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Zuldazar, the golden city (pronounced "zool-DUH-zahr") is the seat of the Zandalari Empire and the most ancient city in the world. This massive, golden temple city is considered the jewel of all troll civilizations. Built atop the highest peaks of Zandalar in a series of giant ziggurats, its majestic pyramids tower above the jungle canopy and its indomitable navy controls the South Seas. It is here that, every six years, envoys from all the troll tribes convey in order to share information and discuss matters that may affect the entire troll race. Recently, the kingdom has faced attacks by forces both within and without, with the city's gates assailed by the rising tide of a relentless enemy, the Blood Trolls.

Ancient times

On Primordial Kalimdor, a series of peaks and plateaus located in the southern part of the continent was home to many Wild Gods. Due to their reverence for these beings, which they called "loa", the early trolls settled on the holy mountain range and gave it the name "Zandalar", building small encampments upon its slopes. The most powerful group of trolls was called the Zandalar Tribe. Its members claimed nearly all of Zandalar's tallest plateaus, believing them to be sacred ground. Atop the highest peaks, they built a small cluster of crude shrines, which over time grew into a bustling temple city known as Zuldazar.


The Cataclysm inflicted great damage on Zuldazar, causing the great palace of King Rastakhan to list to one side, the forum to be flooded with sea water, jagged fissures tearing up the tiles, high tides coming up to the market awnings, and parts of the capital falling into the sea.

Some of the damage was rebuilt after Zul's departure.

Battle for Azeroth

Years later, as conflict once again erupted between the Alliance and Horde, the blood trolls invaded from Nazmir, and Zul launched an insurrection against Rastakhan. It was only after the Horde saved Zul and Talanji from the Stormwind Stockades that Zandalar opened its borders to non-trolls. Now, other races such as Tol'vir and Tuskarr gather in Zuldazar's port to do trade.

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