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Ogre zombie sm by bryansyme-daoupio cropped.jpg
A partially decomposing zombie ogre.


Burning Legion, Scourge

Character class

Warrior, Sorcerer

Racial capital


Racial leader(s)

Gor'vosh the Eternal
Lich King


Draenor (Alternate)

Primary language(s)

Ogre, Orcish, Low Common

Zogres are a type of undead ogre, either having risen after being afflicted by the plague of undeath, or other, more magical means. Many naturally dwarf abominations in size, but not in intelligence.


Due to their immense size, it is difficult for all but the most skilled necromancers to raise ogres. However, like the much larger Flesh Giants, even acolytes can create zogres of they work in tandem.

Although some unlucky ogres made their way into the Lich King's armies, the greatest concentration of them served Gor'vosh the Eternal during his long reign and eventual return from death, at the behest of Archimonde. Their name is a portmanteau of "Zombie" and "ogre".

Among the immense strength and size possesed by typical ogres, Zogres are notorious for being particularly difficult to kill. Many have the unsettling habit of rising once more as Skogres shortly after having been dispatched in combat.