’m afraid so. You’re very close. In between the Dreaming and Death.”

“Another thing that happens in a near-death experience. You meet relatives or friends. One who died before you did. And… I know you. Don’t I… Senrisa?”

Her words make sense of everything.

“Yes, you do.”

She gives you peace.

“So are you real? Or just something else that’s happening in my head, before the end?”

“Is there a difference at this point?

“I guess not. It’s too subjective.”

“Exactly, so what have you learned from your funeral?”


“Yes, learned. Not many people get to attend their own funerals. You must have learned something.”

“I’ve learned… that it doesn’t matter what the story is, because even when they aren’t talking about me, they are. Because in one shape or another, they’re a part of me, as I am a part of them. I sometimes fall in battle, saving something that is precious to me. Sometimes it’s a small ironic, unnoticed death. I die rescuing a child from a fire or fighting in a field of battle.”

She gives you meaning.

“Everything stays, but it changes. I am Zevrad. I am both Demon and Night Elf. I lived my life as best I could and I get it. I mean, I really get it. The end of the story. The story of Zevrad is, I die, because, in the end, I have to die. What else am I supposed to do? Retire? It doesn’t work that way. It can’t. I fight to drop until I drop. And one day, I do drop. But until then, I fight.”

“That’s right. You do. You fight until it’s done. And then you die. Until then you keep fighting. Because you have to. Because you can’t stop it from happening again. Because no matter how many lives you save, you can’t bring this version of me back. I still remember you by my side, reading. I didn’t see a lot of perfect happiness in my life, but you were perfectly happy.”

“It all started in Zin-Azshari. With the Demons. It’s not a battle, it’s a war. And it never ends.”

“It always ends. It’s ending right now.”

“Okay, this is my near-death experience. Am I going to come around? Wake up on a hill or bed again?”

“I don’t believe so, not this time. But I’ll always be here for you.”

Then they are floating, bodiless, high above the world.

“Are you ready to let go now? To move on?”

“To go to my final reward?”

“Yes, do you know the reward you get for being Zevrad? Is that you get to be Zevrad. And… when you’re a child and young… you get a handful of years of real happiness, with me. It’s more than some people get. You’re done, now. This time. You can stop fighting now… for just a few more years.”


“Remember the story I used to read by your side at night? It’s just like that. You remember. It’s time for you to say goodnight. Say it…”

And, as if in a dream, you can do nothing but watch.

“Goodnight, House.”
“Goodnight, City.”
“Goodnight, Horde."
“Goodnight, Alliance.”
“Goodnight, Demon.”
“Goodnight, Horse.”
“Goodnight, Wife.”
“Goodnight, Daughter.”
“Goodnight, Hound.”
“Goodnight, Lady.”
“Goodnight, Apparition.”
“Goodnight, Wanderer.”
“Goodnight, Gloominous.”
“Goodnight, Memory.”
“Goodnight, Azeroth.”
“Goodnight Stars In The Night Sky.”


The Overture
You are you. Despite the differences between how you interpret yourself and how others interpret you.


Mal'akor was a foolish Gan'arg who was given the task to craft weapons and armor for the Burning Legion. The demon excelled in this role but, as time passed, it grew in curiosity towards the other races. Mainly the emotions he was unable to feel.

  • Contentment
  • Compassion
  • Forgiveness
  • Empathy
  • Love

Little did he knew that Fate would answer his curiosity with Death.

Mal'akor - The Fool

Young Mal'akor,
born a stunted Mo'arg,
creator of beauty
and ugliness too.

Poor Mal'akor,
to be killed in Outland,
you died all alone and
now live as his soul.

Smart Mal'akor,
freed by skilled silver tongue,
to find a lost child
with fortune and love.

Sad Mal'akor,
feeling guilty inside,
compassion and friendship
changed his whole life.

Brave Mal'akor,
risking freedom and health,
came back for his people
and for himself.

Old Mal'akor,
no more will you roam,
once you were lost and now
you are back home.

The One or The Other

Created by Dovahcaine. Listen to Theme.

The Soul of the Other sought after Illidan to join his crusade against the Burning Legion. It was at the Black Temple, Outland where he faced untold challenges of life-threatening situations. He did not falter as his wrath outweighed his fear, and in his final act, he devoured the Heart of the Demon.

Fusing the Soul of the One with his that would have him claim its abilities for his own. Yet the ritual had him relive the past tragedies of suppressed memories, driving him insane. What came to be should never have been as the birth of Zevrad Stargazer was the rebirth of the Demon.

Using its wits and guile within the Realm of Souls, the One had tricked the Other resulting in their fusion. And with their union that could not be divided, with reincarnation to the Twisting Nether being uncertain, he forced himself into servitude to Illidan and his Illidari. Who fought against his brethren, the Burning Legion.

Time passed and the Demon, under the guise of Zevrad, had gained the loyalty and trust of the Illidari. Until he found the moment to return to his kin while the siege of Black Temple unfolded. But fate would have it that he would help lead a campaign against the Legion at Marduum.

Once completing the mission and returning to the Black Temple, the corpse of Illidan laid on the ground. Surrounded by the Wardens and their leader, Maiev Shadowsong. Delight filled Zevrad as he ran across the roof before the battle between the Illidari and Wardens ensued. But the battle was over before it began as the Wardens imprisoned those who had the Fel coursing through their veins.


Legion History

The Soul Memory

In my dreams, I had witnessed utter destruction. Teldrassil's last leaf wilts and falls. Beckoning and endless catastrophe. The slumbering one beneath the ocean awakens with the crashing of the waves. The boundary betwixt land and water, becoming indistinguishable. The four-footed beast's teeth crush and devour the sun and moon and, with its jaws, covers from horizon to sky. The world is dyed in darkness and soon, the most corrupt king of kings will be born with the world lit aflame.

–Zevrad Stargazer

Sealed inside the cursed crystal Fel, the Wardens brought him into the lowest depths of their Vaults. Binding him in chains with adamantine strength and surrounding him with arcane runes. The mark of the Illidari was placed upon his prison, warning all who entered that his kind must never be freed. There he sleeps in silent suffering, and in his slumber, he dreamt a dream unlike any other.

Ten years passed as the Burning Legion poured through the world of Azeroth. In their desperate hour, the Wardens freed him from his prison. Unleashing Chaos and Destruction that would spread before him like a plague on his path to The End.

Created by Esia Art. Listen to Theme.

Zevrad explored the continent of the Broken Isles but little did he knew that the Soul of the Other continued to influence the Soul of the One. Having him become fonder as new emotions surfaced from within. Torn between demon and mortal, he set forth towards Suramar to find the Inquisitor Nev'en. To have him undo what had been done to him.

Yet the Inquisitor had betrayed him in fear of a vision. A vision of what he would become and the potential threat he poses to the Burning Legion. With heavy injuries, he threw himself to the shores of Suramar from the balcony of a tower. Allowing Fate to once again guide his path as he unconsciously drifted with the tides.

Vengeance Incarnate

Created by Dovahcaine. Listen to Theme.

The depths I would go through to stay alive. Fueled by my hatred to exact revenge.

–Zevrad Stargazer

The body of Zevrad drifted towards the shores of Stormheim, where wandering adventurers brought him to Dalaran. Time would pass in a comatose state, as the Soul of the One continued to struggle against the Other. And as he awoke, he expressed new emotions within the positive spectrum. Towards a young Ren'dorei named Eve Ariel Emberbane and a stoic Worgen named Michita Atiel Royal. As the two were the ones who found him, their interaction allowed him to discover the meaning of friendship.

Time continued to pass until he fully recovered, and it was at this time that the unified might of the Horde and Alliance fought against the forces of Suramar. Leading to the defeat of the Orc Warlock, Gul'dan. And as the adventurers fought against the Orc, Zevrad sought after Nev'en. Repaying him a hundredfold as he destroyed the Inuqistor in both body and soul. Never to be reincarnated.


Created by LyanisArts. Listen to Theme.

If I had wings, I’d fly into the night
To catch up to you so you could hold me tight.
If I had wings, I’d meet together on Elune
Hoping this moment could be happening soon.

If I had wings… if only I had wings…

Before I watched from the ground towards the skies
Alone, in turmoil, I watched with teary eyes.
Until Belore granted me my own pair of wings
Behold, the gift, that I dreamed in dreams.

With my wings, I flew into the deep night
To bring a star back so I could hold it tight.
With my wings, I’d meet together with Elune
Bewildered this moment was happening soon.

With my two wings… with my only two wings...

I reached for you from across the glassy stars
Thinking of the shining light from afar.
But two hearts crashed in the sky near the shore
Hurt, as I thought I lost forevermore.

The moment, for us, never seemed to be right
I dropped out, too soon, I didn’t even fight.
Yet you slipped right through, the palm of your hand
Only to realize, I understand.

With our wings, you held me in your arms
And was struck by your mesmerizing charms.
With our wings, we’d fly through the Beyond
To show our Hearts even as daylight dawned.

With our wings… with only our wings...

Zevrad made his way to the Broken Shore after the events of Suramar in the dark of night but suddenly found himself bumping into a Rogue Blood Elf, unintentionally knocking her unconscious. He would have left her to her Fate as he was pressed for time and on the opposing faction with her being on the Horde. But had a sudden change of heart as he recalled the recent incident with his two newfound comrades who had saved him from a similar fate that the Blood Elf would soon meet. So Zevrad caught and drew her in his arms before the Blood Elf plummeted to her demise and, at that moment, her eyes opened alongside the rising of the sun.

The Blood Elf introduced herself to Zevrad as Zephyr and they would find themselves to have a common goal and enemy against The Burning Legion. Making them temporary allies as they raided the Tomb Of Sargeras side-by-side alongside fellow adventurers and heroes of both the Alliance and Horde. Yet what was supposed to be temporary truce would have to be extended as a new threat loomed across the skies of Azeroth. Argus, homeworld to the Legion, had been forced to make its way to Azeroth.

The Child

What was mortal was burned away, what was immortal was transfigured.

–Zevrad Stargazer

Created by Honorem. Listen to Theme.

Argus was the planet where Zevrad found the child crystallized in stasis. Upon placing his hand on her seal, it shattered and the child was set free. She cried a plea of helplessness and, in his pity, turmoil ensued. Shattering the barriers that locked his heart. And with the doors open, the two Souls of the One and the Other melded in perfect harmony. Creating the perfect form.

The salvation of the child had remade Zevrad as he expressed other emotions never before felt. And in his atonement, he chose to care for the child whose name was Edis Kaelah.

The battle against the Legion continued after Edis was brought to the Vindicaar. And with unsealed emotions, he became more powerful as he burned with a fiery passion. Attaining new levels that he could never before imagine. With a new transformation.

Former Dream

We live as we dream.

–Zevrad Stargazer

And in their conquest, forces of Azeroth fought with the Army of the Light against the endless waves of the Legion. With the Crown of the Triumvirate, they breached the walls of the citadel of Antorus. Advancing forward towards the seat of power of where the Titans of the Pantheon sat. Bestowed by their artifacts with terrible power and strength, they fought on the world of Argus, without pity, as they sought to the end the dominion of the Legion.

Created by RobCV. Listen to Theme.

In his newfound powers, Zevrad was one of many who performed such feat. As he helped pave a path through the countless creatures by sacrificing himself in his attempt. And as he stood between the realms of Life and Death, Time flowed differently as a matter of seconds on Azeroth was an eternity in purgatory. It was there that he met an Apparition of the Other's past as his greeter of Death, Senrisa Moonsayer.

There And Back Again

Seeing Senrisa again brought about suppressed memories of The Other caused his heart to skip a few beats. This was due to the various feelings he felt all at once:

The shock of seeing Senrisa in this realm. 
The joy that he is reunited, once more, with his beloved. 
The sorrow of what happened in the past. 
The fear of what she will say. 
The shame of her seeing him in this form. 

He stood before Senrisa with averted eyes as he asked, "Beloved, you came back?" She smiled as she slowly and casually approached him with a gentle smile on her face saying "You know that I have never left you."

"But you did leave..." he corrected her " DIED."

"No," she replied "I did not die. You KILLED me." She informed him as she pointed to his heart. "YOU."

She was referring to the inner-demon part of Zevrad, The One named Mal'akor, who will forever be merged with The Other. It was then that he knew that he could not hide the truth from her. That all of his secrets were exposed to her. With these words, he fell to his knees before her admitting "YES. I killed you." He looked up to her eyes confessing his sins in his turmoil state, "I killed us, I killed our child, and I HATE myself for all that I have done."

Senrisa then placed a hand on his face to remove his mask saying "Dear Mal'akor..." with Zevrad's face fully exposed she says the three words that will set him free "...I forgive you."

And for the first time in his life, he wept.

Created by BellaBergolts. Listen to Theme.

Days became weeks, weeks into months, and months into years. Zevrad was in that realm for a lifetime with Senrisa. However, like all things, everything must come to an end. A light was calling him back to the land of the living.

He pleaded to the voice crying "No, not yet! We had no time."

"Shhh." Senrisa comforted. "It's all right. We had time enough."

The two embraced each other as the light surrounded their world.

An Emerald Dawn

An emerald sun dawns in the vault of the heavens,
but it casts no shadow.

The world lifts her voice in terror,
but only one can hear her cries.

From the space that is everywhere and nowhere,
the crooked serpent feasts on stars.

It has no eyes to see,
but it dreams of infinite endings and beginnings.

<Strange glyphs and writing in an unknown language cover the rest of the scroll.>

-Damp Pamphlet

Created by Lyanis Arts. Listen to Theme

Come What May

Created by Ethereal Storyteller. Commissioned by my friend Serana Dawnsinger. Listen to Theme.

The more people you love, the vulnerable you become.

–Zevrad Stargazer

Zevrad was revived from a near-death experience at the cost of his weapon, [Demonion Edge], causing his body to regress into a decaying state. But in his condition, he understood the frailty that mortals felt. As both the One and the Other had lived countless years, they were not prone to the weakness of the Flesh. Despite their age. Yet this experience had allowed him to feel admiration for the mortals.

With time against him, he began to live his life in peace as promised to the apparition. Renouncing his position as Slayer that would alter the destiny of the child. As he cared for Edis Kaelah as his own.

Together they journeyed across the continents of the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, interacting with creatures of various races. A blessing of peace bestowed before the Horde marched towards their home.

Battle For Azeroth

Battle For Azeroth History

Zero Hour

Blazing Ash

Zevrad - Nozomi-M.png
Created by Nozomi-M. Listen to Theme.

Zevrad - Ammatice.png
Created by Ammatice. Listen to Theme.

Using the rhythm and melody from ring around the rosie.

Flames surround the World Tree.
Teldrassil is Burning.
Ashes, ashes.
It all comes down.

Flames surround the World Tree.
The Banshee Queen, she burns me.
Ashes, ashes.
It hurts. So. Much.

Flames surround the World Tree.
Screams and Death Surround me.
Ashes, ashes.
We all. Fall. Down.

-Written by the Author.

Made by Nikita Drizhenko. Listen to Theme.

Fate and Sacrifice

(Author's Note: Format Resembles A Tree)
I Was Done
"Do you know what she did!?"
"Can you understand what she did to me!?"
"I was done."
"All of this. All of you people. The insanity. The fighting. The death."
"The Pain."
"I was done."
"All we needed was peace."
"Just a little quiet."
"I could've come to Orgrimmar and burned it."
"But I did not."
"I was done."
"Instead, at the great expense, I arranged for a home of my own."
"Is it my fault that I was idle?"
"How can I control violence while trying to remain peaceful?"
"But regardless, I had a home."
"I had peace."
"I was done."
"And then the Horde came to my island, to my home!"
"The building where his mother died."
"Where he raised himself from nothing!"
"I was done, and you ALL came!"
"You destroyed my home."
"And stole my peace!"

Burned by the embers of Teldrassil, his soul blistered by the fires of hatred and tainted beyond recognition, he chose the path of unending torment. In his ravenous hatred, he would find no peace; and with boiling blood he scoured Azeroth. Seeking vengeance against those that were deserving of his fury. He wore the Masque of Souls enhanced from the countless fallen before, and those that had met their end would be devoured by him through Memento Mori. Drawing strength from his fallen foes, and ever his power grew, swift and unrelenting.

Created by BellaBergolts. Listen to Theme.

I'm Wishing (Filler Arc)

Your wish may not be what you expect, but that is what makes it so special.

–Zevrad Stargazer

Lushlux Gloominous was a lost and frightened Void Elf Priestess who had fled to the forest to escape something of unknown origins. There she befriended the woodland creatures who lead her to safety and into an abandoned cottage deep in the woods. Finding it in disarray, she begins to clean the interior and assumes ownership.

The cottage was one of the Night Elf's old home from a lifetime ago and, after years passed, was surprised as he returned to find it in an organized and clean manner. He soon found Lushlux upstairs peacefully asleep but decides not to wake her after seeing her peaceful face. She wakes up the next morning at the smell of food and, with an empty belly, she heads downstairs and soon saw him for the first time. The interaction was awkward, at first, but they quickly grew accustomed to each other as he welcomed her into his home.

Lushlux decides to repay his kindness by offering to cook and clean for him. He accepts as she keeps the house in order while he continues to venture across Azeroth. Time passes, and the two grew fond of one another as he brought home tales of his adventures and souvenirs from various cultures. Little did he knew that something amiss was occurring while he was away.


I am yours, you are mine

Art created by Angevere. Video created by Author.

Secretly, Lushlux would mentally struggle against the Void, and it didn't take long for her to admit that she suffers from erratic behaviors. In fear of being seen and treated differently, she kept this to herself until the truth could no longer be hidden. For no one truly understood what she goes through and the people she has told before would change their attitude towards her. Casting her out or isolating her due to fear.

He, however, accepted her with kindness with the opportunity to remain at his home for however long as she would like. For he understood the treatment of being an outcast from a society that fears the unknown. With him, she learned to change her mindset based on what she thinks to be her true self. For she would rather be herself and let others accept her for who she was rather than be somebody she was not just because of the approval of others.

It would later be discovered that Lushlux left without saying a word or leaving a note. What became of her and her story? Who can say? For it was one of many with an ambiguous ending.

The Tide Rises

Created by Joseph Weston. Listen to Theme.

You can change what you do, but you can't change what you are.

–Zevrad Stargazer

An invitation was received by an allied guild to Dor'Serrar, The Greyshields, to aid them in their mission to gather Azerite resources in the south-eastern side of the Eastern Kingdoms. But while in the middle of the open sea, they were ambushed by the naga. Resulting in one of the two vessels to sink below the depths of the sea.

The adventurers fended off the Naga but sustained heavy casualties in both flesh and vessel. Gathering resources in a time of peace, they would soon be attacked by a Naga with gathered reinforcements. And as the situation turned bleak, those who were lost at sea returned with retribution. Boosting morality as they countered the Naga to retreat.

Zevrad had faced a monstrous race that he had never before seen. Arising from organic matter that seeped from the old god, he would suffer at the attacks of a Faceless One. Preventing him to perform the techniques of the Soul. As a brand was etched onto his Soul, drawing all eyes to him beneath the depths of the Void.

Ghosts of the Pasts

Created by MischiArt. Listen to Theme.

The future unwritten, the past not my concern, it is the moment that is of importance.

–Zevrad Stargazer

Selected individuals of the Alliance established a foothold within the southernmost regions of Quel'thalas, known as the Ghostlands. There the Horde fought to prevent them from taking control. Fatigued in both body and mind, Zevrad suffered at the hands of Plaguebringer Harris. An Undead who utilized the blight that gravely injured him, sending him near Death's door.

Unconscious and left for dead, he awoke in a withered state. And in his defeat, he drew strength from his amulet. Absorbing the energies stored without restraint, his left arm was altered as his mind reverted back to his demonic tendencies. As an insatiable craving for bloodshed and destruction developed.

Created by Dovahcaine. Listen to Theme.

Devil of Darkshore

I am the prisoner of my own making.

–Zevrad Stargazer

Tempered by the trials of war, his mettle remained steadfast through the woods that preys upon his victims. For he was uninhibited, who sought vengeance in all aspects, Void and Light, Arcane and Fel, in the beginning, and the end. He hunted his prey down with barbarous cruelty as he slaughtered as none but Demon had before.

And in his campaign, against the souls of his victims, his prowess was shown. As the Fel bestowed upon him terrible power and speed. With his might, he crushed the victims in Darkshore as he set forth without pity upon the beasts of the Horde. Unbreakable, unrelenting, unyielding, he sought to reclaim the lost territories of the Kaldorei.

Years would pass until future historians would name this unknown assailant as the Devil of Darkshore.

My Destiny is (Not) My Own?

Created by Todor Hristov. Listen to Theme.

I had forgotten my foolishness and repeated the same mistakes.

–Zevrad Stargazer

Vulnerable in his bloodlust, he was one of many that were among the affected by the Old God's influence. As a vision was revealed to him. A possible future showing an aspect of himself obtaining the powers he desired while wielding his blades and riding amidst the Chaos on his Defiant steed.

Embrace the void that will corrupt the vessel of the world, and tame the Fel that will burn out the souls of the gods. The one who grasps, in his hands, every evil fate in the world. "All that is one."

Accepting the gift that affected his Soul, the Chaos grew from within. Intertwining with the unnatural energies of the brand of the Void. But the consequence of this act will result in a catastrophe, as it forever altered his destiny, for it was no longer his own.


Created by Alex Maragondi. Listen to Theme.

The path to fate can often be viewed as a curse. Only at the end can it be revealed as a gift.

–Zevrad Stargazer

With a chaotic mindset, it was revealed to Zevrad that he had been manipulated by both Nev'en and Senrisa since before he had been imprisoned beneath the depths of their vaults. Influencing his path of self-destruction through deception and manipulation instructed by a Faceless One. So that he would bring about the completion of the circles, heading towards Oblivion.

Initiated by the Inquisitor, he was fueled by vengeance and hatred that brought about a catastrophe untold by his kin. Granting him the role of Slayer, his path was laid by the fallen of followers and foe. The foundation of stepping stones. Whilst the Apparition made him vulnerable through the connections of bonds formed. Occupying Zevrad's heart that would have him confront his internal truth of emotional growth. Perverting his mind as he was revealed to be a pawn and in his realization, he concluded that the Heart is extremely cruel.

Requiring one to be crafty and hypocritical. Capable of compromises, even with an enemy. To brutally massacre others by greedily engulfing other lives since all creatures will constantly need to fight to grow from their weaknesses, guilt, embarrassment, insecurities, and fear.

All That is ONE

All That is One

Zevrad - Lynadeathshaow - Version 1.jpg
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Zevrad - Lynadeathshaow - Version 2.jpg
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The question remains. Are you, you? Or are you me? Are you the mortal who dreamed of being a Demon? Or are you the Demon who dreamed of being a mortal?

–All That is One

Receiving the powers Zevrad sought, he reached new heights of untold power. What was impossible has been made possible, performing higher-tiered sigils. His enemies that had proven difficult on Argus could now be easily outmatched with his terrible strength and speed. Fatal injuries were healed seen by the naked eye and his aura of despair and destruction continuously spread like a disease. Making his foes weak in will, making some nauseous as they fell unconscious. And in his rapid growth in strength, a new form was available to him.

No longer did he transform into a hulking figure with wings, but a horrific form of terror as serpents slithered from his back. Not much has been told of what these creatures could do, but some have speculated that it is an extension of himself. Avatars that traveled across Azeroth in their own physical form similar to the original, who helped influence the events that would lead "To The End."

NOTE: One of these creatures was named Ap'ophis. The demonic creature who aided the Silverfin during the event: Depths of Vashj'ir.

Memento Mori - Remember Thou Art Mortal

Created by Sinlaire. Listen to Theme.

I am withdrawn because I am afraid of being hurt.

–Zevrad Stargazer

As time passed, Zevrad struggled with the corruption that was inflicted on him, forcing him to settle into his role as a servant to N'zoth.

He would one day find himself to visit Edis, but the many months of his absence had created a rift between the two. The conflict ensued as he suddenly felt his nature resurfacing from within, before finally deciding to take action upon himself. But not before he first places the care of Edis upon Eve and Michita.

Zevrad then formulated a plan to destroy N'zoth but was unsuccessful when he was foiled. This failure seemingly strained his already unstable mental health as his hallucinations became worse, causing him to further distance himself towards others.

The Dreaming of Sleepers: Apotheosis

Do you dream while you sleep or is it an escape from the horrors of reality?

–Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron

He fulfilled his tasks incognito as one of the many servants of N'zoth. In Vashj'ir, he used Ap'ophis to aid the Naga and establish a working relationship to accomplish his goals. Several other creatures were used until the time came when all eyes were brought towards Azshara. As she used the Tidestone to part the ocean, allowing both the Horde and Alliance access to her kingdom. The adventurers of both factions would prevail by defeating the Queen and her forces but at the cost of inadvertently releasing N'zoth from his prison.

Now, for the first time in eons, the old god sits on his throne within his Black Empire. A series of events will unfold that includes the great battle at the sleeping city of Nya'lotha. A realm that is inhabited by the old god N'zoth and his minions that is separated from the physical realm by a thin veil. This veil was being torn away after the Fourth War, unleashing untold nightmares and visions which influenced many of the inhabitants of Azeroth. Plotting, scheming, and exploiting everything that once kept Azeroth safe. The Titan facilities. For they are the key locations that can contain and turn the tide against the old god.

Created by Schneissy. Listen to Theme.

During this event, his unlocked potential began to transform into a special type of biological organs that could absorb all sorts of energies from his surroundings to enhance his combative abilities. Allowing him to possess all sorts of extraordinary powers such as mental manipulation, destructive force, heightened reflexes, concealment, and absorbance. Alongside these changes was the Eye of Denouement.

An eye that was finally formed after going through six rounds of assembly since the Broken Shore to Ny'alotha, reading ancient texts from Argus and Azeroth, and applying it to his own techniques. The eye on his forehead was like a fiery diamond or a gemstone, translucent and gleaming in a faint fluorescent light that emitted strange energies, making one's hair stand on end when looked at.

To The End: Denouement

The End is just as Important as the Beginning.

–Zevrad Stargazer

Many of Azeroth's denizens made their way to key locations of the final battle that could determine the fate of Azeroth. Where many of them were, he was there. Walking with the corrupted as he helped shape their deepest beliefs. An executioner of the prisoners. A lone hunter on a Fel horse. A criminal lurking within the shadows. Fields become burial grounds within his presence. Standing witness to every great atrocity, every feeble passing. During each strife, on each battlefield, within each war, he had left his mark.

To The End

Zevrad Stargazer Final 1 - KylePunkArt.jpg
Created by KylePunkArt. Listen to Theme.

Zevrad Stargazer Final 2 - KylePunkArt.jpg
Created by KylePunkArt. Listen to Theme.

As a servant of N'zoth, he had ensued Conflict and Discord across Azeroth and beyond as he killed and manipulated countless people. However, the strain of his continuous transformation and constant use of the Fel had continued to decrease his life span. Unexpectedly, as N'zoth was preoccupied with the Champions and Adventurers of Azeroth, he regained clarity of his mind and rue what had transpired by his actions.

The Ring of Time

Time is the greatest illusion of all.

–Zevrad Stargazer

Zevrad used the countless rifts of the Void scattered across Azeroth to travel across time and space to gain insight into the future. With each rift traveled, he began to understand the profound complexities of the universe's structure of the past, present, and future that formed. And as he traveled throughout the multivariate universe of different timelines of Azeroth, he saw worlds that were similar yet vastly different from the original.

Created by BellaBergolts. Listen to Theme.

Worlds where technology reigned supreme as opposed to magic, where different races unseen before were present or the realm of Eorzea was formed in the same space rather than Azeroth. Each world visited would greatly affect Zevrad as he would sometimes have his source of powers become unavailable to him due to the different laws of that universe. And with each of his attempts, it would affect his already unstable sanity, forcing him to eventually come to the conclusion that he cannot change what is to come since the seal known as the Ring of Time would prevent him from altering a written timeline.

Every single thought and action would form a path, but when a choice is altered from the original, the entire line would transform into a Ring of Time that would sink into an endless cycle without them knowing. After the Ring of Time is formed, the past and the future would connect with each other making those who exist in that timeline to change concurrently as all the matters within it would all occur at the same instant. This meant that when a person made a decision, their past and future would experience a change simultaneously. The moment that time changes, the present self would disappear and a new individual would appear.

Life Lived Long

Immortality isn't living forever, it's watching everyone else dying.

–Eve Ariel Emberbane

His attempts in traversing the multivariate universe took countless of years for Zevrad but was a matter of days relative to Azeroth. Despite his mental fatigue from his journey, he would find himself intercepting Eve at the Veil of Eternal Blossoms while the Champions and Adventurers of Azeroth fought the forces of N'zoth at Ny'alotha. There he discussed on a hill overlooking the gates of Ny'alotha what was to come and that it was unavoidable. Eve commented that he was afraid, not of himself or Death, but for them. The people that were in his life: Michita, Edis, and her. Everyone that he had formed a connection with.

He noted that mortals are strange in their beliefs, as they believed Order and Chaos are separate things. Their continuous struggle and tenacity had affected even himself by reflecting on the decisions that he made. Eve agreed that this trait can be elegant for even the tiniest resolve can alter the course of events, but he shrugged it off stating that the forces against N'zoth will inevitably be doomed. If not today then perhaps later due to their constant obsession in creating wars.

Eve agreed but claimed that something isn't beautiful because it lasts, as a life lived long can be a battlefield on its own.

For the Sake of Love

You see Eve, all things... requires love. And nowadays, they'll do anything for it.

–Zevrad Stargazer

A bright light had encompassed the Vale of Eternal Blossoms as the Champions and Adventurers had prevailed against N'zoth and his forces. The effects had caused many who were within the vicinity to fall unconscious as they could not withstand the effects. Eve was among one of many while it had little effect on him.

Dawn would come when Eve would awaken in possession of Zevrad's mask while he had his back turned as he overlooks the scenery of a purified world from corruption. Admitting that he was wrong with a chuckle, it seemed that he had contemplated his choices and beliefs from the moment N'zoth was defeated until now. She would reprimand him as she asks why is he laughing, only to be replied that his life had been an irony.

Eve then notices that Zevrad was slowly withering away into ash as his body's life has come to an end. With sympathy, she asks if anything can be done about his situation but he would be reminded about her statements regarding life and that he has no right to be saved. Besides, he no longer has a goal as he had achieved all that he could and that his battle ends here.

Eve cried as she said that she failed to save him which baffled Zevrad as he turned towards her. With his face exposed and a smile on his face, he comforted her by expressing his gratitude to her and to look after Edis and Michita. Don't have them become a hopeless idiot like him and to lean on their shoulders whenever times are tough. To not face struggles alone.

With renewed resolve in her heart, Eve declared that she would do her best and to assure him that the future for them will be bright ahead. Her confirmation had him express a deep smile as he reassures her that, if he is to be reborn, he'll be sure to do his best from then on.

It was at that moment that only ashes remained.

Created by KylePunkArt. Listen to Theme.

Return to Zero

Created by Annahelme. Listen to Theme.

The closer I was to Death, the stronger I became.

–Zevrad Stargazer

Zevrad's soul continued to head towards the source after the events of Ny'alotha while the time frame in which he had should've kept on moving forward. What was should have stayed and what is present should have changed as he traversed the boundaries between the Great Beyond and The Twisting Nether. He would unexpectedly find himself in a foreign realm with a new form, unlike their previous aspect.

They would unexpectedly find themselves in a foreign realm with new forms, unlike their previous aspect. This may allow them to open the doors to a broader and more satisfying experience as they travel onto their new path with a new beginning. learning to let go of the unhealthy habits and behaviors of their past to achieve a fuller and more fulfilled purpose.


Shadowlands History

Shadowlands: Ragnarok

Created by Kresto The Artist. Listen to Theme.

Ties and bonds severed away,
within the world of mortals.
She does not know any doubts,
of Light, without pure morals.

Comes the Hour of Twilight,
as this is a time of War.
Covenants forged in Death,
Azeroth shall fight once more.

Smoking black plumes surround,
black skies on boney graves.
While the Elf's sapphire eyes,
reflects the slithering waves.

The Serpent consumed the Fel,
six steps and the Dragon falls.
Darkness surrounds the half-beast man,
as howling fills the old halls.

Shadowed is the World Tree,
Deviled is our kin.
What was will rise once more,
and thus begin again.


Relationships List
In the act of observing others, you can find and recognize one's self.


The Demon

His curse is that he will never know true content or satisfaction.


The Gan'arg Race.

Mal’akor, who exists only to cause Discord among the other races, bears bitter resentment for them than any other of his kind and treats them in the most personal and heartfelt manner. His hatred for them has an immense emotional and personal foundation greater than any of his siblings. But can easily be set off by insults due to his ego thus causing him to make mistakes.

Mal'akor's past is mysterious and, by all indications, he prefers it that way. What is known is that he is one of the oldest of his kind, the Gan'arg, one of the Firstborn. Before the Burning Legion was established, during the time the Demons ran amok. He was the closest thing they had to a crafter and it was suggested that the weapons crafted were made of metal meshed with sinew, organs, flesh, and souls. Far more powerful than they had ever known before.

Years passed and, in his final hour, Mal'akor traveled alone to the wastes of Outland. There he was ambushed and butchered by an Illidari scouting party.

The Steed of Disorder

Created by Todor Hristov. Listen to Theme.

Then I looked, and behold, a pale green horse: and the name that sat on him was Zevrad.


Zevrad beheld a Stallion that he had physically transformed from a hazy dust brown to demonic flesh and bone to reflect himself. The process was beyond flesh as it was a sort of chemistry for it was a meeting of volatile energies as if consumed by fire. The Steed was named Defiance based on his actions before his dying breath and, through the use of the [Dark Heart Seal], Zevrad was ironically able to enslave the creature with unquestionable loyalty.

The steed would be summoned whenever Zevrad had to traverse long distances or during the battle of an open field. This allows him to kill in an efficient manner as he uses his weapon to cut down any enemy that stands in his way.

NOTE: The Fel energies coursing throughout his body allows Defiance to ride within the skies and come back from the dead through [Memento Mori] or the Twisting Nether.

The Daughter

I am not ashamed to say that, despite his failings, my daddy will always be the greatest man in the world to me.

–Edis Kaelah

Created by Angevere. Listen to Theme

Edis Kaelah is a Draenei child who was found on Argus without any memories of her previous life due to being crystallized for countless years. Only time can tell whether or not her memories would one day return to her.

Zevrad's main focus today is the care and nurture of Edis Kaelah after the defeat of the Legion and return to Azeroth. He journies to several regions with Edis to have her know the planet that they were now staying on and meet various people of different sizes and races. The two were inseparable, but duty demanded Zevrad to fight for the Alliance. He does so, despite his condition, to one day create a world where Edis can happily live in... without him.

NOTE: For personal reasons, Zevrad has been neglecting his daughter after the event: Ghosts of the Pasts.

"I spent most of my time alone. For many years, I pretended that this was the source of my strength. I told myself that I had free will, and in that, I had achieved a great deal. Crafted many things but never was I fulfilled. I was longing for a connection that I could imagine, but could not create. Searching and not finding. Until Edis, until I discovered love. The sense of power and freedom that she brought me. But beyond that, I realized the great lie, at the heart of love. That what I took as true freedom was precisely the reverse. You can build a prison of metal and magic but, in truth, you only present the prisoner with a challenge. Any truly determined man could find a way out, but love. Love is the perfect prison. Unpredictable, unexpected, insufferable, inescapable. And if these things helped me protect Edis, then they are nothing to me. I will do what I must." - Zevrad Stargazer

Lady and the Hound

"He rarely speaks, but he does not have to. I can see all he wishes to convey through his eyes, his heart, and his obvious affection."

–Lady Eve Emberbane, Lady of the Hound.

Back Then by VanHarmontt. Inspired by Time Adventure.

The Worgen Michita Atiel Royal and his Ren'dorei companion, Eve Ariel Emberbane, saved Zevrad's life on multiple occasions during the events of the Legion. They first met at Dalaran's hospital where Zevrad woke up from his coma and found that they were the ones who brought him back to safety. Their first interaction was awkward but, as the day passed, signs of friendship started to blossom due to Eve's kindness and Zevrad's changed personality during his comatose state.

Together, they had banded together with the forces of Azeroth to push back the forces of the Burning Legion at the Broken Isles, the Tomb of Sargeras, and finally Argus. Their constant cooperation had brought forth the understanding of companionship to Zevrad. Something that he had never once felt before. After the events of Argus, they had enjoyed the time of peace in the various locations of Azeroth. For a while.

The Apparition

The sun in the light and moon in the night. Not many things are known about her and it is better to leave things unsaid than said.


A Flight To Remember by Jesse Karger. Listen to Theme.

Zevrad has been having recurring dreams and visions of an apparition that is familiar yet foreign to him. What appears to be a High Elf with black hair and blue eyes is actually the form of the Night Elf's deceased wife, Senrisa Moonspeaker.

He would experience these dreams on various nights with each dream being either an old memory or a new one. Sometimes, however, these dreams would have a sudden shift from a dream to a nightmare.

These events can be considered a blessing or a curse for Zevrad since each experience tears at his emotions. Affecting him to become mentally unstable due to the cause for him to feel the passion of love or the pain of guilt.

It was later discovered that this Senrisa was not what she appeared to be as she had used him for her own self-gain, causing Zevrad to be forced into the service of a fate that was no longer his own.

The Lost Wanderer

There have been times when he hated him. Yet, with all his heart, he loved him as a brother.

–Zevrad Stargazer

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Alkamaeus was a Death Knight whose sole purpose was the annihilation of the followers of the Lich King, Arthas Menethil. For years, a female Orc with the alias: Doom was his comrade throughout his early years as a wanderer. Together they embarked on a mission to defeat Lord Rhayleth Iores during the Iron Horde invasion and attempted to annihilate Sylvanas Windrunner within the Undercity.

They succeeded in pushing Rhayleth back but failed in their attempt against Sylvanas. With her mission half-complete, Doom laid down her blade and returned to her homeland feeling that she had completed all that she could. It was afterward that Michita and Alkamaeus had met and it was through Michita that Zevrad had met the Death Knight.

The two were comrades and nothing more outside of battle. They rarely spoke, but the two trusted each other with their lives during the Legion invasion. Sadly, it would come to an end as Alkameus sacrificed himself saving the civilians within the burning tree of Teldrassil. Zevrad would never get over his death and would remember him in his private moments as a man worthy of his admiration.

The Gloominous

Some days, it was you, who stopped my heart from breaking. No one else.

–Zevrad Stargazer

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Lushlux Gloominous was a Void Elf, whose past remains a mystery to this day, would be considered as the "fairest of them all" according to Zevrad. "Hair as black as ebony, lips as red as the rose, skin as white as snow," her features have now changed into the colors as the depths of the ocean. Though her attire often changes from time to time, she is well known for her iconic blue priestess dress.

Lushlux is innocent, kind, gentle, sweet, and cheerful despite her mental tribulations. Her generous, trusting, and helpful nature can cause her trouble as other people may take advantage of her kindness. However, when situations like that occur, she has learned from these experiences allowing her to mature and grow independently.

First shown that Lushlux was sensitive and soft-spoken, she can be energetic and stern as she grew comfortable with her environment as shown when she scolded Zevrad. She is motherly and compassionate as she delights in keeping the house that she occupies in Zevrad's absence in a neat and orderly manner along with the woodland creatures.

There she patiently waits for his return each day until he comes for her once again.

The Memory

Burying memories is a person's way of surviving.

–Zevrad Stargazer

Created by TagoVanTor. Listen to Theme. Image of when she was younger.

The woman looked middle-aged but was worn out and aged before her time. Her natural beauty, however, couldn't be fully hidden as she had long silky silver hair that reached down her upper back, fair skin for her race, beautiful silver eyes, and a now thin figure that sill has some curves. One could tell that, when she was younger, it would be folly to compare her to another.

Every day she would be preoccupied with raising her child and working as a single mother. She would eventually work up to 18 hours every day when her child became older and independent, not taking a bit of time off since she was married. She had no money and no job when her ex-husband left her and the child behind for she was just a normal housewife who was unfamiliar with working. Whenever she was with others, she would have a warm smile like nothing was wrong with the world but her smile would quickly fade behind closed doors. But nonetheless, she persevered because she knew that she had to take care of the only important person in her life, her child.

There were many times where the child would suggest to drop his normal life and take a job and work but she would not allow it. For he was young and full of life with dreams and his mother, with her unconditional love, would never be able to forgive herself if she got in the way of that. So even if this was a burden she had to carry alone, she would do so for the sake of her son and his dreams.

"There is no greater sacrifice in this world than the sacrifice of a mother caring for her child. The child would normally be like any other as he would be ignorant of what was given unconditionally as she carried and cared for him for 9 months. Showering him with love while waiting patiently for him to come into this world and, despite being weak and flawed, she still accepted him as she nurtured him to have a normal life. The sleepless nights she stayed up worrying about his health so that she knew that he was safe while attending to his every need. During the day, she would make sure that they lived within acceptable living conditions as she tried to keep the house clean until she would again be by his side especially during the times he became sick to the time he was injured. For the mother would rather suffer than have her child feel any pain. All of these acts of love present the unconditional love a mother has for her child."



IC Information

  • Secretly loves taking pictures.
  • Has an affinity with Serpents.
  • His performance in Fel magic is slowly killing him.
  • Sleeps with his mask on or never removes it in public.
  • Zevrad will never say that he sees killing as a form of art.
  • Is secretly a collector and reader of the steamy romance novels.

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