The forests of Zul'dare.


South east off the coast of Gilneas.





Zul'dare is an island that was once off the south eastern coast of the Kingdom of Gilneas and, despite its close proximity to the Kingdom of Kul Tiras, was considered a part of the kingdom of Gilneas.


Originally infested with Forest trolls, early Gilnean sailors settled upon the island and systematically wiped out the native troll population; though they had kept the name given to it. The island maintained a population of Gilneans prior to the Second War and was considered strategically as an asset to Gilneas when tensions were high with Kul Tiras.

During the Second War, Zul'dare was raided and most of its inhabitants killed after the Horde attempted to establish a naval base on the island as they did with Crestfall and Tol Barad, but the Alliance was able to quickly reclaim the region. Following the invasion, Gilneas rebuilt the settlements on the island and returned normalcy to the region. The isle was host to one of the few principalities in Gilneas and was ruled by a Furst, a special title in the Gilneas Peerage akin to a Prince in other nations, and maintained constant contact with Gilneas even after the erection of the Greymane Wall.

Contact with Zul'dare was abruptly cut short sometime after the Third War, and due to the closing of Gilnean ports, no ships ever went out to investigate. Following the shattering, Zul'dare was no where to be found, though many speculate it might be the Darkmoon Island, simply shrouded by a spell. If that is the case however, the population's disappearance is unexplained.

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